My Birthday Wishlist

Well today is February 20th... and you officially have a little less than 2 months to get your gifts together for my birthday on April 18th. In case you are at a total lost of what to get me let me help you out.

1. Ipod (mine broke... wont turn on at all anymore.... and now I am singing "Lost Without You")
**update 3.15.2007: I got a new one so we can remove this off the list**

2. a new bottle of cologne {since the bastard broke into my house and stole all of my scents, (refer to the link and beware of scandelous bastards) I have only been able to replace two of them... 7 days, 7 scents... so I need 5 more} **update 3.22.2007: I now have 3 bottles... so 4 to go keep them coming!!**

3. an oil change (Tero is needs her own form of colonic LOL) **update 3.15.2007: taken cared of... now a good wash and wax is needed**

4. the Dsquared Striped Knit Polo (just because)

5. a 42 inch LCD TV for the living room.

6. a Romare Bearden lithograph for the living room.

7. new shoes... doesn't matter which ones I just like shoes (size 12!!)

8. a new book... I need something to read.

9. Rock & Republic Henley Bootcut Jeans... just because they fit just riggggggggggght.

10. Gift certificates from Best Buy, Borders or Saks so I can get any of the above :-)


celeste said...

did u get the Mandela book yet we were talking about????

Cocoa Rican said...

Whew... I'll donate to a worthy cause in your name... LOL
See, ya' never thought of that gift huh?

Dayne Avery said...

Is Stetson okay? lol

Anonymous said...

now u know his boogie ass aint gonna wear no stetson

Frank Leon Roberts said...

Happy Birthday Boo. You know what my gift to you is!

j_shanlin said... about your ipod!! i would absolutely DIE without mine. I guess I'm not making it any better huh? you have some big ass feet!

That Dude Right There said...

Yo ass is gonna get what I get everyone else. And that's a Target gift card for $XX.00. Now what time is the party, and what kind of liquor should I bring?

Anonymous said...

LOL @ Stetson... I can see his face now.

Probably like the time that guy brought the plastic bottle of Vodka to Tims bday party.

life said...

You have expenisve taste my fellow blogger..whew

Playboy Adonis said...

I normally wish people a "Happy Birthday Month" and give them gifts all month long. We don't really know each other but if we were good friends, I'd shower you with gifts for the entire month of April. Have fun and smile.

My birthday is April 1 so we share the same birth month. You'll be 29 and I'll be turning 27. Life is wonderful.

Marz said...


Jeans that much, I don't even know. I would be like, "Excuse me sir, you just looked too hard at these jeans and I think a tear may have fell on them. YOU GOT 215 DOLLARS, STOP LOOKING AT MY JEANS."

I never got my own Ipod for Christmas. Black people making me wait til they get their tax returns. (MESS)