Shit Your Mother Should Have Taught You #5

Now see we were doing quite well, or so I thought. I haven't felt the need to do a hometraining lesson since January, but maybe the heat is getting to these kids heads or something.

It never fails in the business world that one coworker doesn't pull their weight and always expect you to come to their rescue in their time of need. Sometimes I play along with these games, and then there are other times when I just don't simply care and will get to it when I can.

So three weeks ago an email directive went out requesting certain people to compile reports of information to turn in last Friday for a presentation to be made later this week by the Vice President of Sales for my company (mind you I don't work for Uncle Joe's Crab Shack and Gift Shop but for a billion dollar a year company). Now to compile the information some people needed to get other information from other sources. Me being a proactive, career ladder sumofabitch, I not only compiled my reports but made the necessary PowerPoint slides with detailed bullet points in the note section, the very next day. I then sent an email asking anyone if they need information from me to let me know as soon as possible so I could help them out. The deadline for the information to be turned in was Friday at noon.

So Friday I was off at a client cookout luncheon from 12 to 3, while at the event my cell phone rings... I notice the number and think ok I will call them when I get back to the office. From 3-4pm I was in a meeting but took the time to email the person and ask them what they needed. Do you know this heffa sent me a list that would have taken at least 2 hours to compile at 4pm on a Friday during the summer?!?!?! I of course told her that I was not going to be able to get to that seeing how late in the day it was but I would get her what I could be fore I left. She doesn't understand why... I can't drop what I am doing at that time to help her out.

I then go on to tell her that while I do not work for her and my to do list for my day is of no concern to her. I told her she had three weeks to do this and shouldn't have waited to the last minute.

I get to work Monday to see an email copying my director and the VP stating the reason her information had not been turned in was I was unable to give her the information. I then replied all added her boss on the original email I sent to her asking her why she called me and simply stated I was unable to get her the information because she waited to the last minute on Friday and that HER EMERGENCY DUE TO IMPROPER PLANNING WAS NOT MY EMERGENCY.

Now if this was something that had just came up I would have had no problem to delay the start of my weekend to help her out. But oh well... unfortunate for her my databases are down till tomorrow so she is yet another day late.


Darius T. Williams said...

Oh - you did a bit of remodeling here, huh?

Well - I can certainly understand how you feel. Good job for replying to all and including the necessary folks on the e-mail.

I hope it all works out.

Anonymous said...

i work with an office full of people like that.

bLaQ~n~MiLD said...

I heard that shyt! Propper Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance! It amazes me how people fail to plan but want perfection or want you to drop everything to comply with their wants, needs, or desires. Every once in a while I have to play those email games as well. Keep ya eyes open cause that bytch will be tryna get back!


C. Baptiste-Williams said...

I'm not worried about her at all because I do not need her to do my job and we work in two entirely different divisions.

My director responded back to my email which I saved of course with a Good Job.

And when I see her around she will still get the same courtesy and politeness I afford to everyone else.

Kyon Saucier said...

You did what anyone else would've done and I'm glad they saw you were jusistifed in your reaction to that foolish woman.

Bullet Proof Soul said...

I'm glad you nipped that in the bud. You save her now, you will continue to keep doing that.