My Final Words on the Jens

To my dear Cocoa and the others that have commented and emailed me...

I am so tired of people acting like Jennifer Holliday turned water into wine. She did no more than what any other talented actress would have done with the Effie role. And Holliday is NOT the reason Hudson, as you say, “is a blip on our DVRs”. Hudson is what she is because she has talent and favor from God. She did exactly what Jen Holliday did 20 years ago she made the role memorable. And in another 20 years when Dreamgirls is done again... it will be the talent of whomever plays Effie that makes whomever she is relevant not what others have done before.

Yes Holliday originated the role and did a damn good job in it but she doesn't own it and no one owes her shit. No one person opened the doors for the rest of the world... if Nell Carter would have played Effie, we would still be here today. Jennifer Holliday got her Tony and her acknowledgement. And regardless of what she said before or after... her performance was an act of desperation. Only a desperate woman would be stuck on an abandoned building with as you say "40mph winds blowin down" her throat, singing the one and only song everyone knows you for... as she turned and looked at the red carpet from afar. I am sure Mary, Beyonce, Jill, even Whitney, or anyone artist would have rejected such a disgraceful offer.

And regardless if JHud does nothing more from this point on she will have a blockbuster film, countless film critic awards, a Golden Globe, and an Oscar for her shelf. And as our dear Clay Cane says she can go back to being Jennifer "Singing on Gay Cruises for Jesus" Hudson performing at punk functions hosted by The Lions Den here in Atlanta like she has done before Dreamgirls.... wait, maybe she should thank Holliday for paving that road too.

C. B.W.

Dreamgirls Oscar Performance

Sad... Desperate... and a Bore

Im beyond glad that I found this post on because I definitely missed the live performance on E!. And exactly as I predicted Holliday looks desperate and sad. And it wasn't even her best performance of this song.. all I can hear is AND YOU AND YOU ugh shush ho!! I mean damn Jen you let E! play the shit out your ass. I mean the place you on top of what looks like an abandoned building... half a block away from the red carpet and was like bitch sing.

The saddest moment had to be when she turns to the red carpet... and belts out I'm not goin... you sure weren't going cause you didn't have a ticket or an invite to the show (Damn doesnt that sound familiar). This was probably the final nail in that coffin of her career.

Hopefully she made it off that building to see a real performance. JHud, Beyonce, Anika Noni Rose (my favorite), and Keith Robinson (baby!! could get it) were the only part of that entire show that was alive. The 4 gave a great perfomance staged by Bill Condon himself. I was happy to see JHud force Beyonce to finally sing Listen. Because we all know that Grammy performance was a snooze. And all of that for them to loose to the lesbo and her boring earth song... had me thinking back to the 86 Oscars when Color Purple was dissed as well... Oh well I guess I will be appeased with the 2 awards we were given.

Overall the show was a bore... if it wasn't for DVR, I would have missed JHud's acceptance speech because me and my friend had both dozed off after Eddie lost. But many congrats to JHud and Forrest for winning!!

My Birthday Wishlist

Well today is February 20th... and you officially have a little less than 2 months to get your gifts together for my birthday on April 18th. In case you are at a total lost of what to get me let me help you out.

1. Ipod (mine broke... wont turn on at all anymore.... and now I am singing "Lost Without You")
**update 3.15.2007: I got a new one so we can remove this off the list**

2. a new bottle of cologne {since the bastard broke into my house and stole all of my scents, (refer to the link and beware of scandelous bastards) I have only been able to replace two of them... 7 days, 7 scents... so I need 5 more} **update 3.22.2007: I now have 3 bottles... so 4 to go keep them coming!!**

3. an oil change (Tero is needs her own form of colonic LOL) **update 3.15.2007: taken cared of... now a good wash and wax is needed**

4. the Dsquared Striped Knit Polo (just because)

5. a 42 inch LCD TV for the living room.

6. a Romare Bearden lithograph for the living room.

7. new shoes... doesn't matter which ones I just like shoes (size 12!!)

8. a new book... I need something to read.

9. Rock & Republic Henley Bootcut Jeans... just because they fit just riggggggggggght.

10. Gift certificates from Best Buy, Borders or Saks so I can get any of the above :-)

Random Thoughts this Tuesday Morning...

1. I am glad I burned someone else's copy of Beyonce's B-Day album... seeing she is doing an Usher and rereleasing the CD but this time the rerelease will have videos for each song on the album.

2. Isn't it sad when the MTV Awards and the BET Awards have better performances than the Grammy's... was I the only one that switched to watch Desperate Housewives even though I was TIVOing it for later.

3. Why do I keep getting approached by unattractive homos after my training sessions I conduct for work? Is there any place in Atlanta safe from the gays?

4. Why is someone throwing me under a bus making me seem like a dog on their blog... when they are doing the same 'unXclusive' actions?

5. Does anyone want to give me a buddy pass or 15000 Delta Skymiles so I can go to Santo Domingo for Memorial Day weekend?

6. Will Luda get over Oprah not being pressed over him or any other hip hop artist? It is like dude who gives a fu*k, its her show if you don't like it you go get your own Emmy award winning show.

7. Why is it everyone wants to start a nonprofit but no one wants to do the damn work? And why do they assume I am going to write their proposal, do the research, and write their evaluations? (Sorry annoying morning at work already)
8. Looks like NeYo has yet another hit on his hands... I am definitely feeling his new single, Because of You.

9. hmmm Johnta Austin's debut album, Ocean Drive, pushed back yet again... maybe the new Grammy win will help him out a little.
10. O how do I love me some Diet Cherry Coke...

Maxwell's New Single

Tomorrow, Maxwell will release his new single, Fistfull of Tears, from his upcoming album Black Summer's Night tomorrow on his Myspace page

Yet Another Church Experience...

Well the Atlanta Church Tour is kicking into high speed. As you know me and my good friend Julian Mugler have been on a search for a church that moves our spirits, feeds our souls, and uplifts us to the next level. Well this Sunday the tour stopped at Beulah Missionary Baptist Church.

Now I had attended Beulah back in my early Atlanta days and once before since moving back. It is great to see the dream of the church and of Jerry D. Black come true. Back in my early ATL days... Beulah had moved out of its old church and into a temporary 1200 seat store front facility while the new church was being built. Now Beulah is a 3000 plus seat sanctuary with a community center attached. Nice job.

Well for some reason me and Julian happen to choose the church of the week when something is going on... unbeknown to us. This Sunday just happened to be the pastor's 15th Anniversary. Growing up in the church where my grandfather was minister, I don't think I ever remember an anniversary being so elaborate and at times ostentatious. When we first walked in we were handed a white handkerchief and a program book... we both gave a look of what the hell is this for?? Only to come to find out that everyone was given one to wave in the air like a pom pom when Black walked in... extra.

In the midst of the service that did not follow the program... we were told by the guest speaker from Detroit that during the love offering no one should give less than $15, to which he referred that as a bronze token... add a zero then you are gold... add two zeros then you giving Platinum. (It annoyed me to no end... as everyone who was sitting around me heard... but who are you to come from out of town into someone else's church and say what the members should be giving. Do you know what is going on in my life to say that my $5 isn't good enough?) We then sat through every ministry delivering their gifts to the pastor and his wife (who was rockin one ol hat let me tell you!!).

I have heard Black preach several times before and was quite disappointed that I didn't get to hear him... because the Detroit pastor was ok but he wasn't giving me what I needed or moving my spirit. However it was my first time seeing Jerry Black Jr. (umm hmmm How You Doin') as he led the choir in Total Praise... which was too short for me cause they were definitely giving me what I needed. Beulah's choir and music ministry was definitely on point. This was the first church so far where the musicians complimented the choir instead of over powering them. We were even treated to a surprise song by Lashaun Pace... who of course promoted her new album that is "in stores now".

Although the service was quite long and extra since it was the anniversary... it was definitely enough for us to want to return soon. Next stop is Elizabeth Baptist.

Simple Perfection

Anyone that knows me, knows I love Jill Scott. I have been to the Sugar Water Festival tour to see her and the ladies both years. Before she hit it big, Jill use to come to DC and perform and I must have seen her 3 times, not including the taping of her live CD. So I think that makes a total of 6 live performances. And every time... every show is different. She is a true artist, musician, and performer.

Anyway her new CD is out in stores now and once again Jill Scott Collaborations. Fourteen collaborations with everyone from Mos Def to Common to Will Smith to Kirk Franklin. I am definitely loving this especially the song with Lupe Fiasco. If you haven't checked it out I definitely recommend it.

WHAT?!??!! it is only Thursday!!

Damn… I woke up today with the sun gleaming in my window (Damn I should have closed those curtains before I went to bed) trying to convince myself that it was Saturday morning… I tried recounting the days in my head… looking at the clock four times… and finally turning on the TV as Matt Lauer reminded me “This is Today, Thursday, February 8th, 2007.” Damn not even Friday… its only Thursday… can a brutha get a break please.

Don’t get me wrong I don’t hate my job. I am just bored with my job… I am not being challenged and I am not as busy as I like to be. I want a job that I am humping nonstop from when I walk in till when I look up at the clock and see its almost 5pm. (any HR or PR people in the ATL get at me!!) I think a lot of people are looking at their careers and asking themselves what is next. I know at least my friends Gee and BeeFree have blogged about it recently. Fridays have quickly become my favorite day of the week… because it marks the end of the work week and the beginning of the weekend. (Saturday nights are the worse because I know yet the weekend is almost over)

So what is next? Where do I go from here? What is my next step? I don’t know for sure but I do know I will be thinking about this seriously over the next few weeks and will start making plans to accomplish those goals.

The Gays Are Up In Arms Again...

After this video appeared on CBS during this past Sunday's Super Bowl... three gay rights organizations immediately condemned the commercial as being homophobic, arguing that the men's reaction to the accidental kiss demeans gay men. The Snickers website offered additional endings to the commercial which included the two mechanics engaging in violence and another with the two Super Bowl teams acting out in amusement and disgust.

I often wonder why we put so much into stuff like this. Have we come to the point where we are not able to take a joke anymore? I am pretty sure there was no malicious intent by Mars Inc., but yet the homos are ready to rally and throw all Snickers into the river.

"I don't know what kind of mind-set it takes to think it's okay to slug another guy because of a mistaken kiss," said Neil G. Giuliano, president of Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation, which objected to the ad. "It's just unacceptable. This is clearly the wardrobe malfunction of 2007," a reference to the Janet Jackson breast-baring incident during the Super Bowl's halftime show in 2004.

But Steve Hall, a former ad executive who writes the newsletter and blog, says the Snickers commercial has harmed the candymaker's image with all consumers. "Can you imagine the looks one will now receive from the checkout clerk when they buy a Snickers bar?" he wrote yesterday. " . . . There's plenty of other perfectly good candy choices with far less embarrassment attached to them."

Like Steve are you really serious… do you really think the check out girl at the Kroger really thinks you are a mechanic kissing faggot cause you bought a Snickers? With 3000 troops being killed in Iraq… global warming turning our winters into a slightly colder fall… our education system being one of the worse… I think our efforts can be aimed at something of a little more substance.

Yet Another Church Experience

Over the past few weeks I have had two additional church experiences here in Atlanta. If you haven’t been paying attention… I was quite active in my church back in DC but since moving to Atlanta this past April, my attendance has been less than stellar. So I have decided that finding a church home here was definitely a priority for me.

Two weeks ago I attended New Beginning Full Gospel Baptist Church. Now this is the second time I had actually attended this church. The first time I found that it reminded me a lot of Calvary in DC… another waaaaaaaaaay to busy service. When I tell you they had more going on than a little bit. From people running around the church… to dance teams, just a lot going on. I think they have a pretty good choir however it was hard to tell seeing that the musicians were overpowering the voices. Now I will say the pastor (don’t remember his name) delivered an on time message both times I attended. And while I found most of the service a bit extra… the message was enough for me to return again.

Yesterday we attended Victory out in Stone Mountain. First I must say they have a very nice edifice. I am not sure if we were late or something but we didn’t really get to hear a lot of the choir or any praise and worship, but the two songs we did hear sounded pretty good. I really enjoyed the pastor’s way of delivering the sermon. Most preachers will read their text and then go off into their soliloquy, however this pastor referred back and taught his lesson from each line. It was Communion Sunday so the service was a little bit long but what made it even longer was the Pastors very random 10 rules of having an orderly service… which reminded parishioners not eat McDonalds in the sanctuary, to take their crying babies to the cry rooms they had set up, and when it was appropriate to walk and talk. Most of this I thought was common sense but apparently it wasn’t. But that verbal chastisement added an additional 30 minutes to the service. Overall good service and I am sure I will visit again.

But the search continues.

John Legend - P.D.A. (We Just Don't Care)

Just because...