Random Thoughts this Thursday Morning

So next month the new iPhone is being released at the price of $199 versus a year ago when people were lining up to play nearly $500-600 for the phone. And to boot the new model is supposed to be even better than the first. Anyone pissed yet???

So for the first time R. Pissy speaks in his court case was in response to the Judge's question of whether he will testify in his own defense... “Yes, they did.” “Mr. Kelly, at this point, what do you prefer to do?” “I decided not to testify,” Kelly says, in a near-whisper.

So Bush's talented Cabinet has yet again failed the people of New Orleans... According to CNN FEMA gave away about $85 million in household goods meant for Hurricane Katrina victims, a CNN investigation has found. The material -- from basic kitchen goods to sleeping necessities -- sat in warehouses for two years before the Federal Emergency Management Agency's giveaway to federal and state agencies this year.

I think I want a Nintendo Wii... anybody have a hookup??

OK I am really tired of hearing about Ed McMahon loosing his house. Granted yes it is a sad thing but I have no sympathy for millionaires who can't manage their money when there are so many average joes who have to debate between gas and groceries.

So now that Hilary has finally realized she lost (only took her a couple of months) she is now compiling an Enemies List according to CNN and Terry McAuliffe... "ain't no good gonna come to you Hil... no good."

Really disappointed that So You Think You Can Dance eliminated the 2 real cuties from being in the top 20... and I am not going to even get on my acquaintance Derrick and how he showed on the show (cudos for getting the screen time you lil media whore in the making!!)

I didn't even know lil Usher Raymond's album was out... anyone heard anything off it? The few clips I heard were unimpressive and I read somewhere he is going to repackage the album with a song with Justin Timberlake on it kinda how he did the 2nd version of Confessions... so of course I will just wait for the 2nd one before I download it.

I think it is hilarious that my Georgetown stalker is cooking me breakfast tomorrow before I head into work because that is the best meal he can cook!! Too funny... but I will get up a little early for french toast!!

hmmm a little birdie just whispered in my ear that I will be seeing my girl Jill Scott for the tenth time this summer. Apparently her and the Roots, Estelle and Chuck will be performing this August at the Merriweather Post Pavilion.


DC said...

my roommate stood in line and bought the iphone when it first came out for like 500 and now when he sees anything about the new one he gets upset.

so when r kelly goes to jail do u think he will be the bitch?

Hillary has really shown her true colors this election season... still dont know why NY voted her in when she was never from there.

so now u spending the night with the stalker... interesting.

Anonymous said...

i thought usher's cd was good.

and can i get someone to make me french toast

celeste said...

ummm how was the french toast