After a recent conversation with Dominican, two unecessary emails, and a couple of comments... I felt the need to repost this.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Big Brother is watching...
I never really pay attention to the statistics of visitors to my page but this week I have found out that more people are visiting my page and reading my thoughts than I would have imagined. Earlier this week I got a Yahoo IM from a friend of a friend... who commented on a recent post I had made. This totally took me by shock, because I would have never assumed that he even knew I had a blog.

Then today my bestfriend back in DC calls me to inform me someone was asking about comments to my blog and also inquiring why there are no pictures of him from the White Attire Affair. This too took me by shock. I had told him awhile back that I blogged but I never knew he would read it or even the person that called him about it.

The first thing that came to mind was.... O shit what have I been blogging about. Well at first thought, I was at ease because I always change the names of most of the people I blog about to protect their privacy. Then I remembered the original reason of why I started this blog... as somewhat of an extension to my personal journals. Like the title of the blog says this is about my writings, my thoughts, my life... so now I must make a conscious effort not to censor my postings knowing that my readership extends far beyond what I originally imagined.

And to those I know if you ever read something that moves you in some way, there is always the comments section... but just remember my writings... my thoughts, my life... my HisStory


Anonymous said...

i know thats right!!

Cocoa Rican said...

Yeah pa... I'm on of those faithful readers... I have my few blog faves and the hyphenated boy is one of them! :)
Keep doin' your thing!

Kensilo said...

I agree. Be You!! Continue to do your thing!

life said...

Well, let us know that this is your sh* j/k. Being transparent is tough, it sucks that you have had to have so many conversation about some of your post.