Random Thoughts this Wednesday Morning...

1. So Michael Jackson is allegedly going to announce a Summer Concert series... like Stevie Wonder, I want him to sit down and let me remember him as I do. His BAD concert was simply amazing and probably one of my all time favorite concerts I attended.

2. Two non News stories I am tired of hearing about: OctoMom and Chrihanna. I could simply careless about either situation.

3. I am tired of the media attacking the hotel industry. It would be nice the next time they expose a company for staying at a resort they give the full story... such as how much are these people paying to stay at a resort, most group rates are quite low... and how about how many people are employed by hotels, our Washington hotel employs over 400 people. Keeping 400 people working should be a vital part of this economy. Just report it all is what I ask.

4. I am so in love with Michelle Obama... and the boost to the social scene they are bringing to Washington. The Wizards have never had so much attention this season.

6. Snow is only beautiful when it is falling. The day after I am always ready for this shit to be over and gone.

7. Wants a personal trainer for the next year for his birthday next month... so all of you should chip in.

8. I'm still on the financial journey... the finish line is not close but I think I can see it in the distance.

9. Wonders why people send me friend requests on Facebook all the time... and I have no clue who they are and they don't send messages. If people want to look at pictures they should just buy a magazine... currently 38 requests pending, one day I will go through them or just ignore them all.

10. Winter is almost over... but now it is time for allergy season. No rest for the weary, I swear.


. said...
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joshua washington said...

1. really wish i could've seen him in his peak. *sighs* oh well.

2. you and i both.

3. I haven't even heard this, but you should know better than a WHOLE story every being reported. c'mon.

4. you and i both. DC is growing for the better.

5. stop before the people come. i don't eat McDonalds, but have their sales always been final?

6. we are >here< on that. i hate snow the day after and when it becomes too much. i am no longer playing in the snow like i did as a kid. for the birds.

7. well if i do, can i share him/her? i am trying to get to be 215 by summer. lol

8.keep going my man. i have faith in you slim.

9. this is why i haven't sent you one. i have seen you on there, but i figure even if i send a note, if people are like me, they like some things in their lives private and just rather not add everyone.

10. stock up on those meds slim.

JP said...

Every time i think of Michael Jackson I think of you in the red jumpsuit with all the zippers... oooo if i could only find that picture.

and i got a bill on the personal trainer for you.

Troy Barrington Lilly said...
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Troy Barrington Lilly said...

I file Michael Jackson under "point of no return," along with Whitney, Aretha, and yes, sadly Stevie. The only person I desire to hear new music from is Sade, because it's been 9 years.

Not only am I sick of the Chris/Rihanna fiasco, or media blitz, I'm more fed up with random everyday Joe Schmoe's taking sides on a story which has no conrete evidence.

When I become a bonafied writer, I will make sure to reel back some of the backlash towards the hotel industry: just for you Charles (no you can't have the military trench!)

Michelle makes you wanna slap your Momma...Black women never got a posterchild so fierce.

Snow is best admired in the background photo of a calendar on the wall.

The financial journey is a continuum...or is that a revolving door?

Facebook has become the worst mixture of blackplanet and bgc...all your pics, all your friends, all your business...in one place.

Anonymous said...

2. If you're tired of hearing about Chrianna stop mentioning it yourself lol

ka-os said...

4. You can't have Michelle Obama. She's already taken, by that dude, um, what's his name? Can't put my finger on it...

10. I feel your pain. Still, gimme winter over summer anyday...