I Think I Hate My BET

For as long as I can remember I have always hated BET. I have hated their over abundance of negroidian video shows... their infomercials on the weekends... the endless reruns of the Jamie Fox Show & the Parkers... and most of all their lack of original programming. I mean seriously I can't even tell you anything about their regular lineup because there is not one show I watch on a regular on that network... hell until two days ago I didn't even know what the channel number was. I often wondered how the hell Robert Johnson became a billionaire off that nonsense.

Well he did and Viacom paid $3 billion for the network a few years ago. And finally they are putting something into their investment.

More Money, Less Booty For BET: Viacom to Bulk Up Network's Budget For New
By Frank Ahrens Washington Post Staff Friday, March 16, 2007; C01

Will this mark the beginning of a new era for BET? Will there really be a noticeable change?


Cocoa Rican said...

Shamefully, BET has been on much longer than fledgling networks (LOGO, etc.) and still doesn't have original programming worth watching. Even Univision gives us original soaps and shyt... come on, the truth is BET is successful because it just shows us folks that looks like us... nothing else...it's time a true network for folks of color steps up and gets the job done. I'm not even confident they can pull off some original programming going forward.

theboyabouttown said...

While I have many complaints about BET Networks, I do have to defend them to a certain degree. Yes, there is a lack of original programming, excessive old sitcoms on the replay, and a host of videos. However, Black folks ain’t no strangers to adversity and they are not working with the same budget as their MTV counterparts. That are working with what they have- not a lot. Although, the number of times they replay their ghetto awards show is ridiculous.

BET should continue to play videos- that is what the network was founded on. In fact, the diffusion channel “BET J” is great channel for throwbacks, classic videos and that which is contemporary- Video Soul with Donny Simpson, Planet Groove with Rachel, newer soul/ R and B videos and original shows such as "My model looks better than your model" with the oh-so-gorgeous Eva Pigford. I swear she is my female counterpart somehow we were separated at birth, but I digress. “BET J” also happens to look digitally incredible (considering it is not high definition)- the videos seem so life-like..

As LOGO and BET are Viacom networks, I would love to see the Noah’s Arc reruns head to BET. I think that will not only be positively controversial, but it would highlight sub-cultures within the Black (or folks of the African Diaspora living in America) community that have no platform on the network currently. That is, aside from their Black men on the down low special which was problematic on so many levels.

BET should aspire to greatness and with this increased budget they should be well on their way to becoming a channel of the highest caliber.

Anonymous said...

you have to remember they had to wait until Bob Johnsons contract was up to make any serious changes

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