Radom News Stories...

This has been a very odd week of news stories in the media. Just reminds me of my aunt walking away from the TV shaking her head muttering, "... in the last days, in the last days!"

  • Everyone has heard about the two gay porn star twins breaking into the roofs of businesses in Philly... I have met Keyon a couple times including at the first and only ball that Frank took me to, I would have never guessed that this... let me leave that alone.
  • Media Fake Out has led many DC DJs to speculate and have conversation about Kelly Rowland doing Playboy... First I don't think Matthew would allow it and second I think she has better sense to think posing nude and showing her vajayjay is not gonna sell any more albums.
  • So gas is going to $4 a gallon... as ExxonMobil post billions and billions in profits. Looks like I will be in the market for a new car sooner than I thought. Maybe I will get a Mini to drive to work.
  • So now that Obama and McCain are in a sissy fit fight over Iraq... does that mean the race is over for Hil.
  • Speaking of sissy fights... I don't get the point of all these debates and squables. Nothing is ever new said at the debates. And we already know McCain is for seeing the war out and Obama wants out... can we move on and discuss other things like gas prices, unsafe food, and a recession... where do you guys stand on that.
  • So this exchange student goes to Egypt and is starved by his host family... but yet stays for 4 months and loosing 60 lbs, now while my first thought was biiiiiitch that is one ole diet, my second thought to his quote, "I wanted to stick it out for a year.", makes me think what kind of dumb shit are you on.
  • I swear this idiot lives in a fairyland...
  • And I am not going to even comment on people trying to scare people from voting for Obama with that whole Somolian dress picture... I would say how dumb do you think people are but...

A Raisin in the Sun

Even when I was on my way to the theater to see A Raisin in the Sun on Broadway I had my doubts... I thought would Diddy taint the wonderful and amazing acting that I knew would come from Phylicia Rashad, Audra McDonald, and Sanaa Lathan. After the play, we met friends at a bar in Chelsea and the first questioned they asked was how was Diddy.

My simple reply was, "Diddy wasn't in the play but Sean Combs did a great job... No Sidney but a great job."

Of course I will be watching Monday night on ABC at 8pm to see how well this cast and this version will translate to TV.

What happens to a dream deferred?
Does it dry up like a raisin in the sun?
Or fester like a sore-- And then run?
Does it stink like rotten meat?

Or crust and sugar over-- like a syrupy sweet?
Maybe it just sags like a heavy load.
Or does it explode?

- Langston Hughes

My client had confirmed that she could do lunch next Thursday at noon. I chose a resteraunt that was close to her office and had an amazing stuffed sole. I was going through the many emails that had come in over the night, as I dialed the number to make the reservation. That is when I heard his voice.

I hadn't talked to him in close to two years. We weren't on the best of terms when I moved to Atlanta and since his cell number had changed like it had so many times before. I checked up on him via email a few times... but the cold shoulder could be felt even through AOL.

He was always the most special to me. I was young and he was younger when we met and our off and on affair began. We always had fun... rarely any stress... great conversations. When other relationships with CLK, KCK, and the Prez all went south... he is who I turned to. His smile and his humor always made me forget about what was going on. And the sex... well the sex was everything.

He had answered the phone like he had so many times before. I instantly looked up from the computer screen but the only thing I could bring myself to say was wow.

After listening to me only being able to say wow for two minutes... he laughed out a hello. We exchanged pleasentries... asked about the fam and still all I could say was wow. Totally caught off guard and ready to end the call, he reminded me that I called for a reason. I made the reservation and got his new number. It has been almost 24 hours and when I think about it I am still speechless.

Where Will Life Take You...

I love this commercial

Covering the Right Side of the Wrong Bed

My book club, Cover to Cover, has been going on 4 months strong. While the book selections have been all over the board in terms of literary work to bathroom reading, the conversations are always most enlightening.

This month's meeting was of no variation and probably brought about the most interesting conversation to date. This past month Right Side of the Wrong Bed by fellow blogger Fredrick Smith was chosen. We tend to start the meeting by allowing every member to give just two words on what they thought of the book. Most of the group agreed and my two words kept getting stolen from others in the group so when it finally came to my time to speak the only words I could use that hadn't been used were.... eh & draining.

I had read Smith's first book, Down for Whatever, and thought the characters and the story were pretty well written. However in this book I found the characters annoying and by chapter 15... I was like damn I am not done yet. The book's two main characters are the type of homosexuals that irk me the most... one a caniving liar trying to get over and the second and most annoying a passive, desperate grown man. The endless circles of nonsense that these two go through extends chapter after chapter... making you wonder if any real 30something can really be this stupid. I don't know anyone like this however other book club members could identify through some of their personal experiences. I myself tend to cut people from my circle who display such a character flaw. There is enough to deal with in life, to have to deal with blissful ignorance which most of the 30 chapters in this book were, which is what made it painful to read.

But the good thing about this book is that it brought up an insightful conversation that had each of us sharing experiences about what we can and can't deal with and how age and experience seems to blur that line to find reality. Our conversation was the most real and most telling... of the four months I learned more about my fellow book club members that one afternoon than any other. So while I went into the meeting thinking it was actually the Wrong book for the Right Club... it turned into being a great conversation starter.

Next month's selection is This Place of Men by Doug Spencer Cooper.

Sean Does it Again

Rapper... producer... restaurateur... actor Sean 'Diddy'Combs remains to be one of the most talented men in the game. In 1998, Combs added designer to his list of monikers with the launch of the Sean John clothing line for men. However 10 years later Sean is still making a big impact on the often lily white Mercedes Benz Fashion Week by having a show that featured only African-Amercan models.

This man keeps amazing me...

Did You See Girlfriends Monday?

Well if you did or didn't that was the last episode... after several months of speculation that this was going to be the last season, the CW network has decided not to even shoot the remainder of the season.

Does Aaron die in Iraq or return to finally marry Joan?

What does William's baby look like?

Does Maya 'the authoress' write another book... have another child or adopt?

Does Lynn ever get a clue?

Now I was not a fan at first of this show... I hated the way they kept showing Joan talking to herself in that little bubble. But once I saw Jill Scott on the show I immediately started watching. Anyway for the rest of the story check out the Jawn Murray story over at Blackvoices.

I have often alluded to my paternal side of the family throughout this blog but today the thoughts in my head are about my mother's side of the family. The only person that I am really close to on that side of the family is my mother. There are occassional interactions with other members but that is few and far between. I haven't seen any of them face to face other than my mother in probably 2 years now. And I usually get my family news from my mother.

So for the past three weeks the story I have been getting is about my youngest cousin getting married. At first thought weddings.... marriage... isn't this great. Shouldn't we all be so happy?! Yeah everyone but me because I seem to be the only one that calls out the bullshit on this side of the family. So let me outline my issues with this marriage:

1. My grandparents' pride and joy has two children and two baby mothers... neither of which he is marrying.
2. He never graduated from college, doesn't have a job to take care of 2 children let alone a wife.
3. His wife to be is 3o something (everytime I ask the number changes but remains around 35)... he is in his early to mid 20s.

I keep asking everyone what does a mid 30s woman see in a 25ish boy that still walks around wearing gold fronts, with 2 baby mommas and no real career. The response I keep getting is I know, I know. But yet no one has talked to him about it. Regardless of the fact if they change his mind but at least address the issue at hand.

So today my cousin calls me and says he hears that I will be in Dallas the weekend of his wedding and wonders if I could come over for it. "Maybe you can read a poem or something"... seeing that everyone else has already been asked to be in the wedding in some capacity.

In all honesty I don't want to go... and hadn't planned on going until he called me. I didn't see the point of spending money on a plane ticket for such foolishness, especially for family members I rarely talk to. But since my grandparents are getting up there in age maybe I should go at least to see them and get out of having to go for Xmas for another couple years. Oh well we shall see... anyone with a Continental, American, or Southwest Airlines hook up let me know!!!

Obama: One Voice

For the first time we are having a Potomac Primary. And for the first time our voices are really important. After Saturday's primaries Clinton 1100 vs. Obama 1039...

Damn You Target...

If you are keeping up by now you know I love Saks... French Connection... Crate and Barrell.... Barney's CoOp... but my favorite store is Target or as Jackie Washington would say Tar'Get.

As I was driving the short few miles to Potomac Yards... I looked over my list at least twice. I love Potomac Yards because they have everything I need for a Saturday shopping trip. Target sits next to Best Buy, which is right down from Barnes and Noble, which is next to Shoppers Food Warehouse which sits next to Pier 1. As I pulled up to Target, I reminded myself I am just getting the basic necessities. You know body wash, Olay Cleansing Pads, Tide, baby oil, and a candle or 2... $15 or 20 at most. But in the midst of our idle banter, Chris had put my last item in the bag and told me $62.20. His facial expression in response to my now frowned up face was a simple What??

It never seems to fail... those damn Target executives are smart or I am just weak. I think I can count on one hand the number of times I have been able to go into Target and spend less that $50. This time it was new baking pans, a cell phone case, and new socks. Last time I think it was Tshirts, towels, and a dvd.
I see now Target isn't the store but people like me walking in. I am now putting myself on a once a month Target diet.


Can We?

Erykah Badu's new video Honey

I love it