Random Thoughts on Celebs...

Why is Ray J still relevant? I mean even his once super popstar sister barely makes the news with her manslaughter and civil cases. But this irrelevant boy who hasn't had a musical hit in years... if ever... and awful acting helped end that even more awful UPN show. But out of desperation of maintaining a public image he releases a sex tape with Hilton wannabe Kim K (who is now supposedly dating LaMike... you know her Armanian father is loosing his mind) and makes public appearances with Whitney... and all of sudden he is everywhere. Please sit down.

Guess who??? Yep that is Schatar Taylor aka Hottie from VH1's 'Charm School' and 'Flavor of Love.'

Angela Bassett has to be one of my favorite actresses ever. I am still pissed that Halle got an Oscar before she did, no slight to Halle cause I love her too but Angie is just a better actress. Not only talented but absolutely gorgeous as well. I am definitely looking forward to her new movies, Gospel Hill and Touissant. She never gets the acclaim she deserves.

Why are people up in arms so much about the Eddie Murphy baby momma drama when all he said was that he wanted a paternity test.

Did anyone really believe Akon was 25? When I saw this in Rolling Stone... I laughed. I mean I know people lie about their age but could his people at least come up with something believable? Too bad his child humping antics (which I still do not think is his fault) brought about his prison records which show he is well into his 30s.

In totally true utter nonsense... Shar Jackson gets a tv show based on being Kevin Federwho's ex?!?! Are you fucking serious? I mean Shar use what you got to get what you need but based on being a nobody's ex?

Even though Nick Cannon got the Breakthrough Award in Cannes last week... I think it should have gone to Queen Latifah. This woman has evolved so much in front of our eyes. From U.N.I.T.Y. to the Dana Owens Album... from House Party 2 to Hairspray... she has definitely crafter her career and image well.

Why hasn't R Pissy gone to court yet? Everytime I hear him on my radio it begins to annoy me. Whether he gets off or goes to jail... I could careless. I just want him to have his day in court immediately.

You all know I love Oprah... God knows I do... but this picture is... well has left me speechless.

Don't Ask... Don't Tell

I haven't donated blood since I was a senior in college (which was just a couple of years ago... honest). So it came as quite a surprise this morning as I was doing my daily reading of the Post, Times, and CNN News, to find out that homosexuals have been banned from giving blood since 1983.

Regardless of your HIV and other STD status, the FDA does not allow men who have ever had a sexual encounter with another man to donate blood, saying they are at increased risk of infection by HIV that can be transmitted to others by blood transfusion. Although the Red Cross and two other blood groups criticized the policy as "medically and scientifically unwarranted" and offered the solution of waiting at least one year since their last homosexual encounter, the Food and Drug Administration continues to uphold their decision. In March 2006, the three groups told the FDA that new and improved tests, which can detect HIV-positive donors within just 10 to 21 days of infection, make the lifetime ban unnecessary.

This was all a shock to me because I have been asked to donate several times and have never been asked if I was homosexual. The last time I did donate blood... that was never asked nor did I see it on any form I filled out.

While critics of the policy said it bars potential healthy donors and is discriminatory, the FDA admits the policy defers many healthy donors but rejects the suggestion that it discriminates against gays.

According to CDC estimates, heterosexual contact led to about one third of new AIDS diagnoses and one third of new HIV diagnoses in 2005. I totally agree that there should be some safety precautions taken... but isn't and shouldn't all blood regardless of who it comes from tested before it is given out?

Compared to my past, there is very little on TV that I watch on a regular basis. And most of the shows I watch only come on for part of a season like Prison Break and Project Runway. But each week there are two shows that I have to see with out interruption from phone calls or IMs... and those are Grey's Anatomy and Desperate Housewives.

I rarely blog or write about TV but after watching last night's Desperate Hos I just couldn't resist. The season finale had to be the best show of the entire season. Of course there were a few yawns... this season still doesn't compare to the first two. The whole Mike and and Susan getting married... yawn. The return of Bree with that new story line surrounding her hoish daughter and the baby, reminded me of something that my Aunt Marie would probably do. The lies, the lust, the sex between Victor, Gabby, and Carlos.... And the final sweet justice for that conniving Edie was just not what I was expecting at all.
This episode was like wow to me... did you see it?

Poor little Jennifer

"DREAMGIRLS is a fascinating look inside the 60’s music industry. Jennifer Holliday reprises her Tony Award-winning role as Effie, the troubled star of a legendary female singing group in Michael Bennett’s dazzling, highly-charged musical about the cost of fame. Filled with showbiz glitz and glamour, romance and heartbreak, the musical features songs such as “Dreamgirls,” “I am Changing,” “I Miss You Old Friend” and Effie’s signature song, “And I’m telling You I’m Not Going.” - taken from the National Black Arts Festival website

Yes the 47yo has been is going to play an 18 - mid 20yo this July at the National Black Arts Festival... discuss amongst yourselves For more click here.

The Culture of Boys

Last night a date and myself ventured over to Landmark Midtown Cinemas to see Q. Allen Brocka's Boy Culture film that I had been reading about for the past few months. Usually these white washed dramas do not interest me but everyone knows I am in love with Darryl Stephen's lips and will do just about anything to see them again. (especially now that Logo sent Noah's Arc apackin'... has anyone heard anything about the alleged movie yet???) Anyway back to Darryl's lips... I mean Boy Culture.

The movie is the candid confession of "X" played by Derek Magyar, a quite successful male escort. After several years of escorting, "X" gets romantically entangled with his two very different roommates and a reclusive elderly client. While one roommate is trying not to fall for "X", the other is doing everything... to get him (and when I say everything wait till you see the bedroom scene... hilarious) However before the old man will agree to sex, he tells an unsetting love story spanning fifty years over a number of dates paying after each one. He also refuses to sleep with the escort he is paying until he actually desires the old geezer. In the process daring "X" to try feeling emotions which he hasn't felt in years and teaching him about pursuing love with one of his roommates.

The movie is very gay film festival... indy feeling. However there were some interesting performances throughout the 90 minute film. Unfortunately the acting of Jonathon Trent, who plays one of the roommates, was not one of them for me and was rather blah. (But then again I haven't been around any twinkish boys since I worked at the Kennedy Center so it might have been right on) The emotional turmoil that Magyar goes through is believable and delivered quite well. And Darryl brings a masculine and real persona to his character, Andrew. Quite a different role from Noah... and quite good to see that he can play other type of roles.

Overall the movie provides quite a few laughs. And you may notice parts of yourself in some of the characters or at least vibe with some of their experiences. Not a must see... but definitely something you can do one evening or Saturday afternoon.

Dinner with Luda

So last night I was the guest of the Tupac Amaru Shakur Foundation at the 4th Annual Ludacris Foundation Benefit Dinner here in Atlanta. The dinner was followed by a Casino Night After-Party.

Contrary to the one sided image of hip hop that the media portrays, The Ludacris Foundation provides a complete approach when it comes to community service by not only providing monetary support, appearances but also by donating time in the communities. Since 2001, The Ludacris Foundation has donated financial support to grassroots organizations that work to help youth, as well as invested 7,000 hours in devoted service to young people across the nation. The many programs in support of the Foundation have impacted over 7000 lives.

I remember back in the day when Chris Bridges was on Hot 107.9 rapping for the promos and djing in the evening. It is great to see his career actually unfold and develop, and at the same time he hasn't forgotten his community along the way. He definitely needs to be recognized for his diligent work with youth and the community, especially when so many celebs are starting foundations as tax shelters and not really doing much work.

With all the hard work that the foundation has been doing, it is unfortunate that last night's event didn't live up to the price tag. As a special event consultant, I always walk in looking at events to see what ideas and lessons I can walk away with. The lesson here was Roberta Sheilds, President of the Foundation and Luda's mom, needs to fire their event planner. The theme for the evening was Karma (for the literal translation and being Luda's daughters name). However the theme which should have been carried throughout the event was left merely at the hostess in robes that were supposed to be kimonos and an Asian musician playing a guitarlike instrument as people moved from the reception to the dinner. The silent auction lots were still being displayed as we milled around the reception surrounded with black drape. The food was not Asian inspired... and undercooked. The comedy of Bruce Bruce was long, boring, and unoriginal. The two no name acts were... well lets just say I see why they are no names. Bobby Valentino was a disappointment as well. He came out and apologized for his recent single not being appropriate, and instead did a Babyface cover. Hard to believe that he doesn't have one song on his new album that wasn't about sex, drugs, or some other nonsense. (Did I mention he is short as HELL... 5'5" at most). And the choice of the Apparel Mart as a venue was not quite well thought out.

The Foundation honored Bishop Eddie Long, Radio One maven Cathy Hughes (so underwhelming to be so wealthy) , and Hip Hop Icon and Mogul Russell Simmons for their work in the community and success in their industry. Not only were those three in attendance but Star Jones and Al "How You Doin" Reynolds; Alonzo and Tracey Mourning; CeeLo or Gnarles Barkley or whomever he is this month; Kevin Lyles (very personable... I like him) ; Ben Chavis; Chingy and several others that I just can't think of right now.

Overall the event was to raise money for the foundation and to uplift people that are doing good work so for that I enjoyed it... but please fire your event manager because they did a disservice to all the good work your organization is doing.

Random Thoughts

I wonder how much more will Bush fuck up this country before his time is up.

Now that the Dems are back in power… I notice my friends that have been working as consultants in Iraq for the past few years are making their plans to return by the end of the year.

So now that the Innocence Project has cleared 200 people from death row that were wrongly convicted… don’t you think we should really reexamine our judicial system.

Seeing that R. Pissy is still walking around free… don’t you think we should really reexamine our judicial system.

I hate when grown ass people can't own up to their mistakes. So now that Paris is on her way to jail (sure mommy Hilton is a lil unhappy about that) she is blaming (and has since fired and rehired) her publicist for not explaining the terms of her probation to her. First the silly ho should learn for legal matters talk to an attorney not a PR person. And second she should be firing her attorney not her publicist because if Kimora Lee, Snoop Dog can get off without seeing any jail time for drugs and guns... a little DUI should have been a breeze.

Who will get the last laugh Imus, CBS, or Al and Jesse… although Imus was only 4 months into his 5 year contract when he was fired, he is now suing for the rest of his $40million contract.

I am hoping that Oprah and the Color Purple make a stop in Atlanta… before her plans on taking the trip to South Africa. I saw it back in 2005 right after it opened and wouldn’t mind seeing it again with the new cast additions.

What brilliant person decided on the three editions of Dreamgirls DVD. There is the (1) just the movie version; (2) movie with a good ole punk dance cd; and (3) movie with bonus feature dvd… but yet no option to get the DVD, bonus feature dvd, and CD all together. And they wonder why people copy and download music!!

For awhile I have had a jaded view of death… it is a part of life and everyone will experience it. But since my maternal grandparents have began distributing their assets and making their wishes known, I am kind of becoming more afraid of death.

How upset am I that Janet Jackson has made 2 appearances at the Jungle night club that sits right across a creek from my 2nd floor balcony… and I DIDN’T KNOW!!

Speaking of... Janet, Jilly from Philly and Medea…guess we will have to wait till October to see this.

Can someone please slap the shit out of Beyonce and tell her to NEVER, EVER do this again. CLICK HERE.

Ok I am over the whole Cocodorm story... that was last week's topic of discussion lets move on to the next.

We are well into the second quarter of the new year… have you made efforts to make this year better than the last.

To think I created this blog just to be able to post what was in my thoughts, things I thought were interesting, and what was going on in my life. In the past 2 days since posting the link to NBC 6 news story on CocoDorm and Flavalife I have been told by a friend that I was “irresponsible”… the Cocodorm website says I am a “self-proclaimed black gay leader”… and in an email I have been denounced as "starting and spreading vicious untruths" about their organization. If you take 15 seconds and read what I posted on Tuesday the only thing you will see is:

1. A humorous jab at the boys of Cocodorm as “can’t get it up”… anyone that has seen any of their work knows a lot of times the boys in the videos have quite a hard time staying erect… as an owner of several bootleg copies of Flavalife videos and downloads I can attest to this.
2. You will see two links one to the very annoying and dragging preview of the news story and another to the actual news clip.
3. The third thing you see is a link to the Cocodorm website, expressing their response to the entire situation. Which contains a jab at me and HisStory. As well as a jab back at their attempt at a press release.

As you see unlike others that were targeted on their website, I not only posted the NBC 6 side but also the Cocodorm side. Also unlike others I never made a long soliloquy about the detriments of unprotected sex, the Chicago Health Department or how the website/organization should be shut down. As for being irresponsible, I have been quite responsible by posting both sides and not altering or moderating any comments posted. Some may need to be reminded this is a personal blog… there are no ads or claims to be a part of the media, so I have no duty to anyone to be “responsible”.

As for the comments section I have never moderated comments on my blog, not even when they have been negative about me. We can not control what others say but yet we can express our own opinions and hope our side of the situation is seen. I am actually happy that several past and present Cocodorm models have posted comments expressing their stance and defending their organization and would be quite happy to hear from the owner of Flavalife. Last night one of my very own comments was pointed out to me as being negative and bashing. And to that I say please read my entire comment.

"While I personally have no idea why anyone would want to do porn or be on a live web show, I believe it is their decision to do that and respect that decision."

While I do feel I was wrongly targeted on their website as “denouncing the CocoDorm and the models, implying that our models have STD's and are practicing unsafe Sex.” I have never claimed or even remotely had the desire to be a "gay black leader". Like I have said before this is my space on the web and I feel that if and when I do decide to post my thoughts on the situation… it will be just that my thoughts, which I believe I am entitled to.

And for full disclosure I own several bootleg copies of the Dorm Life and Raw Thugs series. And I once subscribed to Cocodorm.com and Thugboys.com for one month each.

Cocodorm at it Again

Well the can't get it up boys of Cocodorm are in the news again... didn't take long after they were banished from Chicago to make the local news in South Florida with this news story, The House Next Door

NBC 6 South Florida News Story

(Please note the first 2 minutes are quite painful...
but it is the last 30 seconds of the clip you need to see)

Update: Click here for the entire News Story

Update: View Cocodorm's response In their defense "Cmack, Alex Flex and Breion secured over a half a dozen signatures on a petition from neighbors in support of CocoDorm." So 7 neighbors want them around!! They really need to hire a PR person before they start releasing press releases.

Past Blogs:

So what’s new in my life…

I have definitely been on the grind as far as a new job. Two weeks before my birthday I said a prayer and asked for some form of direction, to my utter disbelief the next morning I woke up knowing exactly what I wanted to do. I wanted to use my several years of nonprofit and fundraising experience to assist individuals and companies decide where to do their philanthropic endeavors. So I have been meeting and talking with people working in Community Affairs and Corporate Responsibility… I am not only praying and hoping but putting in some work to make this my reality.

I have also recently been working with a local celebrity and his foundation. I always thought that most people set up foundations as a tax shelter for their money, but recently at a golf clinic for kids I was able to see his real passion and drive for what he does. That alone made my commitment to the organization worth while.

Since the truck has been paid for the upkeep and maintenance has been kicking my ass. New tires, alignments, new air bag modules… it is like my car note didn’t go away and got a little more expensive. I think I will be leasing the E320.

Two good friends will be moving down in the next few weeks… one from the DC area and the other formerly of DC but now living in NY. I am glad my friendship base here in Atlanta can expand with familiar people.

As for the love life… I can’t really complain. I mean I could but I won’t cause it is what it is. To be single and in a major city allows so many possibilities. And I will say it has been quite interesting lately. There was one guy a student at Clark… nuff said real nice guy but toooooo young. Then there is a blast from my past… a friend from New Orleans that I have known for about 3 or 4 years, but I don’t think he is ready for anything serious, so we will continue to hang out as friends. Then yesterday there was a late afternoon date with a guy I met while out. I never really gave him much thought, seeing I became familiar with him when he was kicking it with another ATL blogger. Being he wasn't my usual type, he wasn't what I expected a really nice guy that had decent conversation and he seemed to understand the "only child, spoiled" syndrome I suffer from. But most surprising is I met a guy while out and about, what was meant to be just friends has developed into me really liking this guy. For the most he is intelligent, funny, artistic, deep, and o so attractive, however I am sure he has some issues as we all do. How do you tell a friend he could be a date without making things feel weird.

After a recent conversation with Dominican, two unecessary emails, and a couple of comments... I felt the need to repost this.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Big Brother is watching...
I never really pay attention to the statistics of visitors to my page but this week I have found out that more people are visiting my page and reading my thoughts than I would have imagined. Earlier this week I got a Yahoo IM from a friend of a friend... who commented on a recent post I had made. This totally took me by shock, because I would have never assumed that he even knew I had a blog.

Then today my bestfriend back in DC calls me to inform me someone was asking about comments to my blog and also inquiring why there are no pictures of him from the White Attire Affair. This too took me by shock. I had told him awhile back that I blogged but I never knew he would read it or even the person that called him about it.

The first thing that came to mind was.... O shit what have I been blogging about. Well at first thought, I was at ease because I always change the names of most of the people I blog about to protect their privacy. Then I remembered the original reason of why I started this blog... as somewhat of an extension to my personal journals. Like the title of the blog says this is about my writings, my thoughts, my life... so now I must make a conscious effort not to censor my postings knowing that my readership extends far beyond what I originally imagined.

And to those I know if you ever read something that moves you in some way, there is always the comments section... but just remember my writings... my thoughts, my life... my HisStory

Please Not Again...

So the negroidian nonsense is back... in less time it took for Tiffany Patterson aka New York to apply those awful fake eyelashes, she is back with I Want My 3 Minutes of Fame Love New York 2 with those two bowling balls sitting on her chest.

And just in case you didn't think the participants were gay enough on the first series... the I Love New York 2 website is allowing people to post their photo and collect votes "The top five misters with the most votes will be vying for New York's affection on television in I Love New York 2." But the gag is look at the top 5 so far!!

Unfortunately I didn't watch the entire series just the first episode and a few minutes of the series reunion... but seeing I know a couple of the top contenders on this website, I may have to start watching this time around if they get on.