To think I created this blog just to be able to post what was in my thoughts, things I thought were interesting, and what was going on in my life. In the past 2 days since posting the link to NBC 6 news story on CocoDorm and Flavalife I have been told by a friend that I was “irresponsible”… the Cocodorm website says I am a “self-proclaimed black gay leader”… and in an email I have been denounced as "starting and spreading vicious untruths" about their organization. If you take 15 seconds and read what I posted on Tuesday the only thing you will see is:

1. A humorous jab at the boys of Cocodorm as “can’t get it up”… anyone that has seen any of their work knows a lot of times the boys in the videos have quite a hard time staying erect… as an owner of several bootleg copies of Flavalife videos and downloads I can attest to this.
2. You will see two links one to the very annoying and dragging preview of the news story and another to the actual news clip.
3. The third thing you see is a link to the Cocodorm website, expressing their response to the entire situation. Which contains a jab at me and HisStory. As well as a jab back at their attempt at a press release.

As you see unlike others that were targeted on their website, I not only posted the NBC 6 side but also the Cocodorm side. Also unlike others I never made a long soliloquy about the detriments of unprotected sex, the Chicago Health Department or how the website/organization should be shut down. As for being irresponsible, I have been quite responsible by posting both sides and not altering or moderating any comments posted. Some may need to be reminded this is a personal blog… there are no ads or claims to be a part of the media, so I have no duty to anyone to be “responsible”.

As for the comments section I have never moderated comments on my blog, not even when they have been negative about me. We can not control what others say but yet we can express our own opinions and hope our side of the situation is seen. I am actually happy that several past and present Cocodorm models have posted comments expressing their stance and defending their organization and would be quite happy to hear from the owner of Flavalife. Last night one of my very own comments was pointed out to me as being negative and bashing. And to that I say please read my entire comment.

"While I personally have no idea why anyone would want to do porn or be on a live web show, I believe it is their decision to do that and respect that decision."

While I do feel I was wrongly targeted on their website as “denouncing the CocoDorm and the models, implying that our models have STD's and are practicing unsafe Sex.” I have never claimed or even remotely had the desire to be a "gay black leader". Like I have said before this is my space on the web and I feel that if and when I do decide to post my thoughts on the situation… it will be just that my thoughts, which I believe I am entitled to.

And for full disclosure I own several bootleg copies of the Dorm Life and Raw Thugs series. And I once subscribed to and for one month each.


Andre Allen said...

keep doing what u do u did nothin wrong. i commend you for addressing the haters, but as you said this is your personal blog and you are entitled to your own freedom of speech

Anonymous said...

i agree man do what you do... you are getting called out just because you brought attention to something that was already in the media, instead of ignoring it.

Anonymous said...

We got your back in the community my brotha. Keep writing and letting the truth come to light. The Cocodrom guys know they are wrong and they are trying to cover their drippy asses.

Anonymous said...

Please keep doing what you are doing, not everyone can demonstrate professionalism that you have shown on this matter. I have been one of your readers for a couple of months and you have helped me realize that I’m not crazy because I share some of your views. It was great hearing from the dorm mates, but I have always been told “you never have to defend what is right, people always have to try to defend what is wrong.” I hope everyone that showed supported the Flava Works to visit your blog and other to post there support, have the same energy to address the real issue with the media and city officials.


“The media's the most powerful entity on earth. They have the power to make the innocent guilty and to make the guilty innocent, and that's power. Because they control the minds of the masses.”-Malcolm X

KennonPurdy said...

Well said man, well said.

Cocoa Rican said...

It's your your thing! LOL Es tu casa papi!
40 some-odd comments and in the end the issue remains....what's the issue?

Corey Keith said...

Great blog!