Lady O and Tyler P in Business Together

So on "Oprah Fridays (Live)", my girl O announced that Tyler and herself have a movie coming out later this year?
I need some details?
Who wrote it? Who will direct it? Who will star?What is it about?
Could you imagine Sophia and Medea in a movie?


joshua washington said...

unless they are backing another film, the film "they have coming out" is a film that is already complete entitled "Precious". The movie is based off of the book by Sapphire, "Push". They changed the title due to the fact that a movie "Push" already came out earlier this year. The movie was done by Lee Daniels, the producer/director by such films like, "Monster's Ball", "Shadowboxer", and "The Woodsman". It stars Monique, Lenny Kravitz, Sherri Shepherd, Paula Patton, Mariah Carey and new comer Gabourey Sidibe.

The movie premiered at Sundance at took in numerous top honors as well at The Spirit Awards a couple weeks ago. This movie apparently churns at very, very powerful performances, especially by Monique.

I am not the happiest that Tyler Perry's hands are touching this, but as long as his money is the only thing that touches it and the only they change is the title of the movie, i will be fine.

I inserted a link with more information. I hope I helped fam.

celeste said...

well praise God...

1. sophia and medea would be a mess.

2. they are using their powerful names and pocketbooks to bring this movie out.

The CPA Doc said...

I want less Madea and more originality from Tyler Perry....more movies that were not plays....that's all!

Nobody not really... said...

"Good mornting!"

"You told HAHPO ta beat me?"


Madea would likely shoot first and ask questions later when confronted by Sophia...

Anonymous said...

Interesting indeed. I agree with The CPA Doc about more originality from Tyler. Madea is loosing steam. As for Lady O, yes she's like God but let's face it, her movies haven't always been that successful.