Rihanna on Chris

So a several day news blitz has finally come to an end tonight (hopefully) on 20/20 with the Dianne Sawyer interviewing Rihanna about the now legendary abuse that happened so many months ago.
My question is why now? Why are you coming to tell this story so many months later?
Did it have to do with the push back she admitted receiving in the interview from her corporate endorsers? Is it perfect free publicity for the new album that is dropping soon? Or is it that she is finally at a place where she can discuss this?
Whatever her reason I am glad that Chris has talked to Larry King and Rihanna now has had her moment to get her version of the story out... that this goes away. Because neither one of them are mature enough to be dealing with this in the media spotlight. There are a lot of issues ere that need to be dealt with and its unfortunate that their parents and handlers are allowing this to be played out in public. Now I must say she looked absolutely amazing as she recounted the story of the night and why she went back to him, but hopefully we are now done.

So You Think You Can Dance... season 6 begins

I thought this past summer's series was mediocre at best... and so far this season of So You Think You Can Dance is not grabbing my attention. But as a fan of dance I will watch faithfully each week.

I have always been a fan of dance, even before my years working at the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, where I was exposed to many different dance styles. But Tap has never been a favorite... never even a like for me. Very surprised that they decided on three tappers... and their opening introductions are so annoying. I was disappointed at the judges decision to send Arianna home. Not only was she a cutey... but she was by far not the worse female dancer last night.

Victor Smalley and Bianca's Travis Wall's routine was by far my favorite. Victor is a cute guy and probably the only thing to swoon over this season. He definitely brought it in that routine. The contemporary piece was steamy, passionate, and filled with emotions, that also required a lot of strength to accomplish the moves.

I am excited to see what the choreographers bring this season while Victor is a cutey... I guess every season can't have Danny Tidwell...

just 4 laughs: Top 60 Ghetto Names...

One thing that annoys the shit out of me is stupidity. Because stupidty can be prevented by listening and educating yourself on the subject at hand.

Yesterday the DC Council held an open forum for citizens to speak about the upcoming vote on the Same Sex Marriage Bill before the council. Below you have a prime case of stupidity.

I wish people would understand two things: (1) The United States of America Constitution's 1st Amendement states that there is a freedom of religion in this country. This means the government can not pass a bill based on your religious beliefs on how I should conduct my life. "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof" (2) this is not even a religious debate... so keep your Bible quotes in your church where they belong.

My New Toy... HTC Hero

Just as I was considering abandoning Sprint after an 8 year run. They finally released the best phone they have offered on their service in some time.

I am on week 2 of Sprint's version of the HTC Hero and I must say so far i am quite pleased. There are so many things I like about the phone. The new Android platform allows for a new cell phone experience on this service. One of my favorite features is the ability to link your contacts with your social networking contacts. So now I can see all of the contact information and latest Facebook update, message or picture. The customizable display and 5.0 megapixel camera with zooming features are also quite hot.

The only drawback that I have experienced so far is the short battery life. While I can go the entire work day without it dying... I would be nervous to go from work to dinner or drinks without loosing all battery life. Luckily my bestfriend once had an HTC phone so I have a new car charger and backup charger for the office coming soon.

Good going Sprint hopefully this phone and the great plans you have will keep you a float for awhile longer.

Push, a novel by Sapphire

I had never heard of this book before Oprah and Tyler Perry started talking about their part in bringing it to the big screen earlier this year. It wasn't until I started seeing the trailers of Lee Daniel's upcoming film called Precious which is based on this novel that I wanted to read the novel.

With the pending rainy weekend, I walked the one block to Barnes and Noble to get a copy, only to be disappointed by the less than 200 pages. At least it would occupy a few hours.

Push, covers a two to three year period of Clairice Precious Jones, an illiterate, overweight, dark skin girl growing up in Harlem who is pregnant by her father... for the second time. The book is short and the movie will be out in a few week so I won't cover all the tribulations that face Precious and the other women and girls in the book... but the first thing I said when I closed the back cover was, "no one should have to deal with everything she has dealt with." But while reading this book I knew it was a work of fiction, but I also knew there were people who have truly lived the life depicted.

Excellent story... highly recommend the book and I am definitely looking forward to the movie.

A long pause...

I guess I should have posted this sooner... but I have just been uninspired which is why I haven't written anything. Which is odd because there is a lot going on or not going on.

Two years ago I left the association event planning world to go into the private sector and started working in the hospitality industry which I had been planning to do for years prior. Well with the fall out of the economy it has proven to not have been the absolute best time for that transition. Luxury hotels have been hit extremely hard. With occupancy and revenue down, we have seen several lay offs and hiring freezes. I am thankful to God that I have escaped two rounds of layoffs but getting the promotion (and much needed salary bump)that was on my career plan is pretty much on hold. But yet again glad to have a job and coworkers I enjoy seeing every day.

I have several trips coming up... NY at the beginning of November for a housewarming party. And then a 2 week vacation around Thanksgiving that will take me to Atlanta, Birmingham, Auburn, and St. Kitts ... and will end the vacation in NY at a friends birthday party. 5 cities in 14 days... I am going to need 2 more days just to rest.

As for the personal side of life... I decided earlier this summer not to discuss that on here for now out of courtesy of a mutual agreement to keep things out of discussions. Things are good... could be better... but definitely content with what I have now.

I just picked up Saphhire's Push (aka the movie Precious) at the Barnes and Noble near my job... it should only take a day to finish this small book especially on a rainy weekend like this... and I am sure it will give me something to write about so I will be back soon.

And that is what is going on with me... sorry for the long pause.

Farewell... Ted Kennedy

I had the opportunity to meet Edward Kennedy in 2002 while working at the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts. From our brief conversation as I walked him to the Presidential Box of the Opera House, I was quickly drawn into the charismatic appeal that the every Kennedy has seemed to possess.

I felt honored at that time to meet a man who had become such an icon and force in the US Senate. And now with the recent passing of him and his sister Eunice... it leaves me to wonder who do we have now that will carry on the legacy that Kennedy and others during the Civil Rights movement and recent times. I think we are coming complacent now that Obama sits in the Oval Office. But this country is far from where it should be and there is so much to be done. And I personally have little faith in most of those who sit in elected seats.

Ted Kennedy wrote over 300 bills that were enacted into law and has co-sponsored another 550 bills that became law since 1973. Often described as the most bipartisan Democratic Senator by Republicans, he was also one of the most liberal. The Boston Globe wrote, "By the early 21st century, the achievements of the younger brother would be enough to rival those of many presidents."

The Nine Lives of Marion Barry...

Before watching HBO's documentary, The Nine Lives of Marion Barry, I never quite understood why DC's Ward 8, the blackest and poorest ward, kept electing 'this crack head' into office.

The film chronicles DC's former mayor's 2004 City Council campaign by looking back at Barry's long love affair and political career with Washington. Barry served second elected mayor of Washington DC from 1979 to 1991, and again as the fourth mayor from 1995 to 1999. During his original tenure of mayor DC prospered to having the largest black middle class in the country. But like Barry, the prevalence of crack in the 80s took that away.

I learned a lot from the 90 minute documentary... I never knew the civil rights activist and organizer that Barry was. And quite a cat daddy in his past. But like all good things they must come to an end. Since his federal drug bust in 1990, the former mayor has continued on the same controversial path. From tax evasion, to failing court ordered drug tests, even to his most recent Washington City Paper expose. He has proven by his continuous lack in judgement he has no right to serve the city of Washington or be a role mode to the many young residents. Like Chris Rock said... how can you teach kids not to smoke crack... when all they will say is why not when I can smoke crack and become mayor.

Recently in response to the City Council's vote to recognize gay marriage, Barry stated "All hell is going to break loose. We may have a civil war. The black community is just adamant against this." Well Mr. Barry... not the entire black community.

Random Thoughts this Monday Morning...

1. Clash for Clunkers... Health reform... Supreme Court Justices... one thing I miss about not being in DC is the ability to tune all of this shit out sometimes. It is like virtually impossible to do so in DC.

2. I think people just need something to complain about... on Facebook a few months ago everyone was complaining that it was too cold and would summer ever arrive... now that it is summer these same loosers are complaining that its too hot. Like seriously get a grip and shut up.

3. Speaking of Facebook... why does everyone want to subject you to their Holy Roly rants and prophetic quotes. I mean seriously its Facebook not that serious.

4. It amazes me even when I try to keep to myself and keep my personal life quiet... certain people still find themselves discussing me... my life is rather boring so theirs must be even worse.

5. I finally got a chance to watch Soledad O'Brien's Black in America 2 this weekend. I think she did a great job of exposing yet another aspect of Black America... and has inspired me to want to go back to South Africa and do a mission trip.

6. GI Joe... wasn't a classic and by far wasn't perfect but I enjoyed every moment of it. Go Joe! Since it pulled in $56.2 million this opening weekend I think others agreed.

7. Less than a month to go to vacation part deux and I am sooo ready! South Beach, rum, and my bestfriends... love it!

8. I guess rooftop pools and bars are the hottest rage in DC this summer... The W, The Liason, The Donovan House, The Beacon... if you don't mention one in your FaceBook status message at least once a week you are so not cool.

9. I feel a mental health day coming on...

10. I lost way too much weight this spring and I don't have any pants that fit... I am trying my best to stay away from gaining some of this weight back the McDonalds way.

No Words

The Almost Real Housewives of Atlanta... are back...

The ladies are back with a New Attitude, in the Same ATL... and last night's episode was full of plenty laughs... from the beginning to the very well scripted end. But for me the humor came from things I am sure the producer's weren't planning... or were they?!

The new season started off with NeNe showing off her yet again rented house with no furniture but bragging about some multi thousand dollar drapes... "Really NeNe... Really?" . The house was definitely the deal and is allegedly in the same neighborhood as baller Lisa. A tour of the house shows that other than a pool table the house is empty... but the uber late Dwight and his over the top gayness to the rescue. Hopefully he decorates the house better than his fashion sense.

Kim is back and now that "Big Poppa" has kicked her to the curb... she is off to her next hair brain idea of creating a wig line... with no knowledge of hair or interest in learning... I am sure this idea will go as far as her country CD.

Lisa had the most boring storyline in the first episode... debating on having a second child at 38... I hope she doesn't turn into the boring one that is no longer on the show... can't think of her name for the life of me.

Speaking of last season's boring one, Kandi from Xscape joins... she brought me a lot of comedy from when she walked into Lisa's house with that awful hair style... to when she was singing in her home studio sounding quite awful... to when her daughter said she didn't want her mother to marry the man with 6 kids... pure comedy.

But by far the best part of the first episode was the obviously scripted fight between She by Sheree and her alleged party planner. This woman has no job or career but has more parties than anyone in Atlanta... I wonder are these rent parties? Remember the fashion show with no fashions... how dreadful. The fight while fake was quite funny... especially when the planner tells She by Sheree that her mother is a bitch too...

I am definitely looking forward to seeing what the writers and producers have in store this season. It will be interesting if the She by Sheree and NeNe truce lasts and if Kim finds a friend after what seems like everyone ganging up on her.

Farewell... E. Lynn Harris

For me E. Lynn came into my life at a time when I needed him most. I remember the time quite vividly... I was in the midst of finals during the end of my freshman year. I was finally coming into accepting myself when a good friend asked me if I had ever read, Invisible Life. I had never heard of the book or even the woman, so I thought, who had wrote it. The next day i stopped by our library and to my surprise they had the book. I checked it out along with several other books... hoping no one would see it in my stack. I exited out the side entrance dropping all of the other books back into the return drop and made my way back to my apartment.

Neglecting the studying I needed to do for my final the next day... I got comfortable on my couch and began to read only stopping to go take the test the next day. I finished the book in less than two days and was amazed that someone was writing about a life that was so foreign to me... but whose title was ironic.

Over the next few weeks I read all the books he had published at that time... and eagerly awaited his next one. He was my first introduction into this genre of literature which led me to discover Keith Boykin's One More River to Cross and James Earl Hardy and other authors.

I thank E. Lynn most of all comforting me and reassuring me when I needed it. But also for exposing me to writings I never knew existed.

Halo by David Sides

Me in New York... A possibility

I have spent a lot of time over the years visiting New York... but after this past 4 day weekend, I finally saw myself as possibly being able to live in this city.

Granted this trip was a little different from any of my previous trips. I had a suite on the 38th floor of the Four Seasons Hotel... I spent most of my time in the midtown areas versus my usual stops in the Village and SoHo... and I had the opportunity to visit my company's luxurious office right off Park Avenue.

Now I know I would not be able to afford to live off Madison and 57th... but if a position opens up in that office I am going to be all over it.

The hot weekend was capped off by partying with friends including a hotel lobby pool party and a rooftop Junior Vasquez party... definitely a great weekend in the city.

My DC: Acadiana

Nine times out of ten on a Friday afternoon/ early evening... I am starting off my happy hour and weekend at Acadiana.

Acadiana located at 9th and New York Avenue across from the DC Museum... that overpriced parking lot... and the convention center... bills itself as capturing the true spirit of Louisiana. As someone who has spent quite a lot of his life in New Orleans... I will say they do a good job of capturing it but it is far from the authentic cuisine I grew up on.

Now the restaurant features an outdoor patio for dining which I love... even though most of the times I am at the bar eating, drinking, and enjoying the company of my two favorite bartenders Erin and Garrick. The recently ended crawfish boil is to my knowledge the only one in the Washington area... but the happy hour features $5 drinks and half priced bar food.

Street parking nearby opens up at 6:30pm... but of course there are lots around.

Favorite Signature Drink: Category 5
Favorite Entree: New Orleans Style BBQ Shrimp
Favorite Dessert: Decadent Chocolate Doberge Cake

The MJ/Pepsi Commercial... ouch

Wendy Williams teaches Jimmy Fallon... How You Doin?

Music is back... Thanks Maxwell

It has been 8 years but this past Tuesday, Maxwell finally released "BLACKsummers' Night," the first part of a trilogy he plans to deliver over the next few years. I first mentioned his return in February 2007... and it took a full 2 and a half years for it to come to fruition.

Worth the wait... I am unsure but I will say I have thoroughly enjoyed the CD this past week. Maxwell's approach to this album is the same as his prior albums and what makes him stand out as an artist. Unlike the current selections of R&B music on the scene, whose music is meant to be catchy, quickly absorbed and feature lyrics that would be better suited for a nursery rhyme or sidewalk jump rope.

For me his stand alone hits on the album are Prettywings, which has been tempted and teased since 2007 and Bad Habits, the CD opener, and Fistfull of Tears. Like his other albums I can listen all the way through and will definitely use the CD as background music at the next dinner party. Unlike other music out there Maxwell not only uses but features live instrumentation.. which for me is one component of great music.

Seeing that I saw Maxwell in concert back in November... and the album is coming out 8 months later... I hope he doesn't fall victim to lack of marketing from Sony.

I think the genius of this album will become more apparent as the subsequent parts of the trilogy are released... but definitely think it was worth the purchase and constant rotation for awhile.

I am amazed that I can still remember the first time my mother gave me this little jewel. It was a Saturday and like every Saturday, my mother, her sister, and her cousin and my four cousins would spend the Saturday at the mall and running errands. At some point during the day we were separated from my mother and aunt... and my mother's cousin bought her 2 kids icecream or something but not me and my other cousin. As we sat there and watched them enjoying it... I remember being pissed cause hell I wanted some too.

Later on that evening when me and my mother were on our way home I asked why I couldn't have any icecream or whatever it was. She started explaining why her cousin would do what she did but the only thing that stook out was... Everybody wasn't raised the way you were raised.

I have said before that I am far from perfect but definitely working on it. And before judging someone, I often go back to this thought my mother gave me when I wonder why people react or do things differently than how I would.

So recently a friend of mine got offended by something I relayed about him to a mutual friend. Instead of bringing it to my attention he went around to several of our mutual friends "putting me on blast". The thing that surprised me was that 1) it is nothing I haven't told him before already and 2) if he had an issue with it why has he never told me his alleged friend. While I was surprised by his actions... I just looked at it as maybe he wasn't raised the way I was to go to the root of your problem and decided to accept his way of dealing with it and approach him myself. Now that all has been cleared up... I thank my mother for helping me look at other peoples actions through their point of view.

Yes some people have asinine reactions or actions but you can't control that... you can only control what you say or do and once you let go of expectations of others life is alot easier.

No Words...

.... will be calling Barack as soooooon as he gets back from Africa... this heffa has to be destroyed look what she is doing to the nation. its just not healthy.

Jennifer Hudson performs for Mike

8 month preggers and still perfoming!

And the Weekend Continues...

Last night was fun. Hanging out with close friends and the grown crowd at Helix was cool. As I get older I have loss the desire to hang out at clubs and bars where everyone looks as if they should be at home studying for a math quiz. Helix definitely offered the 25 and up crowd a different place to mix and mingle.

We left there and went to my neighborhood strip bar Secrets... after a drink or two and a lot of yawning from being tired we called it a night. To rest up and do it again today.

Today will consist of shopping in Georgetown (as if I don't get enough of being there Monday through Friday) and the

River Terrace Park
Benning Road and Anacostia Ave N.E 595 Anacostia Ave N.E.

Fireworks and drinks @ my house

10PM to 4PM
411 New York Ave N.E. Washington D.C. 20002
Featuring DJ Damon
Admission $15

Hope everyone enjoys their fourth!!

And the weekend begins...

So the 4th of July weekend has officially started... and while I am looking forward to a weekend full of events... I keep reminding myself to keep my summer financial budget in the forefront of my thoughts.

I have totally been slacking the past two weeks when it comes to adhering to this budget but I have vowed to do better. I am still aiming to be out of credit card debt this fall, while paying cash for all the trips I have planned for the rest of the summer... this will be a true test of wills seeing I am addicted to shopping, especially online shopping.

I got a new set of mattresses this past Monday... which meant I had to get a new set of sheets and a new comforter. Which were a different color than my candles in my room which means I had to go back to the store to get new candles for the room. And I justified all by buying new mattresses. Maybe I should talk about this in therapy next week.

So anyway its the nation's birthday and my friend is in town from Atlanta to hang out and party... we will start the weekend out with my friends The Kings at:

Red Hot Friday

Helix Lounge
1430 Rhode Island Ave NW


If you see me there be sure to say hello!

Yes I Still Hate BET...

I said it back in 2007... and I will say it again... I hate BET. So here goes after watching the BET Awards my top 10 reasons why I am considering suing BET and Debra Lee for the defamation of the African American character.

10. Yes we all know that 3 days is a short amount of time to pull together a TV Show... but yet you decided to bill this event as a tribute to Michael Jackson. Instead you should have just had an Oscar type montage to MJ and planned a more fitting tribute to the world's top entertainer at a later date. But no you give us some half ass tribute with Ciara singing instead of dancing, too many performances by Ne Yo and Jamie Fox, and subjecting America to Jamie's drunk coonalish behavior.

9. The endless commercials for Tiny and some other random chick and Neffie and her former crack head mother's show. Apparently all you have to do is get knocked up by some infamous rapper or possibly be related to a mediocre singer to get a TV show and coon for America.

8. Why is the production always half ass on your live shows... camera men walking across the stage during segments... or Jamie staring at the camera continuously asking "are we back are we back??"

7. And speaking of production... whose little cousin was working the censor button last night?

6. Did we not learn anything from the R. Kelly drama or the allegations against Michael Jackson... to have Drake performing with a bunch of little girls on stage as he sings "Every Girl in the World".

5. Why did so many people seem to be drunk/high/crazy? From Jaime to Ving Rhames... some shit just doesn't need to be tolerated and I blame the producers, directors, and Debra Lee for that nonsense going on.

4. Did BET really think, New Edition would have been the best group to do that "tribute" performance... of course not the background singers mics were louder than theirs.

3. We got two or three 30 second tributes to local heroes but yet a 2 minute faux trailer for a Wanda and Shenene movie. You really know how to inspire.

2. For allowing TI's sperm carrier to get on TV with her broken English and accept an award for him with those two hoods.

1. That dress that Debra Lee wore, Tyra's hair, T-Pain's chain, Taraji's hair, and Zoe's presentation speech.

Now my mother always said if you are going to say something bad... say something good as well. So the only good things I can say are... I enjoyed seeing KeKe Palmer (if that girl didn't look like Angela Bassett's daughter)... Maxwell and JayZ's performance were both on point...
I wish BET would have died and MJ came to do a tribute to them.

Michael Jackson: 1958 - 2009

So many memories of my childhood involve Michael Jackson...

... seeing Captain EO so many times at Epcot Center while i lived in Orlando.

... the evening after my father's funeral I remember sitting quietly in my great aunt's house watching the premiere of the Bad video.

... watching the Wiz on TV with my mother... and later being involved in a production of it during high school.

... my very first concert was the Bad Tour at the Summit in Houston.
Michael, without any doubt, will always be known as the most talented musician/entertainer ever... and I thank him for the many great memories he has given me over the years and all the music I will always enjoy.

Random Thoughts this Tuesday Morning...

1. I wonder what Metro's ridership will be today... the day after two trains collide and sadly killed 7. Of course the media and people around DC and those annoying people with the texts and facebook messages make it seem as if it was the the biggest atrocity. Think about how many car accidents happen on the beltway... get your ass on the train.. scoot over... say a prayer and shutup.

2. If at 30(plus) you are constantly talking about people 'hating' on you. Maybe you should reevaluate your life, your circle, and reality itself.

3. So Chris Brown got... let me stop faking like I remotely give a fuck.

4. I hope Obama makes a simple statement about Iran that ends with "this is their business but we totally support the right to freedom of speech and protest and will not be getting involved." America has enough issues of its own to be running around like the World Police... I thought that was what the UN was for.

5. It amazes me after fucking America up for 4 years... people elected Bush to a second term. But yet they want Obama to pull a miracle out in 6 months.

6. oooo James Blake.... smh

7. Hi. I am C. Baptiste-Williams II and I am addicted to online shopping.

8. Almost out of credit card debt... I can actually see an end in sight... as long as I keep the laptop and credit cards in different rooms.

9. So somehow I finagled getting HBO out of Comcast for free for 6 months. Why do people pay to watch the same 4 movies all weekend... if it wasn't for Bill Mahr this would be a total waste.

10. The Game on BET... there may be hope for that channel yet.

Is This DeBarge's equivalent to 3T

Kristinia DeBarge is the daughter of Janet's first husband, James and is currently working with Babyface on her album. Kristinia was featured on this week's So You Think You Can Dance result show.

No Words...

... nope not one

SYTYCD.... Dance Dance Dance

So we are in the second week of So You Think You Can Dance and as much as I love this show... this season has not yet captured me like previous seasons. Each week I look forward to seeing the different dance styles and if they can pull it off... but I am not tuning in to see any one dancer yet.

Like Season 3... I was glued to my TV to see Sabra and Danny dance their way from the top 20 to the top 2.

Hopefully someone will pull my interest more into this season...

Real (Boring) World Comes to DC

So it has made the post and several Washington, DC blogs... Real World DC officially begins taping on the 20th of this month. So following Bravo's announcement that it's bringing "Real Housewives" to Washington, and the anti-black CW is bringing their reality show"Blonde Charity Mafia" to DC as well... Washington will finally get a dose of MTV's long running and first reality show.

Of course many of the blogs like the Anti-Real World DC are already setting out to disrupt and chronicle the annoyance of the show before it even starts. (sounds a little pessimistic and sad if you ask me... I mean can you at least wait till the first night of taping when you have your first of many run ins with your new drunken neighbors!)
I personally think the only reason to ever be in Dupont is to visit the G Star store... I may only run into the film crew and alcoholic tweens if the venture out to other parts of the city. While I am sure the show will be as boring as the past 15 seasons... maybe the news and blogs of the taping will be interesting.

Wanting to be a Princess... is a big deal.

I personally think a course in cultural sensitivity and diversity should be mandatory for everyone to graduate high school. I think we all could benefit from learning how to appreciate other's differences.

So recently I was sitting around with coworkers at lunch when a news story about the controversy over Disney's new African American princess came on. One coworker of another race couldn't understand why some people were upset that the first African American princess didn't have an African American prince. She stated I thought we have gotten pass the stigma of race mixing.

I simply turned to her and asked her when she was a little girl didn't she play with dolls and dream of being a princess and finding her prince? For 70 years Disney has been in the business of aspiring play and dreams... and it is important for all little girls to see that they could be princess just like all little boys need to see they could one day be princes. And little girls need to see that boys that look just like them could be princes as well.

Since living in Orlando at an early age, I have always been a Disney fan. And since first hearing Anika Noni Rose's voice I have been a fan. So it is needless to say this holiday season I will be sneaking away from work for a matinee or borrowing someone's child to go see this movie.

You Know Who I Miss...

Mya Wilkes...

When the show first started and Joan use to talk to herself in those little bubbles... I was turned off and I didn't start watching Girlfriends again until my girl Jill Scott start guest staring on the show.

But Mya with her 'hood' persona use to crack my shit up on the regular. Everything from the "O Hell NO!!" to the "O Hell Yes!!".. to the way she use to get Toni Childs together for being bourgeoisie ... Lynn for being a ho and Joan... well for being Joan.

Toni Childs: Maya, how'd you get so smart?

Maya Wilkes: Oh, girl, I'm an authoress. I gots to know stuff.

Toni Childs: I guess you don't "gots" to know grammar.

Maya Wilkes: At least I didn't miss my baby's first doctor's appointment!

Toni Childs: At least I didn't leave my baby on the bus!

Maya Wilkes: Bus *stop*! Get it right, bitch.

Hopefully Golden will land a job soon that can show off her comedic talents...

Missing my Vacation...

I can't believe it has already been a week since me and my travel partners returned from Casa Ventana and Puerta Vallarta.

Simply stated this was the best vacation I have ever taken with a group of friends.

The villa we rented was amazing, from the staff to the rooms to the view from the infinity pool... it was definitely first class the entire way. The house staff was quite impressive... I casually mentioned over the french toast breakfast that I wish we had a diet coke to one of my friends. Later that afternoon when I returned from the beach the fridge was stocked with a 12 pack of Coke Light (Mexico's version of Diet Coke).

The views and house were quite impressive... waking up in my suite to views of the Pacific and the city below made me just lay in bed for awhile each morning and just take it in.

The activities we took part in from chartering a private catamaran to zip lining through the Mexico forest, were all new adventures I was happy to share with my old and new friends.

There was no drama, no attitudes, just pure relaxing and fun for 6 days... we are all already anticipating our next trip.

Not Even if You are Gay

I briefly noticed him when i first walked into the neighborhood Safeway. He stood 6'0, about 170lbs, nice athletic build accented by the navy tank and white cargo shorts that showed off his beach tanned biceps and calf muscles. Like I said briefly noticed.

Small talk by the orange juice as we laughed at how this store was always missing at least one thing you came to get and how we longed for the new store to be opening very soon.

A friendly smile by the pineapples which led to a conversation about his work out and him getting ready for Rehobeth next weekend (the weekend summer getaway for gays in the DMV). As he asked if I ever got up there.

As I had my head buried in the Haagan Dazs shelves with the cold air billowing out I heard his now familiar voice ask if it wasn't too forward for him to ask my number. As I continued to look for my Caramel Cone I gave out the 10 and said not at all. He smiled, told me to enjoy my ice cream and he would talk to me later.

I closed the door to this black woman looking me up and down and as if I invited her conversation she began to say there were too many gay black men in DC for me to be going after him. And ended with an offer to meet her coworker... I declined to blind dates and headed for the register feeling... damn I guess even for the gays people are anti interracial dating.

SYTYCD... is back!

just skip to minute 1:04

I may be laying on a beach or maybe by the infiniti pool... but know my DVR is recording the season premiere of So You Think You Can Dance...

Universally Stupid

As if their clothes weren't expensive enough... the Universal Gear store in DC was robbed by a group of pathetic kids.

One thing I have never understood was stealing. How do you justify taking something that someone else has worked for... I will never understand.

Hmmm vaguely reminiscent of this post I did in 2006.

Random Thoughts this Monday Afternoon

1. Do you really think Debra Lee watches BET at home?

2. Does ABC really need to give every show a 2 hour season finale?

3. And since we are on the topic of TV... did you catch the Season/Series? finale of The Game?? Well wether it is coming back or not may be in limbo but at least the last episode did bring about closure.

4. Am I the only one who could careless if Arizona Community College gave Obama an honorary degree... I mean he has a Harvard Law degree... really is it worth all the news coverage?
5. I would love to have the resources to start a news channel like CNN that reported the real news... not fake swine flu hysteria and the such but the reality of real news.
6. Does that fake Project Runway with Kelly Rowland still come on or has BRAVO lost interest like the rest of us?
7. So You Think You Can Dance premieres Thursday... finally!! I may be on vacation but I will be setting both DVRs.
8. While at a party this past weekend I overheard a comment by some people standing next to me about someone who had just walked into the party, stating the guy was rather ugly... now I hate to say that about people but he was quite unfortunate looking which made me wonder... is there a possibility for a universal unattractive? Is it possible that one person could be undesireable by all.
9. Although long... Angels and Demons was a great movie. Dan Brown should be proud of the work the screenwriter did to his novel.
10. Just in case you missed it.... I would really hate for you to miss it... check out this picture post by my good friend, The Districtrazzi

No Words... ok maybe a few

Web Cams, Youtube, and Beyonce must be destroyed!

Valentino: The Last Emperor

I have always been a sucker for classic... timeless... breathtaking fashion. So when I learned of the documentary Valentino: The Last Emperor. I knew I would be there to have a front row seat to a documentary about a fashion titan's love of 'making women beautiful'.

The 90 minute film documents the very dramatic closing act of Valentino's celebrated 45 year career in fashion while exploring the larger themes affecting the current state of the fashion business today. But much to my surprise this film is much more than a fashion show of haute couture. But the heart of the film to me was the fly on the wall look at the unique relationship between Valentino and Gincarlo Giammetti, his business partner and companion since the start of his career. Giammetti remarks in the film, "To be with Valentino as a lover... as a friend... as an employee is all the same, you just need a lot of patience." While the two have never married, watching their relationship over the 2 years the film was shot shows you that it defies the need for what so many in this country are fighting for and against. Definitely an atypical loves story, the film shows a 50 year gay relationship changing fashion along the way.

The feature film also explores how the business world is affecting fashion. It is remarked in the film that the investors that now own most fashion houses are more interested in belts, perfume and other lucrative accessories than the actual clothes of the line. At the end of the film... I was left hoping and wondering how long would it be before investors like Primera would destroy such a name and legacy much like Pierre Cardin. The intimate scene between Valentino and Karl Lagerfield is priceless... as you see two titans of fashion come to grips that an era is ending.

The movie is not just a little fashion film or a collection of runway shows and model interviews, it is an in-depth movie exploring a meaningful relationship between two partners and a business... definitely a must see.

You Know You Need a Vacation when...

(I am reserving this lounge chair right there on the left....)

1. anything that comes out of your intern's mouth begins to make sense.

2. you find yourself day dreaming in the middle of a meeting... that you are leading.

3. ...
2 weeks till a week of lounging pool/beach side, drinking, and fun with friends...

My Ipod needs Your Help

I am about 15 days away from vacation and I desperately need your help...
I rarely listen to the radio...
I haven't seen 106 and Park in years...
and I don't go out too often...
So I need some music or playlist suggestions of current music for my ipod as I lay on the beach or beside the infinity pool at our luxury villa (read: pool outside rental house) or on the plane ride down as I ignore whomever sits next to me...


No Words... ok maybe a few

You would think it was the Harris Teeter or Publix that ran out of chicken... you #*$& people make me sick

No thanks go to That Dude Right There for sending me this clip... just gonna shake my head and see if my neighborhood Popeyes is running this special.

Thanks for the Laughs Bea...

Not quite Obsessed...

With films with such promise like Valentino, The Soloist, and American Violet out... I was quite shocked to see me settling into the AMC Courthouse Friday night to watch Obsessed. Don't get me wrong I don't mind a updated version of Fatal Attraction and definitely don't mind watching Idris Elba but going to the opening night of a Matthew and Beyonce Knowles produced movie would never be first consideration.

But there I was sitting in the theater wondering how the loud and ghetto team chunk had found the Courthouse theater in Arlington distracting me from Bey's performance.
Now I would never say that Bey is an awful actress. I mean if you exclude Pink Panther, Fighting Temptations and the Austin Powers movie... she actually has some not so bad movies. I think she did a good job in Cadillac Records and well Dreamgirls was ok as well. But acting will never be her first talent.

Seeing the storyline was far from original... you just couldn't help shaking your head at Idris' every action... are straight men really that naive or was this just a movie. I found myself laughing along with Team Chunk at Ali Larter's character throughout the movie. The best scene in the entire movie is by far the fight between Beyonce and Ali near the end of the movie, when Bey delivers "Hold on Derek... Let me call you back." when Idris interrupts the catfight.

Not an awful movie... but definitely no nominations for this one... well other than an Image or BET Award.

My Week...

It has been quite an eventful week... i mean it was my birthday week so what should I expect.

The official partying started Wednesday with dinner at one of my favorite restaurants Central. I have been hanging out with Guy for a few weeks and he offered to treat me to dinner before my "weekend got to busy to squeeze him in"... or at least I think that is how he stated. The lobster burger and mac n cheese... were just what I needed!!

Thursday was the last day of the work week for me and day 2 of the celebration. Me and Lou had dinner at Good Stuff Eatery (if you watch Bravo's Top Chef this is Spike's new restaurant). Deemed an upscale burger joint... the food was good the atmosphere as dinerish... I would probably go back but Five Guys is cheaper and just as good. But the company was good... while Lou's accent is quite real it is also quite comedic to me.

Friday, I treated myself to breakfast at Cafe Mozu in the Mandarin Oriental hotel. The food was good... the service adequate... but hey it is a 4 star hotel (keep striving for that 5). An afternoon of errands and hanging out with friends led the evening to begin with drinks and dinner at Acadiana... more drinks at Halo... even more drinks at Liv. It pains me to say this but even though I am friends with most of DC's promoters... DC's black gay night life sucks. Homophobic bouncers at a gay club just does not make sense to me....

Saturday started off with lunch with 3 of my close friends at Lauriol Plaza... 3 pitchers of margaritas later we headed to Georgetown for more drinks... and then to my champagne and cake party. A good friend of mine had offered to host a party for me earlier in the week. And all the good intentions that went into planning the party and the birthday cake... the party took a quick turn for the worse. Long story short... someone who I thought was a close friend just stopped speaking to me all together but yet shows up to my party... I'm like why... was your evening that boring or something? And then I had invited a guy I had went out on a couple dates with who had also dated another friend. After being questioned twice on if I was ok... I came to find out there was some make believe triangle drama... I reassured a friend of mine that asked that I didn't want the dude and there was no drama we were all just friends... Quick exit to the club before more nonsense started... I mean it was my birthday and they were killing my buzz.

Sunday... I went to service at First Baptist of Glenarden and to a Baby Dedication ceremony. I then hit 95 north to Philadelphia. What would normally be an hour and 40 minute drive was 3 hours of bumper to bumper 25mph traffic. Drained and tired... I checked into the Four Seasons Philadelphia had dinner and a massage... and now I am relaxing in my room typing this blog...

The celebration continues Tuesday with dinner for one of my bestfriends' birthday...

Merciless Bullying Leads to Gay Child's Suicide

Ebony Beauty

I can't even remember the last time I bought an Ebony magazine... but as soon as I hit Publish Post I am beating my feet up to the Barnes and Noble on the corner for this one. I love Viola Davis and Taraji too... and I see Zoe Saldana's name at the bootom...

What If

I really try not to dwell in the past. Things all happen for a reason... or at least that is what they say.

There are a lot of more important life decisions and situations that I wonder how life would be if things were different but last week something happened and it has left me wondering what if. As much as I want to stop... I can't. Every time I see him smile or say something assanine as he usually does... I just wonder what life would be like if the casual dates would have been more.

I know that today in this moment we are not in the same place and only the twisted friendship we have shared over the years would work... but it doesn't stop me from wondering... what if?

An Hour of Tasha Mack... I'd be in heaven

So the Hollywood Reporter is reporting that Mara Brock Akil is hoping CW will accept the change of The Game going from 30 minutes to an hour long dramady.
However Hollywood Reporter feels that this may be a long shot seeing it is already on Friday nights when no one watches TV and as they say "an hour long "Game" wouldn't necessarily mesh well with CW's other dramas, which are skewing younger and far less urban, and a format switch after three seasons also would complicate a potential syndication run of the show. "
Why don't they say they want the channel to be lily white instead of less urban?!?! You just got to love those code words.

Just Another Weekend...

As I crept to my desk at some ungodly hour this morning, my always chipper coworker was the first to greet me. In a disguise to really get me to run some reports on our first quarter, she did the courteous thing of asking how my weekend was.

It took a few seconds for me to respond which had to feel like minutes for both of us because she added a humorous wow that good you had to think or that bad. But in turn it was actually just another weekend in DC... but not like the many I have had since returning to the District but definitely one that reminded me of life before Atlanta.

A friend from Baltimore was around my way Friday, so we opted to walk over and have an early dinner at City Zen in the Mandarin. Being in the hotel industry I appreciate beautiful hotels and the Mandarin is definitely one... while their location sucks and often their service does too (and not in a good way) their restaurants are pretty on point. I was supposed to meet friends at the strip club that is now in my hood as well but laying across the couch for a few minutes laughing at the Game ended up being the last move for my body.

Saturday, I did a little work and met a friend in Mazza Gallerie for lunch. Quite proud other than a healthy lunch I wasn't even remotely tempted to go into any of the stores. Saturday night I found myself in Adams Morgan for a birthday party... if you don't know anything about DC, Adams Morgan features a couple of blocks of restaurants, bars and lounges; a host of people from college age and up; and NO LEGAL PARKING in a 10 block radius unless you want to spend $20 for the garage (which I am pissed cause I then found out valet parking across the street was only $15). The party was fun... always good to raise elbows with my boys but the car accidents and drunken friends afterwards was a bit much.

Sunday was spent celebrating a good friend's birthday over brunch and checking on my friends in the hospital. As we sat down to eat and I looked around at everyone that was invited I couldn't help but laugh at the diversity of friends he has. The house was beautiful, the food by the hired chef was amazing, but most of all laughing and lounging with good friends all afternoon made the day memorable.

So what did I do this weekend... o just another weekend... that makes me remember why I love being in DC so much.

The Baddest Chick in the Game...

Gotta love that costume change... The Obamas on their first presidential trip to Europe.


When my girl Oprah asked the First Lady about the "rumors that you've got a baby bump. " for the O Magazine cover article, Michelle laughed them off.

"I know -- I was like, 'Baby bump? As hard as I work on my abs!'"

Random Thoughts this Tuesday Morning...

1. I am really excited about some life changing decisions that I have thought about for a long time but finally taking the steps to make it happen. This is all I will say about it for now because it is still in its beginning stages... but a new life is coming in the next two years.

2. I don't understand why airfare hasn't gone down in this recession!! Tickets for my May vacation are still over $500.

3. Has anyone seen Harlem Heights on BET? The girls are extra and very high school but the boys... especially Jason and Pierre.... umm hmm.

4. Is it me or just the fact that the Wizards suck or does everyone think the NBA this season has been quite boring?

5. Seeing my birthday is coming up... id appreciate some free sessions with a trainer here in DC... lets make that happen.

6. Doesn't it bother you when people are so friendly that they forget they have a job to do for you... my leasing agent was supposed to have my new lease prepared 4 days ago and it still isn't ready. I need you to do your damn job then kackle with me about crazy ass residents.

Bill Mahr on the culture of America's Next Top Model

And finally, New Rule: If you go to a cattle call audition for "America's Next Top Model" and get caught in a herd-like stampede, the title you really deserve is "America's Next Top Sirloin." Now, if you missed what happened when Tyra Banks sent out the "Bat Signal" last Saturday -- and asked women to come and try out for her show, here's a few seconds of it. [video clip shown of street mob rushing the building]

Work it, girls! Riots are fierce! You know, the big difference between this and an actual cattle call is that cows are better organized. And slimmer. People, please, I'm trying to help!

Look, instead of almost getting trampled to death trying to figure out if you're a top model, just ask yourself some basic questions: Are you six feet tall? Are you equal parts Brazilian, Ukrainian and Eskimo? Is Tom Brady f**king you? No? Then you're not a top model. You're just a hot chick with your thong sticking out.

Now, I'm not trying to be mean. It's just that being a model isn't a job that random doofuses off the street can apply for, like working at the Gap, or being head of the Republican National Committee.

Real models don't wait on lines. They snort them. A real model doesn't audition. She's chosen. One minute, you're a normal 14-year-old girl sucking down a chili dog outside a Tastee Freeze; and then a talent scout hands you his card, and then sleeps with you and never calls again. There, you're a model.

Which brings me to AIG. Not really, but there is a connection, which is, when did Americans become the something-for-nothings? When did we get this Lotto mentality that our only chance for success was to be plucked from obscurity and dropped onto Bret Michaels' Love Bus?

Or maybe it was when the super-wealthy - you know, the ones who create jobs when they get huge tax breaks - except they don't; they buy antique commodes and lap dances - maybe it was when those "job creators" stopped trickling the money down, leaving the working class with none of the gains and all of the cynicism that goes with thinking the game is fixed.

Maybe that's what leads to "Guitar Hero" culture, where everyone wants to be a rock star, but nobody wants to learn the chords.

You know, Paris and Nicole and Kim are nice girls. But, let's not forget, they do and have done nothing. Not even acted in anything they'd admit to. But, they're not reviled or dismissed for being ciphers. They're adored for it. Because they exemplify the national ideal: they got a lot for doing nothing.

The AIG guys wanted a lot for not just doing nothing, but for failing - no matter that they are the very people who schemed their company into the ground - they want their bonuses. And Myrna from Long Island wants to be a "Top Model"! F**k reality!!Well here's a reality check. America's actual top model for the last four years has been the Toyota Camry.

Shit Your Momma Should Have Taught You #7: Mind Your Damn Business

Once in awhile we all seem to be a little nosey... inquisitive... or a bit too curious. But as of late there have been a couple acquaintances of mine that seem to think they are entitled to know just a little too much information about my personal life, than what I deem they should need to know.

For example...

Him: What did you do last night?
Me: Dinner at Art and Soul.
Him: Oh who did you go with?
Me: Oh a friend of mine.
Him: Oh who?
Me: You are so fucking nosey... I told you what you needed
to know.

And what kills me the most is no matter how many times several people tell this person how nosey they are... they just do not get the point.

Not sure about the others but I choose to keep a lot of my personal life to myself, especially from boys that like to sit around like 2 gossiping girls and tell your business. When I was a child and I became too inquisitive my mother always called me on it and told me that somethings are just none of my business. I will never forget her once telling me... "Ask the questions you need to know, listen for what you want to know."

No Words... (graphic language)

what is this child going through?

The OUTside of Relationships... episode 2

From the creators of DL Chronicles comes a MySpace Video series about gay relationships....

The Outside of Relationships Season 1 Episode 2

Seeing they have been together 11 years... I don't mind listening to their perspective...

The Baddest Chick in the Game... at it again...

Are You Part of the 3

As I grabbed my OJ and settled into my couch yesterday to clip coupons and read the Post... my eyes were quickly grabbed by the headline announcing that at least 3% of D.C.'s residents have HIV or AIDS. While I always knew the HIV rate in DC was high... I thought after the last expose a few years ago the rate had to start trending downward.

What is most shocking is that the health department constitutes 1% as an epedimic and right here in the President's back yard, the Nation's capital has rates higher than some parts of West Africa. In real numbers this means over 15,000 of the city's more than 500,000 residents are positive. The report also found that almost half of those who had connections to the parts of the city with the highest AIDS prevalence and poverty rates said they had overlapping sexual partners within the past 12 months, three in five said they were aware of their own HIV status, and three in 10 said they had used a condom the last time they had sex.

After reading the article... I picked up the phone to call a friend that has been Part of the 3% for over ten years now. Before I could even say good morning... he was already discussing the article. We had both came to the conclusion that while there are a number of causes for this increase the main cause is that people just do not care. He reminded me of a time when his uncle, who is now in his 50s, and his friends would loose friends frequently because of AIDS and now that you do not see it happening as often and people are able to live with HIV... people just do not care or take it as serious.

Men having sex with men has remained the disease's leading mode of transmission. However, according to the report heterosexual transmission and injection drug use closely follow. Three percent of black women carry the virus, partly a result of the increase in heterosexual transmissions.

Everyone knows about HIV now... hell even my 10yo nephew knows what it is. So education can not continuely be the blame for this but the nonchalant attitude towards sex, thinking its a 'gay' disease, and lack of loving one's self is. So now that this has hit the front and national pages once again it will be interesting to see what happens this time around.

No Words...

This girl must be destroyed!!


I'll never forget my first impression of Washington, DC. When I moved here the first time I flew into Baltimore-Washington International Airport and we took the BW Parkway into the city... as we cut across NE and NW to get to Alexandria, Virginia, where I lived initially, the first thing I noticed was how urban... how old... and how colorful the city was. It seemed every other row house was painted some obscene bright color... none of the colors would have made it past the suburban homeowners association, I was use to. This was the second year of Mayor Anthony Williams 8 year reign. On a daily basis I passed the White House and the US Capitol and never gave either of them much thought. I looked at the monuments as tourist traps that were preventing me from getting to where I needed to go. Other than on September 11 or the time I planned an event in the US Capitol rotunda... DC was just another city.

Me outside the West Wing

But this second time around is different. Every day on my way to and from work I pass the Thomas Jefferson Memorial, the Lincoln Memorial, the White House... and many other landmarks. Each time I take in the beauty of what this city has to offer. The city has definitely changed since 2000... thanks to Mayor Williams the city has gentrified and new condos and retail outlets are popping up everywhere, replacing those colorful homes and their colorful residents. The city is now a mix of old row homes, repurposed factories and schools, and new contemporary condos. DC is definitely one of the most eclectic and unique cities in the US... and I am glad to be back in DC and appreciate it this time around.

Lady O and Tyler P in Business Together

So on "Oprah Fridays (Live)", my girl O announced that Tyler and herself have a movie coming out later this year?
I need some details?
Who wrote it? Who will direct it? Who will star?What is it about?
Could you imagine Sophia and Medea in a movie?

The 2 Baddest Chicks in the Game.... O!!


When I moved back to Atlanta a few years ago, I noticed that alot of the people that I knew had a hustle. I remember one day sitting in the living room with my then roommate Damian and commenting on how you see black people in Atlanta constantly grinding.

My best girl friend/college roommate had always been into fashion. Her style always turned heads on campus and now to complement her full time gig, she was running an online boutique for women. Then there was Hassaan (oh how I miss Hassaan). Hassaan was my 'jean man', when I needed a new pair of True's or Antek's, he was only a call and a short drive to midtown away.

Chris was the true grinder of them all... Chris worked for UPS in accounting by day, sold real estate on the weekend, and also worked as a barber in the odd hours of the night. I will never forget missing a movie with him because he had to stop and cut some random dudes hair.

While out in LA, my bestfriend and other good friend, decided to invite some people over to the suite for a small get together. In between the hands of spades and cocktails... the conversation showed that only me and my bestfriend were the only ones not somehow affiliated with the entertainment industry. From the 22yo recent FAMU grad and aspiring film maker that made the trek across country... to the full time accountant, part time talent manager... and I am sure a few waiter/actors in the mix.

But DC has proven to be a different grind. It is rare when you meet someone here in DC who has a side hustle. With the Federal Government being the largest employer in the area it is no wonder that at least 50% of the people I know work for the government, 15% are contractors, 10% are some form of attorneys, and the other 25% work in private industry. But of all of my friends none of them have that side hustle, however I do notice how hard many of us work at our jobs. I wonder is it because there is no need or maybe no desire or maybe everyone is doing what they really want to do. (yeah right)

With the economy still going down the toilet fastly... it will be interesting to see what new side hustles develop and how many side hustles become the main sources of income. It is funny as bad as the economy has gotten it seems as if I am getting even more busy at work. But as the layoffs continue I won't complain... I'd rather be busy... than watching Young and the Restless live rather than on DVR.

Random Thoughts this Wednesday Morning...

1. So Michael Jackson is allegedly going to announce a Summer Concert series... like Stevie Wonder, I want him to sit down and let me remember him as I do. His BAD concert was simply amazing and probably one of my all time favorite concerts I attended.

2. Two non News stories I am tired of hearing about: OctoMom and Chrihanna. I could simply careless about either situation.

3. I am tired of the media attacking the hotel industry. It would be nice the next time they expose a company for staying at a resort they give the full story... such as how much are these people paying to stay at a resort, most group rates are quite low... and how about how many people are employed by hotels, our Washington hotel employs over 400 people. Keeping 400 people working should be a vital part of this economy. Just report it all is what I ask.

4. I am so in love with Michelle Obama... and the boost to the social scene they are bringing to Washington. The Wizards have never had so much attention this season.

6. Snow is only beautiful when it is falling. The day after I am always ready for this shit to be over and gone.

7. Wants a personal trainer for the next year for his birthday next month... so all of you should chip in.

8. I'm still on the financial journey... the finish line is not close but I think I can see it in the distance.

9. Wonders why people send me friend requests on Facebook all the time... and I have no clue who they are and they don't send messages. If people want to look at pictures they should just buy a magazine... currently 38 requests pending, one day I will go through them or just ignore them all.

10. Winter is almost over... but now it is time for allergy season. No rest for the weary, I swear.

Am I Wrong....

Usually I am... but it works for me so I guess that makes it right.

But here is the situation. My cousin is getting married this summer in Hawkins, Texas. Yes Hawkins not Houston. Where is Hawkins? I have no idea. When I was asked if I was going I said probably not... I already had a vacation lined up for late August early September and I am unsure if I would be able to afford to go to this as well. (UMMMM remember recession)

So my mother was disappointed that I wasn't going to go. I told her about all of my previous plans and asked why must people get married in these small towns that cost a fortune to get to. I understand it is their wedding but the can't be shocked when people can't make it.

So am I wrong?

I will probably make an effort to go... not a huge effort but a little one. I just googled and saw Hawkins is 2 hours from my hotel in Dallas... definitely wont be making a huge effort.

So my new year's resolution this year was to start living again... since FLJ has passed I was kind of just existing. Just doing what I needed to do that day to make it to bed time. Thankfully I have some friends that have been keeping me busy and my mind on other things. But each night I go to sleep and look at his picture on the nightstand and think about how things should be.

So part of living again has been getting the finances under control. While this has meaned giving up a lot of my free time... I thought since I wasn't doing anything but sleeping it away... I might as well do something productive. While my original very ambitious goal of being totally out of debt by April 1, after really looking at my credit card debt and seeing it was more than I anticipated... I moved that goal to July 1 to give myself another quarter of work towards that goal. Buying a new Hart Schaffner Marx suit and G Star coat hasn't helped me towards my goal.

I have never enjoyed dating... it is just one of those necessary evils. Easing back into this mindset started off with a regrettable bump in the road, but the past few weeks has been surprisingly enjoyable. I met someone Inauguration weekend that has captured my attention and that I actually enjoy talking to and hanging out one of those people that make you want to be a better person. Even if nothing more comes from this but friendship... that is definitely the type of person I want to surround myself.

I have never been the one to approach anyone but I also met 2 other people that I have had my eye on at parties recently, while we have exchanged numbers and talked extensively, I haven't been out with either of them yet but probably something soon.

The work front has proven to be the biggest challenge. While I thought I would be transferring out of Washington this year... the economy has had a change of plans for me. The hotel industry has been hit hard and CNN and Fox News have been making luxury hotels into the next big devil... so my stay in Washington may be a bit longer than expected. But my eyes are open for potential opportunities elsewhere.

But overall life is decent... its not great and could be better... but could also be worse... so I am living...