Oh How I love Ms. Pinkett-Smith

I just love how she has progressed from Lena James to Carla Purty slipped back to Woo and now is on top as Miriam Aarons. The Women starring Ms. Pinkett-Smith starts September 12th.

East meets West in 5 Days

I am looking forward to waking up Friday morning and being officially on vacation... granted it is LA and not Provence or Hampshire... but Beverly Hills will accomodate just fine.

Thanks for the emailed and comments left of suggestions of what to hit up... keep them coming.

The Women Behind The Women...

So back in June, I did a post entitled The Women. It was all about one of my favorite old school movies and its upcoming 2008 remake, that has commercials all over the place in anticipation for it hitting theaters this September.

Well I was recently informed about a partnership of Dove and the upcoming film The Women to allow a 16-year-old teen journalist, Cammy, behind-the-scenes during the filming of The Women to learn, first-hand, how Hollywood creates the images we see on screen and about the people involved in making a major motion self-esteem campaign, the Campaign for Real Beauty, which has shown different depictions of beauty in their underwear on tv and billboards across the nation.

Regardless if we are men or women, most of us have been faced with some sort of self esteem issue as we look to what the media and Hollywood depicts as beautiful. Whether it is rock hard abs or a size 4 figure, we have all looked at these depictions and then looked at ourselves and wondered if we measured up.

Well Dove, Cammy and The Women have created a short documentary entitled The Women Behind the Women which shows Cammy's time on the set of the film and her discussions with the stars about what they think real beauty is. At first yes, I thought a little contrive to ask 4 beautiful Hollywood actresses about what real beauty is, of course they are going to give their Ms. America speech about inner beauty. It wasn't until the part where Cammy, asked the question, "If you could go back to when you were 15 and tell yourself something, what would it be?", that it actually hit home for me because I could agree with what each of the 4 actresses had to say.

Seeing that I have seen the original movie at least 25 times and will definitely see this remake the opening weekend, I can relate to the themes behind the movie and I can admire Dove and the film for taking this opportunity to improve the self image and self satisfaction of others. Anyway check out the short documentary and definitely check back after the 12th to see if Jada, Meg, Annette, Debra and Eva live up to the 1939 classic.

It was 8:24pm when I finally made it home Sunday. Exhausted from a day of work and a cookout with my friends, I immediately stripped down and jumped in the shower to wash the day off. When I exited the shower, I grabbed the mail that had been piling up on the kitchen table for a week, grabbed a diet coke... turned on some music and got in the middle of my bed to sort through the junk mail and bills.

'Like a moth to the flame burned by the fire... my love is blind can't you see my desire' I turned to FLJ's picture and mouthed That's the way love goes...

As I went through the mail there was an envelope for FLJ, as I opened it I saw a visitor's guide to LA with a letter stating "I hope this helps you find those off the beaten path activities you wanted to plan."

We were to take this trip together... and now I go alone. By now this awful nightmare of cancer was going to be another hurdle we had finally cleared. He told me two years ago that he couldn't commit until this was a thing of the past... and at times I didn't understand or maybe I didn't want to understand. And then there were times I got impatient with waiting. But by now all of this would be a moot point. One he got the go ahead, the plans were to expand his client base and move to Harlem by the end of the year. I would join him in the Spring. I often sat by the bed joking about how he would find me an Asian woman to carry the 2 kids.

Just made me think... why is it for me at least life never works the way it is planned? I keep telling myself this rollercoaster I have been on the past 3 years is preparing me for something bigger, something better. But what could that be? And when will I get there?

My friend AJ signs all of his emails asking, "If someone prays for patience, do you think God gives them patience? Or does he give them the opportunity to be patient." I wonder...

Flipping Out about Flipping Out

If you have never seen Flipping Out on Bravo you are depriving yourself from an hour of truly hilarious comedy each week.

Flipping Out is a show primarily about Jeff Lewis an obsessive-compulsive house-flipper, master decorator and the personalities or coworkers he works with. His eccentric staff include an Julia Louis-Dreyfus look-a-like assistant who moonlights doing voice over work, a latin housekeeper and two very unique house assistants. When you add to the mix his business partner that is also his former boyfriend, his various therapists and spiritual advisors, it's clear that this intriguing cast of characters are definitely a dysfunctional family that will provide nothing but laughs.

The second season just ended but you can watch the full episodes online at http://www.bravotv.com/. This is by far one of my favorite shows on tv.

No Words

1. Wearing a wifebeater as a mini dress.... No Words..
2. Videotaping his future drag performance... No Words..
3. Testing the water temperature (min 3:11) before turning on the shower... No Words..
4. Another confused child facing gender identity issues... No Words

Go Team USA

In homage to African-Americans Tommie Smith and John Carlos, who proudly gestured skyward during the 1968 Mexico City Olympics, leveling the playing field for civil rights. Smith set a world record by winning the 200-meter race and Carlos placed third. When accepting their awards, they wore symbolic clothing and hoisted black-gloved fists during the playing of “The Star-Spangled Banner.”

What is less known is that silver medalist Peter Norman, a white Australian, donned a badge on his uniform while on the podium in support of their cause. Caught in a whirlwind of public outrage, Smith and Carlos were immediately banished from the U.S. Olympic team, and even received death threats. In July 2008, John Carlos and Tommie Smith accepted the Arthur Ashe Award for Courage for their deeds at the 1968 Olympics at the 2008 ESPY Awards.

Now legendary, this image is a powerful icon of African-American athletes’ struggle for equality.


Random Thoughts this Tuesday Afternoon

1. I really need this vacation... lately everything and everyone is annoying me. So I need some time away, to myself doing different things so I can make sure it is everyone else and not me.

2. So as much as I love my company... I am quite concerned about the diversity of it. Several women have broken that glass ceiling and working for an international company we have quite a diverse staff.... however in my department across the company there doesn't seem to be many African-Americans in management roles. I love this company but I do not see myself staying here if making it to a director's level is impossible.

3. I wish there was a way I could vote today and all the ads, polls, and commentary would just go away...

4. In case no one else ever tells you Haagan Dazz Caramel Cone is everything!!

5. I wonder why cars do not come out based on a calendar year... just always seemed odd to me that I may be driving a 2009 in 2008. Or if I bought a 2006 the car was actually made in 2005.

6. My cell phone is dying... and because I was an ass and did a friend a favor by adding him to my account (ill have to blog about this later) I can't get a new phone until hopefully the end of next week. I pray this phone lasts till then. Glad to say bye to the Sprint Treo family after 5 years...

7. Did you see the sad news that Randy Pausch died? Randy became famous after delivering his Last Lecture on Oprah last year and it quickly became a YouTube event. If you haven't seen it it is definitely a tear jerker.

8. Michelle Obama's Ebony cover is EVERYTHING. This woman looks good in anything from GAP to designer, I see a fashion icon in the making...

9. Are you watching I Wanna Work for Diddy?? I just love how this man keeps himself relevant.

10. Damn I'm sleepy....

On Another Tangent: People with No Cooth

Now I enjoy a party like the next person...

And I am not one to hold grudges, I do not harbor hard feelings I just choose not to deal with some people anymore but I am always cordial and keep it moving...

But how the hell do you send me an evite to your graduation party and you haven't spoken to me in 5 years for some nonsense spat you had with my bestfriend that didn't even involve me.

And then have gift suggestions...

Congratulations on your achievement, hope it takes you to the next level... but I must decline this invitation.

Back in the day yes I hit every party invite that hit my inbox and some that didn't. But with age comes wisdom and the knowledge that being selective in who you associate with pays off.

And how do you send out an invitation to people and make suggestions of where to buy a gift like this is some housewarming, baby shower, or wedding party... I swear I am going to start a school of etiquette.