Only Appropriate to Have History... by Jay-Z

I am loving this song, but the visuals brought about an appropriate emotion for me.

Enjoy Your Holiday...

The Next Big Bailout

To hell with Citigroup... I could careless about Ford... If Barack and Geithner want to stimulate the economy and get people to spend more he needs to alleviate student loan debt.

The average student graduates with an undergraduate degree with about $21,000 in debt. While current Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson recently proposed to bailout the student loan industry, I personally feel the logic makes no sense. By wiping clear the debt that students have would free up billions of dollars for us debt ridden scholars to make big life changing purchases like homes and new cars. And even invest in the ever failing stock market or finally contribute to the endowment of either of my universities.
Personally with my three degrees (I could have done without two of them but that why 18yo shouldn't go to college post is for another day), I am well over $50,000 in debt to U.S. Department of Education. But yet the government will bailout executives who refuse to fly first class because anything beneath private leer jet is beneath them or send out stupid $600 stimulus checks that don't really stimulate anything. If they want to stimulate my economy get rid of my student loans!!

Have You Met My Friend Vicodin...

So Wednesday morning at 11:30am, 45 minutes after my scheduled appointment, I finally sat down in Dr. Merlow's chair.

After two weeks of hearing the horror stories of people having their wisdom teeth removed I was finally feeling the IV put into my left arm. I have never been given a non local anesthesia to and all I could think of was that movie where the guy is put to sleep during surgery but doesn't go all the way to sleep and feels every moment of the surgery. I actually think I was more afraid of the anesthesia than having my cute Italian doctor ripping four teeth out of my mouth.

Well after the prick of the IV, the next thing I remembered was the nurse removing the oxygen from my nose. It was over. No excruciating pain... just a lil woosy as my friend Domo walks in to take me home with a much needed stop at Smoothie King since I wasn't able to eat since dinner the night before.

I now sit on my couch with Haagen Dazs Caramel Cone, Vitamin Water and my friend Vicodin... wishing for some Baja Fresh, Five Guys, or Matchbox.

Blogs I Am Reading...

Well the new blog I am checking out is from fellow District resident, Troy Barrington Lilly.
Very good writer check his blog out...
And I already mentioned this last week I think but another District resident
has joined the blog world...

Introducing GQ's Man of the Year

Gotta love it.

Maxwell has Returned...

So last night I had the opportunity to check out Maxwell's "Black Summer Night" tour featuring Jazmine Sullivan. And I must say that both artist captivated the maxed out crowd with mesmerizing performances.

Philly girl Jazmine with crowbar in hand, opened the concert with Bust Your Windows, the ode of pissed off lovers. While I have been vibing her new CD that dropped last month, it was good to see a young artist who can actually perform outside of the studio as well. As much as I hate to compare her style... I would have to say she is definitely a mix of the newer Alicia Keys and the Miseducation Lauryn Hill. As the opening act she definitely energized the crowd which continued as Maxwell returned to the stage after a good 6 or 7 year hiatus.

Maxwell gave us a vibe of a old jazz club waltzing to the stage in his tux with one sole Billie-esque backup singer. Before I continue about the concert I must say it often pains me to see such talented artist singing backup when the Cassie's of the world get record deals. The crowd sang along with the 90 minutes or so of his hit songs, This Woman's Work, Fortunate, and Lifetime as well as a few songs from part one of his upcoming album trilogy. I think the entire audience had been anticipating the return of Maxwell as much as I and was singing along and shouting to the stage, right along with me... and there was even a pair of blue panties that ended up flying on stage. If the tour hasn't passed by your city yet I definitely recommend you checking this out... well worth the price of the ticket.

Maxwell is quoted as saying, "This is a second chapter for me, and I'm going to let the cycle of music do its own thing." I can only say we are definitely in for a treat if it is anything like the first chapter and what DC saw last night.

Evangelical Christian Republicans Make Me Sick

Love one another... blah blah blah

Do not judge.... blah blah blah

I love it when these holier than though, family values, gay bashing Republicans get caught up in scandal whether it is trolling for dick in an airport restroom or getting caught in same sex S & M acts or with prostitutes in luxury hotel rooms (no such thing as bad press).

I love it because each time I hope that these people and their followers will finally wake up and  realize the truth that no one is perfect and maybe they shouldn't judge other people's struggle or path in life. 

But alas they don't and their scorned leader is casted aside until they make a ugly face tearful plea on national TV begging for forgiveness. 

Why is it they always want to run and blame an alleged sexual abuse on turning them to gay sex... sounds very Donnie McClurkish to me.  And why do people keep believing this nonsense. I just hope there is a warm place in these people's future.

No Words

Is This Bitch Tryin' to Read

I thought this email I just got from Bally's was worth a kackle or 3.... (my thoughts in red)

-----Original Message-----
From: Cruz, Jesse
To: ME
Sent: Tue, 11 Nov 2008 1:55 pm
Subject: How are you Charles?

Hello Charles,

We have chosen a new President... Isn't it about time you choose a New You? (whats wrong with the old me)
Change is coming to Washington... Are you ready to change Your Waistline? (is this bitch tryin to read)
You have made a decision for our Country... It's time to make the right decision for Your Life! (so I assume those porkchops last night were the wrong decision)
You cast your vote, now come into Bally!

It is the perfect time for a new beginning... You have been thinking about it long enough! It's time to do something about it! (i like thinking things through before jumping into rash decisions thank you very much)
Print this email for a free personal training assessment, workout profile and group exercise class!

Plus just look at some of the great deals ballys has to offer!!!!
Best start personal training package: Receive 4 one-on-one training sessions with a personal trainer for $149!!! On a budget? (budgets are foor poor people... hell yeah I am on one) Chose from our Selection of value plans starting at $34.99 per month for local club access!!! So many new deals we cant list them all on one page!!! We also have special Unadvertised Membership Plans!!

The time is Now, The person is You, The place is Bally!! SEE YOU AT THE TOP!! (how did you know?!?!)

Larry Kouch
Club Manager
Bally Total Fitness - 1201 Joyce ST. C-6
Arlington, Virginia 22202

Hey! How Are You? Long Time No Speak...

I am so feeling this Washington Post article, Hey! How Are You? Long Time No Speak... Since Tuesday I have had 11 requests of people asking to crash at my spot.

Now if I had a palatial estate in the suburbs with staff, I wouldn't mind accommodating most of the requests... however I live in a one bedroom/ one bath apartment about 7 blocks from the National Mall and 10 from the Capital. And being an only child who never had to share... I am really selfish about my space, and who I allow in it.

But anyway I see that I am not the only Washingtonian getting calls and emails from people I haven't spoken to in years.

So a friend of mine and fellow district resident just started a new blog...
check him out.

Random Thoughts this Thursday Morning about the Election

1. He is Barack Obama, the President elect, the 44th President of the United States... he is not the next messiah... he is not our saviour. This country, if not the entire world, must manage our expectations.

2. As soon as John McCain was announced as the Republican nominee, even when Hilary was still in the race, I knew then that Barack would win... but it wasn't until Tuesday night when I heard the news call the race that I could exhale.

3. Wasn't it amazing to see all of those people in Grant Park Tuesday night and the diversity of races and age. And then they cut to McCain's speech and all you see are lilly white faces. Now which one represents the America we live in now.

4. Who would have thought someone named Barack Hussein Obama, let alone a black man, would ever be President of the U.S.

5. Wasn't it amazing to see the news cut to places all over the world celebrating Barack's and America's achievement.

6. My annual trip to Atlanta for MLK weekend has been officially cancelled... No way I am missing Inaugural weekend this go around for some over priced circuit parties.

7. Interesting to see the first child named after Obama was born on election day. Sanjae Obama Fisher was born at 8 p.m. EST on Election Day at Hollywood's Memorial Regional Hospital to Patrick and Sasha Hall Fisher.

8. My hero on the election...

Yes President Obama... We Can!!