I have often alluded to my paternal side of the family throughout this blog but today the thoughts in my head are about my mother's side of the family. The only person that I am really close to on that side of the family is my mother. There are occassional interactions with other members but that is few and far between. I haven't seen any of them face to face other than my mother in probably 2 years now. And I usually get my family news from my mother.

So for the past three weeks the story I have been getting is about my youngest cousin getting married. At first thought weddings.... marriage... isn't this great. Shouldn't we all be so happy?! Yeah everyone but me because I seem to be the only one that calls out the bullshit on this side of the family. So let me outline my issues with this marriage:

1. My grandparents' pride and joy has two children and two baby mothers... neither of which he is marrying.
2. He never graduated from college, doesn't have a job to take care of 2 children let alone a wife.
3. His wife to be is 3o something (everytime I ask the number changes but remains around 35)... he is in his early to mid 20s.

I keep asking everyone what does a mid 30s woman see in a 25ish boy that still walks around wearing gold fronts, with 2 baby mommas and no real career. The response I keep getting is I know, I know. But yet no one has talked to him about it. Regardless of the fact if they change his mind but at least address the issue at hand.

So today my cousin calls me and says he hears that I will be in Dallas the weekend of his wedding and wonders if I could come over for it. "Maybe you can read a poem or something"... seeing that everyone else has already been asked to be in the wedding in some capacity.

In all honesty I don't want to go... and hadn't planned on going until he called me. I didn't see the point of spending money on a plane ticket for such foolishness, especially for family members I rarely talk to. But since my grandparents are getting up there in age maybe I should go at least to see them and get out of having to go for Xmas for another couple years. Oh well we shall see... anyone with a Continental, American, or Southwest Airlines hook up let me know!!!


Chet said...

Estranged Family Members. Man this has become common practice with some of our families, we really have no interest in socializing or getting together with family members, times have certainly changed. Why in the world is cuz getting married? Getting married does not require a college degree, six figure income or strong family values, but it sure as hell helps, I can remember my parents giving my sister grief about getting married so young and before she had any money or degree she married anyway, but because of our family values and support she went on to graduate with a Masters in Nursing now we all have degrees, decent incomes and solid marriages/relationships with partners or spouse with equal or more education and income. Your Cuz needs to think on the situation more. As for you be nice attend the wedding if it takes place and give grandma your support, love and understanding.

C. Baptiste-Williams said...

i know several people that are quite successful without college degrees so I dont think you need a degree or a 6 figure salary to get married... i just think u should be able to handle your current situation before bringing more onto your plate.

life said...

You are truly an only child. I can only imagine the things you want to say and don't...whew. I'm an only child too.

MsKelly said...

that lil boy is wearing her cooch out that is what it is lol

Anonymous said...

dick is a powerful thing LOL

Anonymous said...

I read a story sometime ago where a straight guy asked his gay brother to be his best man at his wedding. The gay brother refused to be his brother's best man because, he said, of the glaring inequity of same-sex couples not being able to legally marry their partners. In fact, the gay brother said that he would not even ATTEND his brother's wedding for this reason.

I recommend that you think about not attending any more straight weddings (including your cousin's) until same-sex couples are allowed to legally marry.

C. Baptiste-Williams said...

i have no desire to get married... nor would use that reason to not attend someone in my family's or one of my friend's weddings.

that battle is to be fought in congress not in my family's church.