No Words... ok maybe a few

You would think it was the Harris Teeter or Publix that ran out of chicken... you #*$& people make me sick

No thanks go to That Dude Right There for sending me this clip... just gonna shake my head and see if my neighborhood Popeyes is running this special.

Thanks for the Laughs Bea...

Not quite Obsessed...

With films with such promise like Valentino, The Soloist, and American Violet out... I was quite shocked to see me settling into the AMC Courthouse Friday night to watch Obsessed. Don't get me wrong I don't mind a updated version of Fatal Attraction and definitely don't mind watching Idris Elba but going to the opening night of a Matthew and Beyonce Knowles produced movie would never be first consideration.

But there I was sitting in the theater wondering how the loud and ghetto team chunk had found the Courthouse theater in Arlington distracting me from Bey's performance.
Now I would never say that Bey is an awful actress. I mean if you exclude Pink Panther, Fighting Temptations and the Austin Powers movie... she actually has some not so bad movies. I think she did a good job in Cadillac Records and well Dreamgirls was ok as well. But acting will never be her first talent.

Seeing the storyline was far from original... you just couldn't help shaking your head at Idris' every action... are straight men really that naive or was this just a movie. I found myself laughing along with Team Chunk at Ali Larter's character throughout the movie. The best scene in the entire movie is by far the fight between Beyonce and Ali near the end of the movie, when Bey delivers "Hold on Derek... Let me call you back." when Idris interrupts the catfight.

Not an awful movie... but definitely no nominations for this one... well other than an Image or BET Award.

My Week...

It has been quite an eventful week... i mean it was my birthday week so what should I expect.

The official partying started Wednesday with dinner at one of my favorite restaurants Central. I have been hanging out with Guy for a few weeks and he offered to treat me to dinner before my "weekend got to busy to squeeze him in"... or at least I think that is how he stated. The lobster burger and mac n cheese... were just what I needed!!

Thursday was the last day of the work week for me and day 2 of the celebration. Me and Lou had dinner at Good Stuff Eatery (if you watch Bravo's Top Chef this is Spike's new restaurant). Deemed an upscale burger joint... the food was good the atmosphere as dinerish... I would probably go back but Five Guys is cheaper and just as good. But the company was good... while Lou's accent is quite real it is also quite comedic to me.

Friday, I treated myself to breakfast at Cafe Mozu in the Mandarin Oriental hotel. The food was good... the service adequate... but hey it is a 4 star hotel (keep striving for that 5). An afternoon of errands and hanging out with friends led the evening to begin with drinks and dinner at Acadiana... more drinks at Halo... even more drinks at Liv. It pains me to say this but even though I am friends with most of DC's promoters... DC's black gay night life sucks. Homophobic bouncers at a gay club just does not make sense to me....

Saturday started off with lunch with 3 of my close friends at Lauriol Plaza... 3 pitchers of margaritas later we headed to Georgetown for more drinks... and then to my champagne and cake party. A good friend of mine had offered to host a party for me earlier in the week. And all the good intentions that went into planning the party and the birthday cake... the party took a quick turn for the worse. Long story short... someone who I thought was a close friend just stopped speaking to me all together but yet shows up to my party... I'm like why... was your evening that boring or something? And then I had invited a guy I had went out on a couple dates with who had also dated another friend. After being questioned twice on if I was ok... I came to find out there was some make believe triangle drama... I reassured a friend of mine that asked that I didn't want the dude and there was no drama we were all just friends... Quick exit to the club before more nonsense started... I mean it was my birthday and they were killing my buzz.

Sunday... I went to service at First Baptist of Glenarden and to a Baby Dedication ceremony. I then hit 95 north to Philadelphia. What would normally be an hour and 40 minute drive was 3 hours of bumper to bumper 25mph traffic. Drained and tired... I checked into the Four Seasons Philadelphia had dinner and a massage... and now I am relaxing in my room typing this blog...

The celebration continues Tuesday with dinner for one of my bestfriends' birthday...

Merciless Bullying Leads to Gay Child's Suicide

Ebony Beauty

I can't even remember the last time I bought an Ebony magazine... but as soon as I hit Publish Post I am beating my feet up to the Barnes and Noble on the corner for this one. I love Viola Davis and Taraji too... and I see Zoe Saldana's name at the bootom...

What If

I really try not to dwell in the past. Things all happen for a reason... or at least that is what they say.

There are a lot of more important life decisions and situations that I wonder how life would be if things were different but last week something happened and it has left me wondering what if. As much as I want to stop... I can't. Every time I see him smile or say something assanine as he usually does... I just wonder what life would be like if the casual dates would have been more.

I know that today in this moment we are not in the same place and only the twisted friendship we have shared over the years would work... but it doesn't stop me from wondering... what if?

An Hour of Tasha Mack... I'd be in heaven

So the Hollywood Reporter is reporting that Mara Brock Akil is hoping CW will accept the change of The Game going from 30 minutes to an hour long dramady.
However Hollywood Reporter feels that this may be a long shot seeing it is already on Friday nights when no one watches TV and as they say "an hour long "Game" wouldn't necessarily mesh well with CW's other dramas, which are skewing younger and far less urban, and a format switch after three seasons also would complicate a potential syndication run of the show. "
Why don't they say they want the channel to be lily white instead of less urban?!?! You just got to love those code words.

Just Another Weekend...

As I crept to my desk at some ungodly hour this morning, my always chipper coworker was the first to greet me. In a disguise to really get me to run some reports on our first quarter, she did the courteous thing of asking how my weekend was.

It took a few seconds for me to respond which had to feel like minutes for both of us because she added a humorous wow that good you had to think or that bad. But in turn it was actually just another weekend in DC... but not like the many I have had since returning to the District but definitely one that reminded me of life before Atlanta.

A friend from Baltimore was around my way Friday, so we opted to walk over and have an early dinner at City Zen in the Mandarin. Being in the hotel industry I appreciate beautiful hotels and the Mandarin is definitely one... while their location sucks and often their service does too (and not in a good way) their restaurants are pretty on point. I was supposed to meet friends at the strip club that is now in my hood as well but laying across the couch for a few minutes laughing at the Game ended up being the last move for my body.

Saturday, I did a little work and met a friend in Mazza Gallerie for lunch. Quite proud other than a healthy lunch I wasn't even remotely tempted to go into any of the stores. Saturday night I found myself in Adams Morgan for a birthday party... if you don't know anything about DC, Adams Morgan features a couple of blocks of restaurants, bars and lounges; a host of people from college age and up; and NO LEGAL PARKING in a 10 block radius unless you want to spend $20 for the garage (which I am pissed cause I then found out valet parking across the street was only $15). The party was fun... always good to raise elbows with my boys but the car accidents and drunken friends afterwards was a bit much.

Sunday was spent celebrating a good friend's birthday over brunch and checking on my friends in the hospital. As we sat down to eat and I looked around at everyone that was invited I couldn't help but laugh at the diversity of friends he has. The house was beautiful, the food by the hired chef was amazing, but most of all laughing and lounging with good friends all afternoon made the day memorable.

So what did I do this weekend... o just another weekend... that makes me remember why I love being in DC so much.