Yes I Still Hate BET...

I said it back in 2007... and I will say it again... I hate BET. So here goes after watching the BET Awards my top 10 reasons why I am considering suing BET and Debra Lee for the defamation of the African American character.

10. Yes we all know that 3 days is a short amount of time to pull together a TV Show... but yet you decided to bill this event as a tribute to Michael Jackson. Instead you should have just had an Oscar type montage to MJ and planned a more fitting tribute to the world's top entertainer at a later date. But no you give us some half ass tribute with Ciara singing instead of dancing, too many performances by Ne Yo and Jamie Fox, and subjecting America to Jamie's drunk coonalish behavior.

9. The endless commercials for Tiny and some other random chick and Neffie and her former crack head mother's show. Apparently all you have to do is get knocked up by some infamous rapper or possibly be related to a mediocre singer to get a TV show and coon for America.

8. Why is the production always half ass on your live shows... camera men walking across the stage during segments... or Jamie staring at the camera continuously asking "are we back are we back??"

7. And speaking of production... whose little cousin was working the censor button last night?

6. Did we not learn anything from the R. Kelly drama or the allegations against Michael Jackson... to have Drake performing with a bunch of little girls on stage as he sings "Every Girl in the World".

5. Why did so many people seem to be drunk/high/crazy? From Jaime to Ving Rhames... some shit just doesn't need to be tolerated and I blame the producers, directors, and Debra Lee for that nonsense going on.

4. Did BET really think, New Edition would have been the best group to do that "tribute" performance... of course not the background singers mics were louder than theirs.

3. We got two or three 30 second tributes to local heroes but yet a 2 minute faux trailer for a Wanda and Shenene movie. You really know how to inspire.

2. For allowing TI's sperm carrier to get on TV with her broken English and accept an award for him with those two hoods.

1. That dress that Debra Lee wore, Tyra's hair, T-Pain's chain, Taraji's hair, and Zoe's presentation speech.

Now my mother always said if you are going to say something bad... say something good as well. So the only good things I can say are... I enjoyed seeing KeKe Palmer (if that girl didn't look like Angela Bassett's daughter)... Maxwell and JayZ's performance were both on point...
I wish BET would have died and MJ came to do a tribute to them.