Random Thoughts this Tuesday Morning...

1. I wonder what Metro's ridership will be today... the day after two trains collide and sadly killed 7. Of course the media and people around DC and those annoying people with the texts and facebook messages make it seem as if it was the the biggest atrocity. Think about how many car accidents happen on the beltway... get your ass on the train.. scoot over... say a prayer and shutup.

2. If at 30(plus) you are constantly talking about people 'hating' on you. Maybe you should reevaluate your life, your circle, and reality itself.

3. So Chris Brown got... let me stop faking like I remotely give a fuck.

4. I hope Obama makes a simple statement about Iran that ends with "this is their business but we totally support the right to freedom of speech and protest and will not be getting involved." America has enough issues of its own to be running around like the World Police... I thought that was what the UN was for.

5. It amazes me after fucking America up for 4 years... people elected Bush to a second term. But yet they want Obama to pull a miracle out in 6 months.

6. oooo James Blake.... smh

7. Hi. I am C. Baptiste-Williams II and I am addicted to online shopping.

8. Almost out of credit card debt... I can actually see an end in sight... as long as I keep the laptop and credit cards in different rooms.

9. So somehow I finagled getting HBO out of Comcast for free for 6 months. Why do people pay to watch the same 4 movies all weekend... if it wasn't for Bill Mahr this would be a total waste.

10. The Game on BET... there may be hope for that channel yet.


Anonymous said...

1) I agree.
2) co-sign.
3) I couldn't care less either.
4) Wish we were as strong as Europe on this. But, oh well.
5) okaaaay.
6) Please explain. What happened with James Blake? I'm outta the loop on this.
7) lol
8) When you get there, the key is to make sure you don't run them up again.
9) HBO was good when 6 Feet Under and Sex and the City were on. No purpose for it now.
10) Sorry, the Game is overrated.

Joshua washington said...

i live for your random lists man.

Anonymous said...

i so agree about Chriana... and this chick on Wendy been talking about it nonstop for 2 days