Random Thoughts

I wonder how much more will Bush fuck up this country before his time is up.

Now that the Dems are back in power… I notice my friends that have been working as consultants in Iraq for the past few years are making their plans to return by the end of the year.

So now that the Innocence Project has cleared 200 people from death row that were wrongly convicted… don’t you think we should really reexamine our judicial system.

Seeing that R. Pissy is still walking around free… don’t you think we should really reexamine our judicial system.

I hate when grown ass people can't own up to their mistakes. So now that Paris is on her way to jail (sure mommy Hilton is a lil unhappy about that) she is blaming (and has since fired and rehired) her publicist for not explaining the terms of her probation to her. First the silly ho should learn for legal matters talk to an attorney not a PR person. And second she should be firing her attorney not her publicist because if Kimora Lee, Snoop Dog can get off without seeing any jail time for drugs and guns... a little DUI should have been a breeze.

Who will get the last laugh Imus, CBS, or Al and Jesse… although Imus was only 4 months into his 5 year contract when he was fired, he is now suing for the rest of his $40million contract.

I am hoping that Oprah and the Color Purple make a stop in Atlanta… before her plans on taking the trip to South Africa. I saw it back in 2005 right after it opened and wouldn’t mind seeing it again with the new cast additions.

What brilliant person decided on the three editions of Dreamgirls DVD. There is the (1) just the movie version; (2) movie with a good ole punk dance cd; and (3) movie with bonus feature dvd… but yet no option to get the DVD, bonus feature dvd, and CD all together. And they wonder why people copy and download music!!

For awhile I have had a jaded view of death… it is a part of life and everyone will experience it. But since my maternal grandparents have began distributing their assets and making their wishes known, I am kind of becoming more afraid of death.

How upset am I that Janet Jackson has made 2 appearances at the Jungle night club that sits right across a creek from my 2nd floor balcony… and I DIDN’T KNOW!!

Speaking of... Janet, Jilly from Philly and Medea…guess we will have to wait till October to see this.

Can someone please slap the shit out of Beyonce and tell her to NEVER, EVER do this again. CLICK HERE.

Ok I am over the whole Cocodorm story... that was last week's topic of discussion lets move on to the next.

We are well into the second quarter of the new year… have you made efforts to make this year better than the last.


celeste said...

Over Cocodorm... yes

Beyonce... needs to stop

the death penalty... a farce

Moniker said...

And failing miserably.

Moniker said...

Oh yeah.
Beyonce's version of that song was horrible.
You can't fuck with good Jill like that.

Anonymous said...

We need to support our President. He is our commander in chief and deserves our respect and support.

life said...

It's crazy how famous ppl are fired from thier jobs, but still walk away with boat loads of money.

I posted that Beyonce clip last week on my blog and was blown when I saw it. BAD MOVE B!

Cocoa Rican said...

I agree pa... some of these folks are clueless!
I'm so glad that 2007 is 1000% better than 2006 was! Basically, I read the Secret, took control of my life and decided it's all ME. I make it good, I make it bad, I make it depressing, I make it HOT! ...and you know what? I've made it really great this year! Hey...are you heading to PR next week for San Juan Brothas - Memorial Weekend? Hit me up if you are... I'm there with friends. It'll be good to meet a blogger I've been reading for a while.

Marz said...

Well, Bush intends to reinstate failing abstinence-only programs that have wasted a million dollars, and teach things such as , " Aids can be transmitted by skin to skin contact". In addition, he is probably going to veto the new hate crim legislation. At which point I think a group of gay people should straight bash him, and then watch as he struggles to get more time for it being a hate crime, BUT CAN'T.

R kelly found jesus. Jesus saves honey. Saved him from prison.

I was watching the South PArk episode about paris hilton, and it was so funny when the little girl was like, " what do she do?" And all the other little girls couldn't tell her what PAris did, but just that she was rich and a stupid spoiled whore.

This year is everything. I'm graduating. Life is good.


Marz said...

oops billion for the abstinence programs...

twinston1911 said...


Cocoa Rican said...

BTW...not for nothin'... checked out that B video of He Loves Me...she did good... y'all need to stop hatin' fo' real. :)

ReddMann said...

@Cocoa... why is it that everytime someone criticizes beyonce, janet, etc. they are hating... instead of just stating their opinion.

@Captain... when Bush failed my family in New Orleans... when my cousin returned from Iraq wounded for an unjustified war... he lost all respect. Now if you want to continue to support him that is your right... but dont come to my blog and tell me what I should be doing.

Cocoa Rican said...

@ Red...
boy, you know 9 out of 10 times when Beyonce is criticized it is hating...whether it be overexposure, being too free, being too shy, being too country...truth is she can buy and sell most of of these folks and a peek in any of our CD repitoire would reveal one if not all of her recordings. So she didn't do Jill on Jill's song... if she did, most of y'all would say she was biting and can't be original. She's genius, she's beautiful, she's doin' it and you're buying it. That's all...but hey, maybe it's not hating.
BTW... that mess aside, you never answered... are you heading to PR for Memorial?

ReddMann said...

never said she wasnt talented or was biting... just said that rendition should have been left alone... regardless of her talent she is far from perfect. And I personally have not purchased any of Beyonce's CDs however I do have both CDs on my ipod thanks to borrowing of friends CDs.

And nope I will not be in Puerto Rico.