Not Even if You are Gay

I briefly noticed him when i first walked into the neighborhood Safeway. He stood 6'0, about 170lbs, nice athletic build accented by the navy tank and white cargo shorts that showed off his beach tanned biceps and calf muscles. Like I said briefly noticed.

Small talk by the orange juice as we laughed at how this store was always missing at least one thing you came to get and how we longed for the new store to be opening very soon.

A friendly smile by the pineapples which led to a conversation about his work out and him getting ready for Rehobeth next weekend (the weekend summer getaway for gays in the DMV). As he asked if I ever got up there.

As I had my head buried in the Haagan Dazs shelves with the cold air billowing out I heard his now familiar voice ask if it wasn't too forward for him to ask my number. As I continued to look for my Caramel Cone I gave out the 10 and said not at all. He smiled, told me to enjoy my ice cream and he would talk to me later.

I closed the door to this black woman looking me up and down and as if I invited her conversation she began to say there were too many gay black men in DC for me to be going after him. And ended with an offer to meet her coworker... I declined to blind dates and headed for the register feeling... damn I guess even for the gays people are anti interracial dating.

SYTYCD... is back!

just skip to minute 1:04

I may be laying on a beach or maybe by the infiniti pool... but know my DVR is recording the season premiere of So You Think You Can Dance...

Universally Stupid

As if their clothes weren't expensive enough... the Universal Gear store in DC was robbed by a group of pathetic kids.

One thing I have never understood was stealing. How do you justify taking something that someone else has worked for... I will never understand.

Hmmm vaguely reminiscent of this post I did in 2006.

Random Thoughts this Monday Afternoon

1. Do you really think Debra Lee watches BET at home?

2. Does ABC really need to give every show a 2 hour season finale?

3. And since we are on the topic of TV... did you catch the Season/Series? finale of The Game?? Well wether it is coming back or not may be in limbo but at least the last episode did bring about closure.

4. Am I the only one who could careless if Arizona Community College gave Obama an honorary degree... I mean he has a Harvard Law degree... really is it worth all the news coverage?
5. I would love to have the resources to start a news channel like CNN that reported the real news... not fake swine flu hysteria and the such but the reality of real news.
6. Does that fake Project Runway with Kelly Rowland still come on or has BRAVO lost interest like the rest of us?
7. So You Think You Can Dance premieres Thursday... finally!! I may be on vacation but I will be setting both DVRs.
8. While at a party this past weekend I overheard a comment by some people standing next to me about someone who had just walked into the party, stating the guy was rather ugly... now I hate to say that about people but he was quite unfortunate looking which made me wonder... is there a possibility for a universal unattractive? Is it possible that one person could be undesireable by all.
9. Although long... Angels and Demons was a great movie. Dan Brown should be proud of the work the screenwriter did to his novel.
10. Just in case you missed it.... I would really hate for you to miss it... check out this picture post by my good friend, The Districtrazzi

No Words... ok maybe a few

Web Cams, Youtube, and Beyonce must be destroyed!

Valentino: The Last Emperor

I have always been a sucker for classic... timeless... breathtaking fashion. So when I learned of the documentary Valentino: The Last Emperor. I knew I would be there to have a front row seat to a documentary about a fashion titan's love of 'making women beautiful'.

The 90 minute film documents the very dramatic closing act of Valentino's celebrated 45 year career in fashion while exploring the larger themes affecting the current state of the fashion business today. But much to my surprise this film is much more than a fashion show of haute couture. But the heart of the film to me was the fly on the wall look at the unique relationship between Valentino and Gincarlo Giammetti, his business partner and companion since the start of his career. Giammetti remarks in the film, "To be with Valentino as a lover... as a friend... as an employee is all the same, you just need a lot of patience." While the two have never married, watching their relationship over the 2 years the film was shot shows you that it defies the need for what so many in this country are fighting for and against. Definitely an atypical loves story, the film shows a 50 year gay relationship changing fashion along the way.

The feature film also explores how the business world is affecting fashion. It is remarked in the film that the investors that now own most fashion houses are more interested in belts, perfume and other lucrative accessories than the actual clothes of the line. At the end of the film... I was left hoping and wondering how long would it be before investors like Primera would destroy such a name and legacy much like Pierre Cardin. The intimate scene between Valentino and Karl Lagerfield is priceless... as you see two titans of fashion come to grips that an era is ending.

The movie is not just a little fashion film or a collection of runway shows and model interviews, it is an in-depth movie exploring a meaningful relationship between two partners and a business... definitely a must see.

You Know You Need a Vacation when...

(I am reserving this lounge chair right there on the left....)

1. anything that comes out of your intern's mouth begins to make sense.

2. you find yourself day dreaming in the middle of a meeting... that you are leading.

3. ...
2 weeks till a week of lounging pool/beach side, drinking, and fun with friends...

My Ipod needs Your Help

I am about 15 days away from vacation and I desperately need your help...
I rarely listen to the radio...
I haven't seen 106 and Park in years...
and I don't go out too often...
So I need some music or playlist suggestions of current music for my ipod as I lay on the beach or beside the infinity pool at our luxury villa (read: pool outside rental house) or on the plane ride down as I ignore whomever sits next to me...