The Culture of Boys

Last night a date and myself ventured over to Landmark Midtown Cinemas to see Q. Allen Brocka's Boy Culture film that I had been reading about for the past few months. Usually these white washed dramas do not interest me but everyone knows I am in love with Darryl Stephen's lips and will do just about anything to see them again. (especially now that Logo sent Noah's Arc apackin'... has anyone heard anything about the alleged movie yet???) Anyway back to Darryl's lips... I mean Boy Culture.

The movie is the candid confession of "X" played by Derek Magyar, a quite successful male escort. After several years of escorting, "X" gets romantically entangled with his two very different roommates and a reclusive elderly client. While one roommate is trying not to fall for "X", the other is doing everything... to get him (and when I say everything wait till you see the bedroom scene... hilarious) However before the old man will agree to sex, he tells an unsetting love story spanning fifty years over a number of dates paying after each one. He also refuses to sleep with the escort he is paying until he actually desires the old geezer. In the process daring "X" to try feeling emotions which he hasn't felt in years and teaching him about pursuing love with one of his roommates.

The movie is very gay film festival... indy feeling. However there were some interesting performances throughout the 90 minute film. Unfortunately the acting of Jonathon Trent, who plays one of the roommates, was not one of them for me and was rather blah. (But then again I haven't been around any twinkish boys since I worked at the Kennedy Center so it might have been right on) The emotional turmoil that Magyar goes through is believable and delivered quite well. And Darryl brings a masculine and real persona to his character, Andrew. Quite a different role from Noah... and quite good to see that he can play other type of roles.

Overall the movie provides quite a few laughs. And you may notice parts of yourself in some of the characters or at least vibe with some of their experiences. Not a must see... but definitely something you can do one evening or Saturday afternoon.


colinnyc said...

im like u id go see it for his lips 2

ShawnQt said...

I seen the movie when it came out, and it was quite good! Oh Noah....mmmmmmmm! :) But the story and cast was pretty good.

Want to say more, but don't want to give it away to others.

ShawnQt said...

the shower scene, yes!
ok im done.

Cocoa Rican said...

I saw the movie twice in its run in New York City and loved it! I ended up taking two dates and although neither was a roommate I definitely felt that it was easy to live the story.

That Dude Right There said...

I tried to convince the guy i'm seeing to see this movie last week at that same theater, but he wouldn't. Thanks for the review. I'll probably check it out my myself.