Yes I Still Hate BET...

I said it back in 2007... and I will say it again... I hate BET. So here goes after watching the BET Awards my top 10 reasons why I am considering suing BET and Debra Lee for the defamation of the African American character.

10. Yes we all know that 3 days is a short amount of time to pull together a TV Show... but yet you decided to bill this event as a tribute to Michael Jackson. Instead you should have just had an Oscar type montage to MJ and planned a more fitting tribute to the world's top entertainer at a later date. But no you give us some half ass tribute with Ciara singing instead of dancing, too many performances by Ne Yo and Jamie Fox, and subjecting America to Jamie's drunk coonalish behavior.

9. The endless commercials for Tiny and some other random chick and Neffie and her former crack head mother's show. Apparently all you have to do is get knocked up by some infamous rapper or possibly be related to a mediocre singer to get a TV show and coon for America.

8. Why is the production always half ass on your live shows... camera men walking across the stage during segments... or Jamie staring at the camera continuously asking "are we back are we back??"

7. And speaking of production... whose little cousin was working the censor button last night?

6. Did we not learn anything from the R. Kelly drama or the allegations against Michael Jackson... to have Drake performing with a bunch of little girls on stage as he sings "Every Girl in the World".

5. Why did so many people seem to be drunk/high/crazy? From Jaime to Ving Rhames... some shit just doesn't need to be tolerated and I blame the producers, directors, and Debra Lee for that nonsense going on.

4. Did BET really think, New Edition would have been the best group to do that "tribute" performance... of course not the background singers mics were louder than theirs.

3. We got two or three 30 second tributes to local heroes but yet a 2 minute faux trailer for a Wanda and Shenene movie. You really know how to inspire.

2. For allowing TI's sperm carrier to get on TV with her broken English and accept an award for him with those two hoods.

1. That dress that Debra Lee wore, Tyra's hair, T-Pain's chain, Taraji's hair, and Zoe's presentation speech.

Now my mother always said if you are going to say something bad... say something good as well. So the only good things I can say are... I enjoyed seeing KeKe Palmer (if that girl didn't look like Angela Bassett's daughter)... Maxwell and JayZ's performance were both on point...
I wish BET would have died and MJ came to do a tribute to them.

Michael Jackson: 1958 - 2009

So many memories of my childhood involve Michael Jackson...

... seeing Captain EO so many times at Epcot Center while i lived in Orlando.

... the evening after my father's funeral I remember sitting quietly in my great aunt's house watching the premiere of the Bad video.

... watching the Wiz on TV with my mother... and later being involved in a production of it during high school.

... my very first concert was the Bad Tour at the Summit in Houston.
Michael, without any doubt, will always be known as the most talented musician/entertainer ever... and I thank him for the many great memories he has given me over the years and all the music I will always enjoy.

Random Thoughts this Tuesday Morning...

1. I wonder what Metro's ridership will be today... the day after two trains collide and sadly killed 7. Of course the media and people around DC and those annoying people with the texts and facebook messages make it seem as if it was the the biggest atrocity. Think about how many car accidents happen on the beltway... get your ass on the train.. scoot over... say a prayer and shutup.

2. If at 30(plus) you are constantly talking about people 'hating' on you. Maybe you should reevaluate your life, your circle, and reality itself.

3. So Chris Brown got... let me stop faking like I remotely give a fuck.

4. I hope Obama makes a simple statement about Iran that ends with "this is their business but we totally support the right to freedom of speech and protest and will not be getting involved." America has enough issues of its own to be running around like the World Police... I thought that was what the UN was for.

5. It amazes me after fucking America up for 4 years... people elected Bush to a second term. But yet they want Obama to pull a miracle out in 6 months.

6. oooo James Blake.... smh

7. Hi. I am C. Baptiste-Williams II and I am addicted to online shopping.

8. Almost out of credit card debt... I can actually see an end in sight... as long as I keep the laptop and credit cards in different rooms.

9. So somehow I finagled getting HBO out of Comcast for free for 6 months. Why do people pay to watch the same 4 movies all weekend... if it wasn't for Bill Mahr this would be a total waste.

10. The Game on BET... there may be hope for that channel yet.

Is This DeBarge's equivalent to 3T

Kristinia DeBarge is the daughter of Janet's first husband, James and is currently working with Babyface on her album. Kristinia was featured on this week's So You Think You Can Dance result show.

No Words...

... nope not one

SYTYCD.... Dance Dance Dance

So we are in the second week of So You Think You Can Dance and as much as I love this show... this season has not yet captured me like previous seasons. Each week I look forward to seeing the different dance styles and if they can pull it off... but I am not tuning in to see any one dancer yet.

Like Season 3... I was glued to my TV to see Sabra and Danny dance their way from the top 20 to the top 2.

Hopefully someone will pull my interest more into this season...

Real (Boring) World Comes to DC

So it has made the post and several Washington, DC blogs... Real World DC officially begins taping on the 20th of this month. So following Bravo's announcement that it's bringing "Real Housewives" to Washington, and the anti-black CW is bringing their reality show"Blonde Charity Mafia" to DC as well... Washington will finally get a dose of MTV's long running and first reality show.

Of course many of the blogs like the Anti-Real World DC are already setting out to disrupt and chronicle the annoyance of the show before it even starts. (sounds a little pessimistic and sad if you ask me... I mean can you at least wait till the first night of taping when you have your first of many run ins with your new drunken neighbors!)
I personally think the only reason to ever be in Dupont is to visit the G Star store... I may only run into the film crew and alcoholic tweens if the venture out to other parts of the city. While I am sure the show will be as boring as the past 15 seasons... maybe the news and blogs of the taping will be interesting.

Wanting to be a Princess... is a big deal.

I personally think a course in cultural sensitivity and diversity should be mandatory for everyone to graduate high school. I think we all could benefit from learning how to appreciate other's differences.

So recently I was sitting around with coworkers at lunch when a news story about the controversy over Disney's new African American princess came on. One coworker of another race couldn't understand why some people were upset that the first African American princess didn't have an African American prince. She stated I thought we have gotten pass the stigma of race mixing.

I simply turned to her and asked her when she was a little girl didn't she play with dolls and dream of being a princess and finding her prince? For 70 years Disney has been in the business of aspiring play and dreams... and it is important for all little girls to see that they could be princess just like all little boys need to see they could one day be princes. And little girls need to see that boys that look just like them could be princes as well.

Since living in Orlando at an early age, I have always been a Disney fan. And since first hearing Anika Noni Rose's voice I have been a fan. So it is needless to say this holiday season I will be sneaking away from work for a matinee or borrowing someone's child to go see this movie.

You Know Who I Miss...

Mya Wilkes...

When the show first started and Joan use to talk to herself in those little bubbles... I was turned off and I didn't start watching Girlfriends again until my girl Jill Scott start guest staring on the show.

But Mya with her 'hood' persona use to crack my shit up on the regular. Everything from the "O Hell NO!!" to the "O Hell Yes!!".. to the way she use to get Toni Childs together for being bourgeoisie ... Lynn for being a ho and Joan... well for being Joan.

Toni Childs: Maya, how'd you get so smart?

Maya Wilkes: Oh, girl, I'm an authoress. I gots to know stuff.

Toni Childs: I guess you don't "gots" to know grammar.

Maya Wilkes: At least I didn't miss my baby's first doctor's appointment!

Toni Childs: At least I didn't leave my baby on the bus!

Maya Wilkes: Bus *stop*! Get it right, bitch.

Hopefully Golden will land a job soon that can show off her comedic talents...

Missing my Vacation...

I can't believe it has already been a week since me and my travel partners returned from Casa Ventana and Puerta Vallarta.

Simply stated this was the best vacation I have ever taken with a group of friends.

The villa we rented was amazing, from the staff to the rooms to the view from the infinity pool... it was definitely first class the entire way. The house staff was quite impressive... I casually mentioned over the french toast breakfast that I wish we had a diet coke to one of my friends. Later that afternoon when I returned from the beach the fridge was stocked with a 12 pack of Coke Light (Mexico's version of Diet Coke).

The views and house were quite impressive... waking up in my suite to views of the Pacific and the city below made me just lay in bed for awhile each morning and just take it in.

The activities we took part in from chartering a private catamaran to zip lining through the Mexico forest, were all new adventures I was happy to share with my old and new friends.

There was no drama, no attitudes, just pure relaxing and fun for 6 days... we are all already anticipating our next trip.