The Baddest Chick in the Game...

Gotta love that costume change... The Obamas on their first presidential trip to Europe.


When my girl Oprah asked the First Lady about the "rumors that you've got a baby bump. " for the O Magazine cover article, Michelle laughed them off.

"I know -- I was like, 'Baby bump? As hard as I work on my abs!'"

Random Thoughts this Tuesday Morning...

1. I am really excited about some life changing decisions that I have thought about for a long time but finally taking the steps to make it happen. This is all I will say about it for now because it is still in its beginning stages... but a new life is coming in the next two years.

2. I don't understand why airfare hasn't gone down in this recession!! Tickets for my May vacation are still over $500.

3. Has anyone seen Harlem Heights on BET? The girls are extra and very high school but the boys... especially Jason and Pierre.... umm hmm.

4. Is it me or just the fact that the Wizards suck or does everyone think the NBA this season has been quite boring?

5. Seeing my birthday is coming up... id appreciate some free sessions with a trainer here in DC... lets make that happen.

6. Doesn't it bother you when people are so friendly that they forget they have a job to do for you... my leasing agent was supposed to have my new lease prepared 4 days ago and it still isn't ready. I need you to do your damn job then kackle with me about crazy ass residents.

Bill Mahr on the culture of America's Next Top Model

And finally, New Rule: If you go to a cattle call audition for "America's Next Top Model" and get caught in a herd-like stampede, the title you really deserve is "America's Next Top Sirloin." Now, if you missed what happened when Tyra Banks sent out the "Bat Signal" last Saturday -- and asked women to come and try out for her show, here's a few seconds of it. [video clip shown of street mob rushing the building]

Work it, girls! Riots are fierce! You know, the big difference between this and an actual cattle call is that cows are better organized. And slimmer. People, please, I'm trying to help!

Look, instead of almost getting trampled to death trying to figure out if you're a top model, just ask yourself some basic questions: Are you six feet tall? Are you equal parts Brazilian, Ukrainian and Eskimo? Is Tom Brady f**king you? No? Then you're not a top model. You're just a hot chick with your thong sticking out.

Now, I'm not trying to be mean. It's just that being a model isn't a job that random doofuses off the street can apply for, like working at the Gap, or being head of the Republican National Committee.

Real models don't wait on lines. They snort them. A real model doesn't audition. She's chosen. One minute, you're a normal 14-year-old girl sucking down a chili dog outside a Tastee Freeze; and then a talent scout hands you his card, and then sleeps with you and never calls again. There, you're a model.

Which brings me to AIG. Not really, but there is a connection, which is, when did Americans become the something-for-nothings? When did we get this Lotto mentality that our only chance for success was to be plucked from obscurity and dropped onto Bret Michaels' Love Bus?

Or maybe it was when the super-wealthy - you know, the ones who create jobs when they get huge tax breaks - except they don't; they buy antique commodes and lap dances - maybe it was when those "job creators" stopped trickling the money down, leaving the working class with none of the gains and all of the cynicism that goes with thinking the game is fixed.

Maybe that's what leads to "Guitar Hero" culture, where everyone wants to be a rock star, but nobody wants to learn the chords.

You know, Paris and Nicole and Kim are nice girls. But, let's not forget, they do and have done nothing. Not even acted in anything they'd admit to. But, they're not reviled or dismissed for being ciphers. They're adored for it. Because they exemplify the national ideal: they got a lot for doing nothing.

The AIG guys wanted a lot for not just doing nothing, but for failing - no matter that they are the very people who schemed their company into the ground - they want their bonuses. And Myrna from Long Island wants to be a "Top Model"! F**k reality!!Well here's a reality check. America's actual top model for the last four years has been the Toyota Camry.

Shit Your Momma Should Have Taught You #7: Mind Your Damn Business

Once in awhile we all seem to be a little nosey... inquisitive... or a bit too curious. But as of late there have been a couple acquaintances of mine that seem to think they are entitled to know just a little too much information about my personal life, than what I deem they should need to know.

For example...

Him: What did you do last night?
Me: Dinner at Art and Soul.
Him: Oh who did you go with?
Me: Oh a friend of mine.
Him: Oh who?
Me: You are so fucking nosey... I told you what you needed
to know.

And what kills me the most is no matter how many times several people tell this person how nosey they are... they just do not get the point.

Not sure about the others but I choose to keep a lot of my personal life to myself, especially from boys that like to sit around like 2 gossiping girls and tell your business. When I was a child and I became too inquisitive my mother always called me on it and told me that somethings are just none of my business. I will never forget her once telling me... "Ask the questions you need to know, listen for what you want to know."

No Words... (graphic language)

what is this child going through?

The OUTside of Relationships... episode 2

From the creators of DL Chronicles comes a MySpace Video series about gay relationships....

The Outside of Relationships Season 1 Episode 2

Seeing they have been together 11 years... I don't mind listening to their perspective...

The Baddest Chick in the Game... at it again...

Are You Part of the 3

As I grabbed my OJ and settled into my couch yesterday to clip coupons and read the Post... my eyes were quickly grabbed by the headline announcing that at least 3% of D.C.'s residents have HIV or AIDS. While I always knew the HIV rate in DC was high... I thought after the last expose a few years ago the rate had to start trending downward.

What is most shocking is that the health department constitutes 1% as an epedimic and right here in the President's back yard, the Nation's capital has rates higher than some parts of West Africa. In real numbers this means over 15,000 of the city's more than 500,000 residents are positive. The report also found that almost half of those who had connections to the parts of the city with the highest AIDS prevalence and poverty rates said they had overlapping sexual partners within the past 12 months, three in five said they were aware of their own HIV status, and three in 10 said they had used a condom the last time they had sex.

After reading the article... I picked up the phone to call a friend that has been Part of the 3% for over ten years now. Before I could even say good morning... he was already discussing the article. We had both came to the conclusion that while there are a number of causes for this increase the main cause is that people just do not care. He reminded me of a time when his uncle, who is now in his 50s, and his friends would loose friends frequently because of AIDS and now that you do not see it happening as often and people are able to live with HIV... people just do not care or take it as serious.

Men having sex with men has remained the disease's leading mode of transmission. However, according to the report heterosexual transmission and injection drug use closely follow. Three percent of black women carry the virus, partly a result of the increase in heterosexual transmissions.

Everyone knows about HIV now... hell even my 10yo nephew knows what it is. So education can not continuely be the blame for this but the nonchalant attitude towards sex, thinking its a 'gay' disease, and lack of loving one's self is. So now that this has hit the front and national pages once again it will be interesting to see what happens this time around.

No Words...

This girl must be destroyed!!


I'll never forget my first impression of Washington, DC. When I moved here the first time I flew into Baltimore-Washington International Airport and we took the BW Parkway into the city... as we cut across NE and NW to get to Alexandria, Virginia, where I lived initially, the first thing I noticed was how urban... how old... and how colorful the city was. It seemed every other row house was painted some obscene bright color... none of the colors would have made it past the suburban homeowners association, I was use to. This was the second year of Mayor Anthony Williams 8 year reign. On a daily basis I passed the White House and the US Capitol and never gave either of them much thought. I looked at the monuments as tourist traps that were preventing me from getting to where I needed to go. Other than on September 11 or the time I planned an event in the US Capitol rotunda... DC was just another city.

Me outside the West Wing

But this second time around is different. Every day on my way to and from work I pass the Thomas Jefferson Memorial, the Lincoln Memorial, the White House... and many other landmarks. Each time I take in the beauty of what this city has to offer. The city has definitely changed since 2000... thanks to Mayor Williams the city has gentrified and new condos and retail outlets are popping up everywhere, replacing those colorful homes and their colorful residents. The city is now a mix of old row homes, repurposed factories and schools, and new contemporary condos. DC is definitely one of the most eclectic and unique cities in the US... and I am glad to be back in DC and appreciate it this time around.

Lady O and Tyler P in Business Together

So on "Oprah Fridays (Live)", my girl O announced that Tyler and herself have a movie coming out later this year?
I need some details?
Who wrote it? Who will direct it? Who will star?What is it about?
Could you imagine Sophia and Medea in a movie?

The 2 Baddest Chicks in the Game.... O!!


When I moved back to Atlanta a few years ago, I noticed that alot of the people that I knew had a hustle. I remember one day sitting in the living room with my then roommate Damian and commenting on how you see black people in Atlanta constantly grinding.

My best girl friend/college roommate had always been into fashion. Her style always turned heads on campus and now to complement her full time gig, she was running an online boutique for women. Then there was Hassaan (oh how I miss Hassaan). Hassaan was my 'jean man', when I needed a new pair of True's or Antek's, he was only a call and a short drive to midtown away.

Chris was the true grinder of them all... Chris worked for UPS in accounting by day, sold real estate on the weekend, and also worked as a barber in the odd hours of the night. I will never forget missing a movie with him because he had to stop and cut some random dudes hair.

While out in LA, my bestfriend and other good friend, decided to invite some people over to the suite for a small get together. In between the hands of spades and cocktails... the conversation showed that only me and my bestfriend were the only ones not somehow affiliated with the entertainment industry. From the 22yo recent FAMU grad and aspiring film maker that made the trek across country... to the full time accountant, part time talent manager... and I am sure a few waiter/actors in the mix.

But DC has proven to be a different grind. It is rare when you meet someone here in DC who has a side hustle. With the Federal Government being the largest employer in the area it is no wonder that at least 50% of the people I know work for the government, 15% are contractors, 10% are some form of attorneys, and the other 25% work in private industry. But of all of my friends none of them have that side hustle, however I do notice how hard many of us work at our jobs. I wonder is it because there is no need or maybe no desire or maybe everyone is doing what they really want to do. (yeah right)

With the economy still going down the toilet fastly... it will be interesting to see what new side hustles develop and how many side hustles become the main sources of income. It is funny as bad as the economy has gotten it seems as if I am getting even more busy at work. But as the layoffs continue I won't complain... I'd rather be busy... than watching Young and the Restless live rather than on DVR.

Random Thoughts this Wednesday Morning...

1. So Michael Jackson is allegedly going to announce a Summer Concert series... like Stevie Wonder, I want him to sit down and let me remember him as I do. His BAD concert was simply amazing and probably one of my all time favorite concerts I attended.

2. Two non News stories I am tired of hearing about: OctoMom and Chrihanna. I could simply careless about either situation.

3. I am tired of the media attacking the hotel industry. It would be nice the next time they expose a company for staying at a resort they give the full story... such as how much are these people paying to stay at a resort, most group rates are quite low... and how about how many people are employed by hotels, our Washington hotel employs over 400 people. Keeping 400 people working should be a vital part of this economy. Just report it all is what I ask.

4. I am so in love with Michelle Obama... and the boost to the social scene they are bringing to Washington. The Wizards have never had so much attention this season.

6. Snow is only beautiful when it is falling. The day after I am always ready for this shit to be over and gone.

7. Wants a personal trainer for the next year for his birthday next month... so all of you should chip in.

8. I'm still on the financial journey... the finish line is not close but I think I can see it in the distance.

9. Wonders why people send me friend requests on Facebook all the time... and I have no clue who they are and they don't send messages. If people want to look at pictures they should just buy a magazine... currently 38 requests pending, one day I will go through them or just ignore them all.

10. Winter is almost over... but now it is time for allergy season. No rest for the weary, I swear.