The Almost Real Housewives of Atlanta... are back...

The ladies are back with a New Attitude, in the Same ATL... and last night's episode was full of plenty laughs... from the beginning to the very well scripted end. But for me the humor came from things I am sure the producer's weren't planning... or were they?!

The new season started off with NeNe showing off her yet again rented house with no furniture but bragging about some multi thousand dollar drapes... "Really NeNe... Really?" . The house was definitely the deal and is allegedly in the same neighborhood as baller Lisa. A tour of the house shows that other than a pool table the house is empty... but the uber late Dwight and his over the top gayness to the rescue. Hopefully he decorates the house better than his fashion sense.

Kim is back and now that "Big Poppa" has kicked her to the curb... she is off to her next hair brain idea of creating a wig line... with no knowledge of hair or interest in learning... I am sure this idea will go as far as her country CD.

Lisa had the most boring storyline in the first episode... debating on having a second child at 38... I hope she doesn't turn into the boring one that is no longer on the show... can't think of her name for the life of me.

Speaking of last season's boring one, Kandi from Xscape joins... she brought me a lot of comedy from when she walked into Lisa's house with that awful hair style... to when she was singing in her home studio sounding quite awful... to when her daughter said she didn't want her mother to marry the man with 6 kids... pure comedy.

But by far the best part of the first episode was the obviously scripted fight between She by Sheree and her alleged party planner. This woman has no job or career but has more parties than anyone in Atlanta... I wonder are these rent parties? Remember the fashion show with no fashions... how dreadful. The fight while fake was quite funny... especially when the planner tells She by Sheree that her mother is a bitch too...

I am definitely looking forward to seeing what the writers and producers have in store this season. It will be interesting if the She by Sheree and NeNe truce lasts and if Kim finds a friend after what seems like everyone ganging up on her.

Farewell... E. Lynn Harris

For me E. Lynn came into my life at a time when I needed him most. I remember the time quite vividly... I was in the midst of finals during the end of my freshman year. I was finally coming into accepting myself when a good friend asked me if I had ever read, Invisible Life. I had never heard of the book or even the woman, so I thought, who had wrote it. The next day i stopped by our library and to my surprise they had the book. I checked it out along with several other books... hoping no one would see it in my stack. I exited out the side entrance dropping all of the other books back into the return drop and made my way back to my apartment.

Neglecting the studying I needed to do for my final the next day... I got comfortable on my couch and began to read only stopping to go take the test the next day. I finished the book in less than two days and was amazed that someone was writing about a life that was so foreign to me... but whose title was ironic.

Over the next few weeks I read all the books he had published at that time... and eagerly awaited his next one. He was my first introduction into this genre of literature which led me to discover Keith Boykin's One More River to Cross and James Earl Hardy and other authors.

I thank E. Lynn most of all comforting me and reassuring me when I needed it. But also for exposing me to writings I never knew existed.

Halo by David Sides

Me in New York... A possibility

I have spent a lot of time over the years visiting New York... but after this past 4 day weekend, I finally saw myself as possibly being able to live in this city.

Granted this trip was a little different from any of my previous trips. I had a suite on the 38th floor of the Four Seasons Hotel... I spent most of my time in the midtown areas versus my usual stops in the Village and SoHo... and I had the opportunity to visit my company's luxurious office right off Park Avenue.

Now I know I would not be able to afford to live off Madison and 57th... but if a position opens up in that office I am going to be all over it.

The hot weekend was capped off by partying with friends including a hotel lobby pool party and a rooftop Junior Vasquez party... definitely a great weekend in the city.

My DC: Acadiana

Nine times out of ten on a Friday afternoon/ early evening... I am starting off my happy hour and weekend at Acadiana.

Acadiana located at 9th and New York Avenue across from the DC Museum... that overpriced parking lot... and the convention center... bills itself as capturing the true spirit of Louisiana. As someone who has spent quite a lot of his life in New Orleans... I will say they do a good job of capturing it but it is far from the authentic cuisine I grew up on.

Now the restaurant features an outdoor patio for dining which I love... even though most of the times I am at the bar eating, drinking, and enjoying the company of my two favorite bartenders Erin and Garrick. The recently ended crawfish boil is to my knowledge the only one in the Washington area... but the happy hour features $5 drinks and half priced bar food.

Street parking nearby opens up at 6:30pm... but of course there are lots around.

Favorite Signature Drink: Category 5
Favorite Entree: New Orleans Style BBQ Shrimp
Favorite Dessert: Decadent Chocolate Doberge Cake

The MJ/Pepsi Commercial... ouch

Wendy Williams teaches Jimmy Fallon... How You Doin?

Music is back... Thanks Maxwell

It has been 8 years but this past Tuesday, Maxwell finally released "BLACKsummers' Night," the first part of a trilogy he plans to deliver over the next few years. I first mentioned his return in February 2007... and it took a full 2 and a half years for it to come to fruition.

Worth the wait... I am unsure but I will say I have thoroughly enjoyed the CD this past week. Maxwell's approach to this album is the same as his prior albums and what makes him stand out as an artist. Unlike the current selections of R&B music on the scene, whose music is meant to be catchy, quickly absorbed and feature lyrics that would be better suited for a nursery rhyme or sidewalk jump rope.

For me his stand alone hits on the album are Prettywings, which has been tempted and teased since 2007 and Bad Habits, the CD opener, and Fistfull of Tears. Like his other albums I can listen all the way through and will definitely use the CD as background music at the next dinner party. Unlike other music out there Maxwell not only uses but features live instrumentation.. which for me is one component of great music.

Seeing that I saw Maxwell in concert back in November... and the album is coming out 8 months later... I hope he doesn't fall victim to lack of marketing from Sony.

I think the genius of this album will become more apparent as the subsequent parts of the trilogy are released... but definitely think it was worth the purchase and constant rotation for awhile.

I am amazed that I can still remember the first time my mother gave me this little jewel. It was a Saturday and like every Saturday, my mother, her sister, and her cousin and my four cousins would spend the Saturday at the mall and running errands. At some point during the day we were separated from my mother and aunt... and my mother's cousin bought her 2 kids icecream or something but not me and my other cousin. As we sat there and watched them enjoying it... I remember being pissed cause hell I wanted some too.

Later on that evening when me and my mother were on our way home I asked why I couldn't have any icecream or whatever it was. She started explaining why her cousin would do what she did but the only thing that stook out was... Everybody wasn't raised the way you were raised.

I have said before that I am far from perfect but definitely working on it. And before judging someone, I often go back to this thought my mother gave me when I wonder why people react or do things differently than how I would.

So recently a friend of mine got offended by something I relayed about him to a mutual friend. Instead of bringing it to my attention he went around to several of our mutual friends "putting me on blast". The thing that surprised me was that 1) it is nothing I haven't told him before already and 2) if he had an issue with it why has he never told me his alleged friend. While I was surprised by his actions... I just looked at it as maybe he wasn't raised the way I was to go to the root of your problem and decided to accept his way of dealing with it and approach him myself. Now that all has been cleared up... I thank my mother for helping me look at other peoples actions through their point of view.

Yes some people have asinine reactions or actions but you can't control that... you can only control what you say or do and once you let go of expectations of others life is alot easier.

No Words...

.... will be calling Barack as soooooon as he gets back from Africa... this heffa has to be destroyed look what she is doing to the nation. its just not healthy.

Jennifer Hudson performs for Mike

8 month preggers and still perfoming!

And the Weekend Continues...

Last night was fun. Hanging out with close friends and the grown crowd at Helix was cool. As I get older I have loss the desire to hang out at clubs and bars where everyone looks as if they should be at home studying for a math quiz. Helix definitely offered the 25 and up crowd a different place to mix and mingle.

We left there and went to my neighborhood strip bar Secrets... after a drink or two and a lot of yawning from being tired we called it a night. To rest up and do it again today.

Today will consist of shopping in Georgetown (as if I don't get enough of being there Monday through Friday) and the

River Terrace Park
Benning Road and Anacostia Ave N.E 595 Anacostia Ave N.E.

Fireworks and drinks @ my house

10PM to 4PM
411 New York Ave N.E. Washington D.C. 20002
Featuring DJ Damon
Admission $15

Hope everyone enjoys their fourth!!

And the weekend begins...

So the 4th of July weekend has officially started... and while I am looking forward to a weekend full of events... I keep reminding myself to keep my summer financial budget in the forefront of my thoughts.

I have totally been slacking the past two weeks when it comes to adhering to this budget but I have vowed to do better. I am still aiming to be out of credit card debt this fall, while paying cash for all the trips I have planned for the rest of the summer... this will be a true test of wills seeing I am addicted to shopping, especially online shopping.

I got a new set of mattresses this past Monday... which meant I had to get a new set of sheets and a new comforter. Which were a different color than my candles in my room which means I had to go back to the store to get new candles for the room. And I justified all by buying new mattresses. Maybe I should talk about this in therapy next week.

So anyway its the nation's birthday and my friend is in town from Atlanta to hang out and party... we will start the weekend out with my friends The Kings at:

Red Hot Friday

Helix Lounge
1430 Rhode Island Ave NW


If you see me there be sure to say hello!