Random Thoughts this Tuesday Afternoon

1. I really need this vacation... lately everything and everyone is annoying me. So I need some time away, to myself doing different things so I can make sure it is everyone else and not me.

2. So as much as I love my company... I am quite concerned about the diversity of it. Several women have broken that glass ceiling and working for an international company we have quite a diverse staff.... however in my department across the company there doesn't seem to be many African-Americans in management roles. I love this company but I do not see myself staying here if making it to a director's level is impossible.

3. I wish there was a way I could vote today and all the ads, polls, and commentary would just go away...

4. In case no one else ever tells you Haagan Dazz Caramel Cone is everything!!

5. I wonder why cars do not come out based on a calendar year... just always seemed odd to me that I may be driving a 2009 in 2008. Or if I bought a 2006 the car was actually made in 2005.

6. My cell phone is dying... and because I was an ass and did a friend a favor by adding him to my account (ill have to blog about this later) I can't get a new phone until hopefully the end of next week. I pray this phone lasts till then. Glad to say bye to the Sprint Treo family after 5 years...

7. Did you see the sad news that Randy Pausch died? Randy became famous after delivering his Last Lecture on Oprah last year and it quickly became a YouTube event. If you haven't seen it it is definitely a tear jerker.

8. Michelle Obama's Ebony cover is EVERYTHING. This woman looks good in anything from GAP to designer, I see a fashion icon in the making...

9. Are you watching I Wanna Work for Diddy?? I just love how this man keeps himself relevant.

10. Damn I'm sleepy....


one soulful negro. said...

man i love me some random lists.
they re just inspiring.

1. i know all about needing sometime off. i hope when you go to cali, it really is a rebirth and reenergizing for you.

2. that is deep. where would you go if you didn't stay with your company? same field?

3. you ain't never lied. i am so over this process.

4. never heard of them

5. i always wondered that myself. i just thought i was confused. lol

6. i look forward to reading that blog. cause that has to be an interesting story.

7. i will have to look him up.

8. she is my everything. i couldn't agree more.

9. no comment.

10. join the club. lol

celeste said...

1. its u fool LOL
2. i totally agree with you on that one.
3. have you seen the paris come back ad to john mccain... funny
4. that haagan daaz banana split is no joke either
5. never thought of that but now that i do... you are right
6. my cousin tee tee can get you one
7. didnt know he died but his lecture was moving
8. Michelle is the baddest chick in the game
9. umm no comment
10. take your ass to sleep

Darius T. Williams said...

Nah, I don't watch the diddy show at all - as a matter of fact, I'm mad cuz I'm not watching much TV these days....and my semester starts in a bit too. I'm soooo freaking upset.

Yea, hagen daaz is the shiznit - I'm soooo with you on this one!

fuzzy said...

I know I am being partial, but I wish that they would put Obama in the Oval Office already! lol

I don't know about haagan dazz, but ColdStone Creamery is where its at!

I love versatility in politics and in the relatives of politicians! Work Michelle!

Anything Diddy does will get spotlight and it sickens me! It may just be me, but I wouldn't reduce myself, humiliate myself all for a dollar sign! Some people may see the projected worth, I don't! At least right now!

jwilli said...

Michelle O is our Jackie O.

SistaSocialite said...

1. I can co sign to that... I'm so glad I took a vacation as soon as I could cause I was going to go crazy!
2. Doesn't that suck?
3. It's getting so... UGH... i'm just over it at this point. I know who I want to vote for, lets just get it over with and get Bush out of office ASAP
4. Eww lol
5. That was extra random! haha
6. LOL has to be a loonngg story
7. I'm gonna have to check that out
8. Michelle is great!
9. I LOVEEEE DIDDY!!!!! lol
10. Me too :(