Random Thoughts this Tuesday Morning...

1. ... 79 degrees already in Atlanta... I really do not miss the long winters of DC. I swear the winter season here in Atlanta lasted for all of a month.

2. ... why does it seem that everyone is leaving DC to move to Atlanta. In the past 2 months three additional people have let me know of their future plans. And to all of them make sure you have a secure job first cause the employment market is nothing like DC!!

3. ... after spending this past weekend in DC, I realize once again the only thing I miss are my few friends left there and my church.

4. ... why do people email me their comments on my blog instead of just posting them on here?

5. ... After that stunt Michael Knight pulled on the season finale of Project Runway… will he really Rip the Runway, tomorrow on BET?

6. ... Why is WBLS, the only African American owned and operated radio station in NYC, so damn negroidian? Get that streaming radio shit together!! Always jacking up my Wendy Williams Experience!

7. ... a year after that damn Lloyd song "You" hit the airwaves in Atlanta... this fool is finally releasing a cd. And how is this song just now making the charts?? I mean he was shouting this "long hair don't care" song last summer for the punks at Atlanta Live.

8. ... why am I not mad yet about March Madness... it ain't moving me like it usually does.

9. ... can someone explain to me the whole Pussycat Doll show? I mean none of them hos do anything except Nicole Schwarsreagagaefearegeraknferer, so what is the point?

10. ... with the rerelease of Bday... I guess my hopes for Beyonce to take a long, relaxing vacation away on some deserted island away from the media won't be happening. Damn what I wouldn't do for a week of no news stories about her. Just one.


Anonymous said...

DC has changed.

Am I the only one excited about B's rerelease!?

twinston1911 said...

i do like beyonce and i do want to see the videos of some of the songs but i do want her to take a long break after this album, i don't want to see her or here weave for at least a year. or two,

Cocoa Rican said...

Okay Red... I had to laugh...hard...love the play on the PCD last name. You def have your days when your sense of humor shines through...I like that. :)

life said...

Maybe you would be more into if you were a GATOR! I'm excited!!!

Marz said...

It was 71 in Philly. CRAZY

It's cheap to live down there, everyone is hearing about how you can build a bouse from the ground for about 80,000.

humbug to the church. BUt different people have different outlooks, and I can respect that.

I've never become mad about march madness, though my school cares more about college basketball than professional basketball for some reason.

Nicole is leaving to make her own cd and then come back afterwards, so they're getting someone to replace her. The black girl can sing, they all can hold a note, how long is up in the air. Anastascia has my vote.

I hope Kelly rowland STORMS beyonce on the charts. Though Mother and Father Knowles will still getthe credit and money, and Beyonce will be thanked like she's massa for any awards Kelly or Michelle wins. I personally get tired of them two dancing on Beyonce's coochie (the female version of dick riding.) When they kept talking about how great beyonce was when they visited her on the set of dreamgirls I was just done.


ReddMann said...

marz... the cost of living is not that cheaper down here... and you can not have a house built for $80k, don't believe that nonsense.