An Hour of Tasha Mack... I'd be in heaven

So the Hollywood Reporter is reporting that Mara Brock Akil is hoping CW will accept the change of The Game going from 30 minutes to an hour long dramady.
However Hollywood Reporter feels that this may be a long shot seeing it is already on Friday nights when no one watches TV and as they say "an hour long "Game" wouldn't necessarily mesh well with CW's other dramas, which are skewing younger and far less urban, and a format switch after three seasons also would complicate a potential syndication run of the show. "
Why don't they say they want the channel to be lily white instead of less urban?!?! You just got to love those code words.


ToddyEnglish said...

An hour of Tasha Mac would be divine!

In total agreement with you on this. The move to merge the WB with UPN was awful. The irony is that the "less urban" shows ratings are in the toilet. Gossip Girl and One Tree Hill are averaging one to two million viewers per week...

Well, as long as it's on I'll support the game.

On that note I hope the baby is NOT Derwin's and he go crawling back to Melanie!

Nels :D said...

To get the shows back on air, contact the following reps.

resident Of Entertainment (CW)
Dawn Ostroff
818-977- 2525

Direc tor Of Current Programming (CW)
Traci Blackwell
818-977- 2537

Presi dent of CBS Paramount Network TV
Nancy Tellem

PLEASE CALL THEM NOW, THESE ARE THE PEOPLE WHO MAKE THE DECISION TO BROADCAST THE SHOW, I've called and TRACI BLACKWELL himself said they are still not sure yet if it is really cancelled . So its still debatable, please call them!