Random Thoughts this Friday Morning about Politics...

1. I am not well that Ms. Joe Six Pack Hockey Mom bought her 7 year old daughter a Louis Vuitton purse.... actually I am jealous as a muthafucka.... jade as hell... I mean couldn't Jane the Plumber get me a duffle or a wallet??

2. If you are still claiming to be undecided... you are either slightly racist or stupid. I will let you decide.

3. I think these political ads on TV should be banned. I think they should just take an ad out in every paper... do a side by side comparison on where they stand on the issues... have a few debates.... and let us vote and leave my damn commercial breaks between Grey's Anatomy alone.

4. Speaking of getting rid of things... the Electoral College should be the first thing to go. I think if more Americans understood that their votes don't actually elect the President... this would be a more prominent issue.

5. So if McCain doesn't win... error when McCain doesn't win... does that mean Sarah "I Can See Russia from my porch" Palin is first in line to run for the Republican Presidential nomination in 4 years.

6. Why are people still interviewing the ultimate hater, Jesse "Never Had A Real Job' Jackson?

7. So Early Voting has started in several states... I wonder how they are going to fuck this up.

8. So I heard on the news that Philadelphia is preparing for possible riots... just in case Obama doesn't win... if they do riot I hope they don't destroy their own shit this time.

9. Is it just me or does anyone often wonder since McCain has millions... why doesn't he get his teeth whitened?

10. Damnit is it November 4th yet.... Enough Already!!


houstonmacbro said...

It would be nice if we could just fast-forward to election day. Early voting started in Texas this week and I STILL haven't voted (I'll probably do it next week when the polls open earlier at 7 a.m. allowing me to vote and get to work on time).

As for #3 ... you know the answer. People just aren't reading the paper as much as they used to. We live in a 'Net-connect, BlackBerry, iPhone and text message kind of world. I am not even sure WHY they keep running ads on television (I have seen very few of either McCain or Obama in Texas ... are we just a forgone conclusion?).

Anyhow, good morning!

Anonymous said...

ok wow you are so wrong about McCains teeth but i swear during the last debate i thought the same thing.

bLaQ~n~MiLD said...

Ooooook, this wasn't very random at all. Love the comment about the political ad's on tv tho...


JACK said...

I loved your number 2! I agree. And re: Mr. Jackson, I refuse to call him reverend anymore after the 'castrate obama' comment. Mr. Jackson and that's it. And yes, November 4, please hurry!

Darius T. Williams said...

Yea - you're right...that electoral college needs to bounce!

Joey Bahamas said...

I've seen your comments everywhere and I so didn't know you were in DC.

Hiiiii!!!!! :-D

Joey B.

Langston Baldwin said...

I 2 loved #2. At this point in the game and you are still on the fence, like GIVE ME A BREAK ALREADY.

Racism is has awakened from it's nap.