Can There Be a Gay Series... that isn't Stereotypical?

With the recent theatrical release of Noah's Arc, which did surprisingly well even with a very limited release and relatively little if any promotion by Logo; and Clay Cane's recent post about the here! TV viewer's poll about DL Chronicles... my mind started wondering.... Can there be a gay series... that isn't stereotypical?

Queer As Folk
I recently started watching this series thanks to my Netflix subscription. After seeing the first two seasons I couldn't shake out of my head... why the white gay community didn't revolt about this series or did they and I just missed it?

The entire show portrayed white gay Pittsburgh as being sex fiends that enjoyed sex in back rooms of clubs and functioning drug addicts that need to snort something to dance to the techno beats of Babylon. While I am not denying this occurs, it is just interesting that it consumed the first two seasons. But I guess sex sales. I will say that in between the endless sexual escapades and the relationships of the five friends, the show does explore critical gay political and health issues such as HIV, gay bashing, and gay rights.

Noah's Arc
The short lived, and only reason I subscribed to Logo, series is definitely one that causes a lot of tension and bloguments (blog arguments). It seems if you are the least bit critical of this series you are hating and against feminine men. While I did subscribe to Logo for the two seasons just to see the show, I thought the series could use some serious production help.

The character's ranged from Ricky the sexaholic to Alex the loud mouth queen to Noah the naive twink. I couldn't relate to the characters on a personal level and thought the story lines were often rushed and far fetched but the show did what it was supposed to do... entertain. And along its very short tenure it did touch on some important gay issues such as HIV and gay parenting.

DL Chronicles
By far my favorite series and by far the shortest of them all. The stereotype here is evident from the series' name. But of the 4 episodes, only 2 of them actually deal with men cheating on women with other men. The other two episodes deal with gay men hiding from society and themselves. I am hoping that in the second season of this series the writers/directors Quincey and Deondray explore the DL lives of women.

This stigma of the DL life, thanks to JL King, has been used to scare straight women instead of enlightening them. Episode 1 - Wes and Episode 2 - Boo... don't combat those themes.

Will & Grace

By far one of the most popular shows to air on NBC and probably one of the few network shows when it premiered to have a gay lead character. The stereotype here is just Jack. The very flamboyant character definitely kept the laughs coming and also didn't let you forget that this series was about gay men living in NY and their two hags.

So after thinking of the four gay series that I have watched... I am left wondering if it is even possible to remove all stereotypes. And if all the stereotypes were removed... would the shows be as good? Does every show have to show a positive image of the community it is reflected? Or can these stereotypes bring necessary attention to causes and people... like the Wire did to Baltimore. Definitely no answers here today... just observations and questions.

No Words... ok maybe a few

This nonsense must stop.... definitely a good laugh!!

Random Thoughts this Friday Morning about Politics...

1. I am not well that Ms. Joe Six Pack Hockey Mom bought her 7 year old daughter a Louis Vuitton purse.... actually I am jealous as a muthafucka.... jade as hell... I mean couldn't Jane the Plumber get me a duffle or a wallet??

2. If you are still claiming to be undecided... you are either slightly racist or stupid. I will let you decide.

3. I think these political ads on TV should be banned. I think they should just take an ad out in every paper... do a side by side comparison on where they stand on the issues... have a few debates.... and let us vote and leave my damn commercial breaks between Grey's Anatomy alone.

4. Speaking of getting rid of things... the Electoral College should be the first thing to go. I think if more Americans understood that their votes don't actually elect the President... this would be a more prominent issue.

5. So if McCain doesn't win... error when McCain doesn't win... does that mean Sarah "I Can See Russia from my porch" Palin is first in line to run for the Republican Presidential nomination in 4 years.

6. Why are people still interviewing the ultimate hater, Jesse "Never Had A Real Job' Jackson?

7. So Early Voting has started in several states... I wonder how they are going to fuck this up.

8. So I heard on the news that Philadelphia is preparing for possible riots... just in case Obama doesn't win... if they do riot I hope they don't destroy their own shit this time.

9. Is it just me or does anyone often wonder since McCain has millions... why doesn't he get his teeth whitened?

10. Damnit is it November 4th yet.... Enough Already!!

It has been a little over a year since I moved back to DC. And life right now is no where near what I had expected it to be when I moved back.

Today in a conversation with a friend about FLJ, he mentioned he never knew how I really felt about him because I never really stated. After the death of Terrence and a string of unsuccessful dating situations, I began to keep a lot of that part of my life quiet. I simply felt that no one needs to know every detail about what is going on in my dating life.

My relationship with FLJ was quite unique one. We dated off and on since 2003. Even when we weren't dating we remained really good friends, so the definition of our relationship was often quite blurry even to those who knew us well. When I made the decision to return to Washington it wasn't purely for the reason of the job opportunity that had been presented to me. I sought out the job because of the decision to be closer to FLJ during his fight with cancer. I never told anyone this part of my decision to leave Atlanta because I was one of those who said I would never move for a man... well I did, never say never I guess. FLJ also made it very clear he wouldn't be in a committed relationship with me until the battle with cancer was over. He felt it was too much to ask one person to deal with. Regardless I told him I would see him through it. During one of my visits to DC from Atlanta we talked about our future and began to make plans to move to NYC in the fall of 2008 by then the cancer would be gone. I guess Peter Drucker was right when he said, "Unless commitment is made, there are only promises and hopes; but no plans."

But life is what it is now. I work incredible amounts of hours now and often only have other time to sleep and relax for a few hours a day. I don't have the network of friends I had when I lived here before so to distract me for my lacking personal life I fill the time with work. But that is helping me meet those financial goals I have set for myself.

This Sunday was the first time I had been out in DC in such a long time and it felt oh so good. To hang with some old friends, have several drinks and reclaim that socialite status if for only one night. Celebrating a friends birthday and just hanging out with my boy JC was just what I needed. Less the immature kids fighting outside the bar... these bars really need to be a little more selective about who they let in.

JC has been quite a needed relief. Our lazy afternoons and early evenings at our local gathering place/lounge/bookstore/restaurant/etc. talking about friendships, travel, blogging, and life are one of the few things I really enjoy about being back in DC. I shouldn't totally down my time in DC this time I guess it isn't all that bad, it just isn't the DC I once knew.

As for the random guys I have met since being back... I really didn't take any of them serious. They were all mere placeholders something to occupy time with. Now that I have typed that it sounds really mean... they were mostly nice but really no connection. My bestfriend has told me once before that I write people off to quickly... "they do one thing you don't like and we never hear there name again." Which is mostly true... I just feel relationships should be easy and drama free in the beginning... and if they aren't usually that is how it will be throughout. And as an Aries I have little or no patience. But with that said there isn't much to comment on those guys because there has been nothing happening.

Since being back in DC from my two trips to LA, I have been eating a lot healthier... not on some crazy ass nuts, berries and tofu but just more healthier... chicken tacos instead of beef... baked sweet potatoes instead of rice... grilled pork chops instead of fried. Now if only I could get the drive to take my out of shape ass to the gym.

So I am just being me... perfectly imperfect... still creating my HisStory....


My Hero Endorses Obama

Finding Me

My decision on which film to see at Reel Affirmations this weekend was made a lot easier Friday, when I received a call from Derrick L. Briggs telling me he would make a cameo appearance in DC for the screening of his film, Finding Me.

I met up with Mr. Briggs and several cast members and crew near the historic Lincoln Theatre where the film was being screened. The entire team was very personable and I am still trying to figure out how to get RayMartell's blazer... he better not slip up!

So the film, Finding Me, is about Faybien a 21yo Caribbean American, played by RayMartell, who is struggling with his sexuality, finding a purpose in life, and the expectations of his father. His interactions with his two best friends and love interest, Lonnie, played by Derrick, help him along his journey of finding himself.

So of course you are wondering... what I thought. I thought Derrick was very believable in his role. His character didn't seem forced and flowed pretty naturally. RayMartell's character was meant to be indecisive and passive. By the end of the movie I was so over him, we all know how I feel about passive people... so I think he also played his character successfully. The other characters were ok for the most, J'Nara Corbin who plays one of the bestfriends reminded me of one of my homegirls from undergrad and provided plenty comic relief throughout the movie.

What I didn't like about the film were the transitions from scene to scene and the sound quality at times felt like a roller coaster ride, which could have been an issue with the theater and not the film. The only other issue that I have noticed in black gay films is that the script often doesn't reflect real conversations. It often feels as if the actors are quoting lines instead of having a conversation.

With that said the very hot chemistry and nude sex scene between Derrick and RayMartell is enough of a reason to see the film. Overall it was descent and I enjoyed it. Derrick, Ray and J'Nara definitely made it for me. And all I will say as I end this post is that Derrick has a wonderful ass.

"Palin" around with Terrorists...

Today marks 96 days left for Bush 43 as President of the United States. Today I had to go to the White House for meetings and had the opportunity to tour the grounds and see a Presidential departure.

Regardless of whomever sits in the Oval Office... the protocol, the history and the future of the White House was still amazing to see first hand for the first time. Definitely looking forward to going back this Saturday for a tour of the West Wing...

Random Thoughts this Tuesday Morning...

1. This week marks the 18th annual Reel Affirmations, the nation's capitol LGBT film festival. Usually there are a few (very few) films geared toward African-Americans... unfortunately this year Finding Me starring Maurice Murrell and blogger, Derrick L. Briggs has been scheduled around the same time as Dreams Deffered: The Sakia Gunn Film Project. What to do... what to do...

2. So the gays are mostly all excited about Beyonce's two new projects that have come out this past week... I have only heard the one about the Ring on the Finger... didn't move me at all. I felt it was unoriginal and sounded like a couple of other songs on her B'day album. Thanks to Valentino I saw the video last night... loved it. Especially the part where she (her choreographer) incorporated J-setting into the routine. As much as I hate J-setting it was good that she was finally original about something... I can't see any other artist doing that.

3. Clay Cane has blogged about the lack of talent of some of today's artist compared to those of the past. Listening to the lyrics of Ring on the Finger and lot of other songs just made me randomly think of this.

4. So Bank of America has this feature called My Portfolio... not going to go into all the features but it allows you to be able to look at all your current credit card balances in one spot... lets just say I am more in debt that I first imagined. My April 1 deadline has just been pushed back to June 1.

5. Can someone tell the gas stations in DC that gas prices are falling????

6. Saw Eagle Eye this weekend... pretty good movie definitely enjoyed that. Looking forward to seeing the Secret Lives of Bees and W. this weekend. Anybody got a movie gift card to give me?!?!

7. As much as I disdain Elisabeth Hassleback on the View and her black and white point of view. I don't think I would watch anymore if she left to go to FOX news. I look forward to Joy and Whoopi giving her a wake up call each day and the occasional brilliant moments of Sherrie Shepard.

8. Is it November 4th yet?

9. There will be no ATL for me this upcoming MLK holiday... seeing that it falls on Inaugural weekend, seeing Obama sworn is a lot more important than a few overpriced parties in Atlanta.

10. To those who have emailed me... Thanks for the emails, I do read them all, respond to some that require it... and yes I will do an update on me, dating, and past dates you have read about here.

Religulous... my take

So last night me and a friend went to see Bill Maher's religious documentary, Religulous. In the film comedian Bill Maher looks at the presence of religion in many of the big news stories of recent years, from Muslim riots over cartoons of Muhammad, to the Ten Commandments in front of courthouses, a born-again Christian in the White House and Scientology in the birthing room.

I must say Bill has captured the current thoughts of organized religion that have been circling in my head and coming to live for the past several months.

Most organized religion requires someone to embrace some form of blind faith. It is this faith, by its very nature requires a gigantic leap into irrationality, it is almost impossible to explain or to defend in rational terms. And this impossibility that frustrates and enrages most believers... when instead it should lead to a lot of self thought.

In the film Maher examines Christianity, the Islamic faith, Judaism, and Catholicism (by far my favorite fairy tale of them all) Equally diving into each religion and questioning why we believe what we believe. He also looks into the story of Jesus Christ... from the immaculate conception to his death and shows how the story resembles even older stories such as the story of Horus in Greek mythology and Mithras in the Roman religions.

While I, like Bill, must admit I haven't figured it all out and I am not quite sure what I believe. But I do believe the stories of the Bible are taken a little too literal... like Jonah living inside a fish.

I think the movie is good for those who have no faith or are quite strong in their faith and those that are able to look at other views of taboo subjects without being angered.

War by Alexei Jendayi & Sol Edler

Watch this music video by Alexei Jendayi and DC resident and friend of a friend, Sol Edler to get a more personal look at the war. Then SPREAD THE WORD by sharing this message with your friends, relatives, and colleagues.

The video is from Alexei's latest release, November 4 EP ( )


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