Radom News Stories...

This has been a very odd week of news stories in the media. Just reminds me of my aunt walking away from the TV shaking her head muttering, "... in the last days, in the last days!"

  • Everyone has heard about the two gay porn star twins breaking into the roofs of businesses in Philly... I have met Keyon a couple times including at the first and only ball that Frank took me to, I would have never guessed that this... let me leave that alone.
  • Media Fake Out has led many DC DJs to speculate and have conversation about Kelly Rowland doing Playboy... First I don't think Matthew would allow it and second I think she has better sense to think posing nude and showing her vajayjay is not gonna sell any more albums.
  • So gas is going to $4 a gallon... as ExxonMobil post billions and billions in profits. Looks like I will be in the market for a new car sooner than I thought. Maybe I will get a Mini to drive to work.
  • So now that Obama and McCain are in a sissy fit fight over Iraq... does that mean the race is over for Hil.
  • Speaking of sissy fights... I don't get the point of all these debates and squables. Nothing is ever new said at the debates. And we already know McCain is for seeing the war out and Obama wants out... can we move on and discuss other things like gas prices, unsafe food, and a recession... where do you guys stand on that.
  • So this exchange student goes to Egypt and is starved by his host family... but yet stays for 4 months and loosing 60 lbs, now while my first thought was biiiiiitch that is one ole diet, my second thought to his quote, "I wanted to stick it out for a year.", makes me think what kind of dumb shit are you on.
  • I swear this idiot lives in a fairyland...
  • And I am not going to even comment on people trying to scare people from voting for Obama with that whole Somolian dress picture... I would say how dumb do you think people are but...


Anonymous said...

no recession but $4 gas... $2 eggs... but I will give you $600 to help you out.... Bush is a fuckin idiot

colinnyc said...

oh my i hadnt heard about the twin gay porno boys... arent they in a house?

Bullet Proof Soul said...

1. Never would have guessed it. I guess that says a lot about the industry. Makes you wonder what the other porn stars are doing for money.

2. I can believe it since she did a nude picture already (http://img260.imageshack.us/img260/7646/kellyrowlandgc8.jpg). All she has to do is lift a leg and move her hand. Voila. Playboy pose. LOL!!

3. I only wish I could afford one share of Exxon stock, just one. Maybe I can get a pool of people together so we can get paid this summer. I think I will get my bike ready for the hot days.

4 & 5: They are going to sing and dance around the issues all year long. It's what politicians are best at doing. And moderators allow this, I guess the checks under the table look good to them. Yeah, it's a wrap for Hil especially when the superdels are switching teams. She doesn't have a prayer. She is free to go back to NY now.

6: My heart does not ache for him. I would have been out after I found out that they fast for 200 days. No neckbones, collards, mac & cheese, nothing for 200 days? Let me know when you hit the 165 days when you eat and I'll holla.

7: Bush got his stock profile from Exxon and he is not in a recession. I would be delusional too if I had millions in the bank. Recession, what recession?!?!

8: Whatever it takes to take this man down, they will use it. I guess we should fear Bush for dancing (used it loosely, very) a tribal dance when he was in Africa. Yeah, that's the reason why we don't trust him (rolls eyes).

Great post, sorry I got long winded.

Darius T. Williams said...

I saw GMA this morning talking about the dude that went to egypt - I thought it was quite hilarious.

Anonymous said...

I just graduated from the NYC subway system to buying gas for my hooptie. I want my Metrocard back.

Gas prices scare me, and here I was worrying about car insurance.

Anonymous said...

How big a fool was that kid who went to Egyopt and didn't eat? So much for book smart, and, no common sense as Big mama would say.