In Response to the Comments...

That Dude Right There said...
You seem so much happier since you moved back...

That is the second time I have heard this in the comments section. I don't know what you guys were seeing before but other than the boring, not paying enough job, I loved living in Atlanta. Being close to my mother and my friends made it a great place to be. I SENTENCE YOU ALL TO GO BACK and REREAD. lol

Chet said...
Don't allow monies to come between you and your friend...

It isn't the money... its the principle. If I can't trust a friend with money what can I trust them with.

KCK(the shaky homo) monologue...

Never got a text. There really isn't anything to talk about now. If there was something I needed to know you have had about 18 months to tell me. Apparently it wasn't that serious to you.

The emails about DLB's video blog...

You may want to leave those comments on Youtube... Derrick doesn't read my email!! duh

Cocoa Rican said...
Not to say your way doesn't seem reasonable, but telling folks how they should apologize - when some morons don't even find the logic in doing that - is a bit on the over-control side.

The point was for people to realize "I'm sorry" carries no weight with me if they are expecting a response.

She's Back!!

The Real Thing: Words And Sounds Vol. 3 is now in stores... I just got it late last night so I will be posting my thoughts later... but my girl is back

and I am soooo lovin this picture...

work... home... and church on Sundays

Damn 3 weeks already...

For the most I haven't done much other than work... home... and church on Sundays. I have had a few dinners with old friends and 2 have come by the new spot to catch up but my routine has mostly been work... home... and church on Sundays.

That was until this Sunday, my two friends Doc and ThighsofSteal invited me to come out and have a drink or 4 with them. Seeing I hadn't done much other than work... home... and church on Sundays, I was eager to get out and see the new (and sad) nite life in DC. It is a sad state of existence when the best night to go out is Sunday. I mean damn I gotta get up and go to the office in the morning... but anyway I digress. We started our evening at R&R, which happens to be promoted by a friend. R&R really gives me the same vibes as DeJango's (for my ATLiens). It has a house floor and hip hop floor, however there is less separation by age as at DeJango's. It was the first time I had been out in DC since last October so it was good to see a lot of familiar faces and a couple new ones too.

The funniest thing of the first part of our evening was seeing KCK walk by me as if we were strangers. Which is probably for the best... seeing I have no words for him. I tell you never give a homo or anyone for that matter more than you are willing to loose (money, time, whatever... but especially money) and a person's word is only as good as their track record and his was always shaky.

Our evening continued at B Bar. More of the same, pretty much the same faces, but I ran into an acquaintance that moved up here from Atlanta a month before I did. So now I have another person to hang out with.

The evening ended close to 2am... and Monday started just a few hours later... Wore out from the club, the drinks and the after church jog along the Potomac, I will really be looking forward to work... home... and church this Sunday.

Random Thoughts this Friday Morning

1. Wasn't it a beautiful thing to see all the people wearing black yesterday in support of the Jena 6...

2. So we wore black on Thursday... now what?

3. I know I am going to get a couple hate emails for this one but who in ghetto hell names their child, Spontaneious?!?!?! After seeing some uncute chick on Top Model with that name, I changed my mind and decided that I am for steralization. Some people just shouldn't have kids.

4. Why is it that YOU decided to have kids... YOU decided to go part time and take the demotion... but I have to deal with your jealous attitude. Like I told the rude lil homeless girl by the metro... "Don't be mad at me for your life decisions."

5. Maybe instead of fighting for seat in Congress, DC should just ask for Federal Tax exemption... doesn't the Constitution say something like "No Taxation without Representation".

6. Am I the only one that is happy fall TV season is beginning?

7. So now that Kanye outsold 50... can I only hope he really does go away forever?!?!

8. Do people know how offensive it is to ask... "Oh you didn't like Atlanta?" I am not some contrive young fag that picks up and moves from city to city on a whim or a moments notice.

9. For the few people that have emailed or IMed me asking me what I think of OJ Simpson... I don't.

10. As I was walking down New Hampshire Avenue today... why did I feel like a stranger in a familiar city... its been less than 2 years.


Over the past weekend I have had 3 people apologize to me for different reasons. Whether it was something they did, something they didn't do that they said they would, or something they did and they said they didn't do... I got three "I'm sorries" this weekend.

It took me quite a while to realize that no one in life owes you anything. No one has to do what they say they are going to do. And people's word changes like I change underwear. Sometimes these are caused by factors in their control or not but yet and still like I always say... It is what it is.

On neither occasion with these three people did I take their actions and condemn them or their character, I just adjusted how I deal with each of them. No hard feelings but it doesn't take me three times to get burned to realize fire is hot. And it doesn't mean that I have casted their friendships to the wayside either... it just means I have learned more about who they are and how I can effectively deal with them. And maybe this was a one time fluke... but time will tell and just like when bad shit happens, when good shit happens I will also take notice and know how to deal with them as well. (i consider myself to be a pretty fair person)

But what prompted me to blog about this was one of the people that apologized got upset that I didn't instantly forget what happened and embrace them as a good friend immediately and go have drinks. One thing people need to realize, especially when dealing with me, your apology is for your conscious and soul and usually means absolutely nothing to me. First I hate the words I'm sorry. Those words convey nothing to me and do not acknowledge my feelings of the situation. So in case your mother didn't do her job and teach you the correct way... here it is... "I recognize what I did or said made you feel ____ and I apologize that my actions made you feel that way." Do not say I am sorry for doing... because you aren't. And if you were you wouldn't have done it in the first place. You are just sorry that your actions pissed me off.

"When I think of the State of Georgia and Genarlow Wilson... when I think of the Jena 6 down in Louisiana... I see that Jim Crow still lives.

Maybe the children today, maybe the teens of today will see that the struggle is not over. The fight is not over."

- Dr. H. Beecher Hicks, Jr, Senior Pastor of Metropolitan Baptist Church, Washington, DC

My Week

What a week...

The week began with a wonderful worship experience. As I walked into Metropolitan, my church home, the choir was singing, "I don't believe he brought me this far to leave me...". Instant tears just the song I needed to fill my spirit. The service continued along that line and I left knowing why I missed this church so much. Service ended with choir singing "I'm still here".
After church me and a friend that came down from the NY to help me move in ventured out to do some necessary shopping, when I got a disturbing call telling me my mother had a seizure and had been rushed to the hospital. Immediate guilt set in from me moving so far away, but thankfully she was later released and is currently doing just fine.

Knowing she was fine... I began my new job just as I was expected and thankfully I was thrown right into work. I've always hated the first week or so of work when they expect you to "read about the organization" and "get adjusted". The best way for me to get adjusted is to get right to work. This week was busy filled with planning for an upcoming conference in Rhode Island, our upcoming Annual, and mid year staff reviews. And after reading all of my staff's personnel files, all I can say is that I have an interesting bunch.

Other than work I haven't done much since I have been back. Dinner with a friend and former date. A movie with a friend. But that was my week... I am going to bed now I am tired.

Where was I on September 11, 2001?

I had just arrived to work at the John F. Kennedy Center, fashionably late as usual. My office was right across from the IT Department and I could see them watching the Today show in their office... at the time it was still thought that the first tower had been hit by a small plane. We were all glued to the TV in disbelief...

And then the second plane hit and we instantly knew it wasn't an accident, but had no clue of exactly what was going on. The crowd around the little 13inch TV grew larger as we watched eager for more information.

Then someone came down the hall screaming the Pentagon was on fire... many of us in disbelief ran up several flights of stairs, only to look across the Potomac and realize America was under attack. The Kennedy Center sits right next to the Saudi Arabian Embassy, so it was evacuated immediately. I sat on Constitution Avenue in between Union Station and the U.S. Capitol when the news came out that another plane was approaching DC. I have never heard this city so quiet... we prayed, we feared.

Finally making it out of the city... I sat on my friend Wayne's porch trying to reach family and friends to let them know I was ok, as we smoked several blunts and watched the endless repeats of coverage on the news. It was definitely a day I will never forget.

Getting acclimated and settled in...
see you guys next week.

5 Things I will Miss About ATL: #5 My Friends

I totally believe that your friends are the family you get to choose. I also believe that my friends either compliment something I like about myself or would like for myself. Whether it is their sense of style, infectious sense of humor, ability to take nothing too seriously or their ivy league education... each of my friends has something unique they bring to our friendship.

I spend alot of time on the weekends with my friends. Whether it is bouncing from house party to house party... having lunch... or just hanging around the house or pool, we can usually be found together on the weekends at some point. Occassionaly through the week we get together for dinner or if something good is coming on TV, we are together laughing it up with a drink in hand.

There is Tracee, Farod, DJ, Rocky, Damian, Larry,and a few others. These are my boys and my girl, and I will miss spending the weekends and several days through the week with them. After a very difficult 2006, these guys made my 2007 so far so much better.

But an occasional trip back to the A, will get me through.