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The Women...

In 1939, Norma Shearer, Joan Crawford, Rosalind Russell and an entire cast of only women came together to make one of my favorite classic films... The Women. The film is about a wealthy socialite whose girlfriends and not so good friends find out her husband is having an affair with a sales girl at the local department store. The movie goes through scene after scene of witty lines, as the women read each other back and forth. But not only does the witty script make this film a classic but the fact that there are no men in the film at all and that it is shot entirely in black and white, except for one fashion show sequence adds to its appeal.

Oh he said the most touching thing in his will, I remember every word of it... He said "To my beloved wife Flora, I leave all my estate...

Well fast forward to Fall 2008, Jada Pinket Smith, Meg Ryan, Debra Messing, Candace Bergen, Lynn Whitfield, Bette Midler... hell I could go on and on... all these ladies reunite into a remake of the almost 70 year old film. And I can't wait to see it...

I pray Jada's role as a lesbian is more believable than what was shown in this trailer.

"The only thing worse than no money is new money."

- Thaddius Williams I

So Sunday evening, my stalker (I really got to work on a new name for him) invited me over for dinner with two of his friends and to watch the basketball game. So I grab my fitted, throw on an American Apparel vneck, and some jeans and head over to his place. I called myself getting there a little early to help out and learn about his two friends but as I walk in, I see others had the same plan. As soon as I was introduced to A and B, the questions started.

I often tell the story of when I first moved to DC and whenever I would meet someone there were three questions that they would always ask: 1) what do you do, 2) where do you live, and 3) do you own or rent.

Their next four questions in a very condescending tone and my vague answers were: 1) where do you work.... "a hotel management company" 2) what do you drive... "a semi gas guzzler", 3) aren't you friends with Tim... "i know a couple Tims, so yes", 4) where did you go to school... "for which degree". After the last question B made a comment about me being very cryptic... "not cryptic just private."

Usually I would have answered all the questions with no problem but their tone just rubbed me the wrong way but since they were friends with Stalker who had been in the kitchen the entire time I tried to loosen up and enjoy the evening. The entire dinner consisted of A and B trying to top each other in one thing or another... if B was looking at a new BMW... A knew something about the specifications that didn't compare to his new Benz. If A had a date with a financial analyst... B had a date with a bank exec. This went on and on over dinner and annoyed the shit out of me.... Stalker saw my face and mouthed across the table he was sorry as he diverted the conversation to the game.

By the end of the game I knew everything they had purchased over the past week and how much it costs and where they got it.

I always remember my paternal grandfather Thaddius always says "wealth speaks for itself." And he made sure we knew the difference between possessing wealth and being rich.

I don't quite see how stalker fits in with this crew... from the short amount of time we have hung out he didn't seem to be anything like his friends. But other than that the weekend was cool and pretty chill.

How the Hell???

No Words

Na Na and Andre Leon Talley at the CFDA Awards

I would pay good money to know what Anna Wintour really things of ALT.

Random Thoughts this Thursday Morning

So next month the new iPhone is being released at the price of $199 versus a year ago when people were lining up to play nearly $500-600 for the phone. And to boot the new model is supposed to be even better than the first. Anyone pissed yet???

So for the first time R. Pissy speaks in his court case was in response to the Judge's question of whether he will testify in his own defense... “Yes, they did.” “Mr. Kelly, at this point, what do you prefer to do?” “I decided not to testify,” Kelly says, in a near-whisper.

So Bush's talented Cabinet has yet again failed the people of New Orleans... According to CNN FEMA gave away about $85 million in household goods meant for Hurricane Katrina victims, a CNN investigation has found. The material -- from basic kitchen goods to sleeping necessities -- sat in warehouses for two years before the Federal Emergency Management Agency's giveaway to federal and state agencies this year.

I think I want a Nintendo Wii... anybody have a hookup??

OK I am really tired of hearing about Ed McMahon loosing his house. Granted yes it is a sad thing but I have no sympathy for millionaires who can't manage their money when there are so many average joes who have to debate between gas and groceries.

So now that Hilary has finally realized she lost (only took her a couple of months) she is now compiling an Enemies List according to CNN and Terry McAuliffe... "ain't no good gonna come to you Hil... no good."

Really disappointed that So You Think You Can Dance eliminated the 2 real cuties from being in the top 20... and I am not going to even get on my acquaintance Derrick and how he showed on the show (cudos for getting the screen time you lil media whore in the making!!)

I didn't even know lil Usher Raymond's album was out... anyone heard anything off it? The few clips I heard were unimpressive and I read somewhere he is going to repackage the album with a song with Justin Timberlake on it kinda how he did the 2nd version of Confessions... so of course I will just wait for the 2nd one before I download it.

I think it is hilarious that my Georgetown stalker is cooking me breakfast tomorrow before I head into work because that is the best meal he can cook!! Too funny... but I will get up a little early for french toast!!

hmmm a little birdie just whispered in my ear that I will be seeing my girl Jill Scott for the tenth time this summer. Apparently her and the Roots, Estelle and Chuck will be performing this August at the Merriweather Post Pavilion.

Shit Your Mother Should Have Taught You #5

Now see we were doing quite well, or so I thought. I haven't felt the need to do a hometraining lesson since January, but maybe the heat is getting to these kids heads or something.

It never fails in the business world that one coworker doesn't pull their weight and always expect you to come to their rescue in their time of need. Sometimes I play along with these games, and then there are other times when I just don't simply care and will get to it when I can.

So three weeks ago an email directive went out requesting certain people to compile reports of information to turn in last Friday for a presentation to be made later this week by the Vice President of Sales for my company (mind you I don't work for Uncle Joe's Crab Shack and Gift Shop but for a billion dollar a year company). Now to compile the information some people needed to get other information from other sources. Me being a proactive, career ladder sumofabitch, I not only compiled my reports but made the necessary PowerPoint slides with detailed bullet points in the note section, the very next day. I then sent an email asking anyone if they need information from me to let me know as soon as possible so I could help them out. The deadline for the information to be turned in was Friday at noon.

So Friday I was off at a client cookout luncheon from 12 to 3, while at the event my cell phone rings... I notice the number and think ok I will call them when I get back to the office. From 3-4pm I was in a meeting but took the time to email the person and ask them what they needed. Do you know this heffa sent me a list that would have taken at least 2 hours to compile at 4pm on a Friday during the summer?!?!?! I of course told her that I was not going to be able to get to that seeing how late in the day it was but I would get her what I could be fore I left. She doesn't understand why... I can't drop what I am doing at that time to help her out.

I then go on to tell her that while I do not work for her and my to do list for my day is of no concern to her. I told her she had three weeks to do this and shouldn't have waited to the last minute.

I get to work Monday to see an email copying my director and the VP stating the reason her information had not been turned in was I was unable to give her the information. I then replied all added her boss on the original email I sent to her asking her why she called me and simply stated I was unable to get her the information because she waited to the last minute on Friday and that HER EMERGENCY DUE TO IMPROPER PLANNING WAS NOT MY EMERGENCY.

Now if this was something that had just came up I would have had no problem to delay the start of my weekend to help her out. But oh well... unfortunate for her my databases are down till tomorrow so she is yet another day late.

Weekend Wrapup

Don't you just love the summer?!?!?!

Heat indexes of 105... trying to find something nice to wear but at the same time wearing as little as possible... "private conversations by the pool" I just love that line from Dreamgirls... afternoon games at Nationals park.

This weekend was pretty chill and relaxed, keeping to myself has become an art form worthy of placement in the National Gallery. I spent a lot of time poolside. I thought I would work on my tan so I walked over to the CVS to get some tanning oil and as I was reaching for my usual Banana Boat, this incredibly wrinkled and sun tanned lady walked by and my hand went from oil to block... no tan for me this weekend.

I received an email from the guy from Georgetown, over the course of a couple emails we exchanged Yahoo IMs and numbers, which led to a 3 hour phone call Saturday night. Seems pretty decent so far a slight sense of arrogance but at the same time a huge dose of humility. And much like me a realist most of the time.

This other guy TooTall invited me to the movies to see that new Adam Sandler film but I wasn't feeling that movie so I opted for more pool time. When I declined I got the sense that I was supposed to be going just to hang out with him and not so much for the particular movie... but maybe I will pick up on those clues next time.

Back to the grind of another week... 3 weeks to my NYC getaway.

Well Hello There...

So Tuesday me and my attorney/former supervisor/good friend had lunch at my favorite Thai place across from my office in Georgetown, it was a beautiful day outside so all of the outdoor seating was taken so we opted for a nice big window seat. As soon as I sat down I noticed this guy across the restaurant give me a very odd look. I paid it no mind and went back to my lunch.

Wednesday, I braved the humidty and walked over to my hotel for a free lunch (thank God for the free lunch in this economy) and the post office. As I was walking out of the post office there he was again and I said something I would normally never say to a complete stranger but this guy was attractive and something was telling me now or never.

"You seem to be everywhere."

"I could say the same about you", he coyly replied.

"or I could just say stalking."

"Then I guess I shouldn't mention I enjoy your blog."

Speechless at first, I could only muster a laugh as his blackberry went off.

"well I am sure I will see you around soon since you are stalking."

"definitely... I gotta make my way onto your blog."

"and why is that?"

"just curious to what my name would be..."

with another laugh, I exited the crowded post office where we had seemed to pick up a small auidence.

We shall see...

Why Ignorant People Shouldn't Be Allowed to Vote?

It amazes me how people just pull shit out their asses to justify why things don't go their way. But anyway doesn't the black chick look like a character from South Park?

No Words... ok maybe 2

1. I can only imagine what yall were doing in South Beach memorial day weekend... ummhmm

2. Ignorant people shouldn't be allowed to vote... what the fuck do random black people on Collins have to do with Obama.


ok so I saw this on and had to pass it along... is offering express bus service to and from NYC to DC and many other locations that start at $1.

No gimmick at all of course I tried it out and booked my ticket for my trip to NY later this month on it before I let you all know. The difference between this service and other bus services is they sell their seats like airlines do, which allows them to offer lower fares on some seats than others.

So after seeing this on I tried for at least 20 minutes to use their website which was swamped with traffic so I ended up calling. My trip to New York was $8, my return was just $1 and since I called I had to pay a $3 reservation fee vs. the $0.50 they charge on the website. My entire trip was $12. That is more than I would pay for tolls up and lets not even get on gas.

This will be the first time I have rode a bus so I am hoping it isnt too bad but for $12, I will put my ipod on and close my eyes and ignore whatever else is going on....

Of course I will blog about the bus ride up to let you know how great it was (think good thoughts, think good thoughts)