Missing my Vacation...

I can't believe it has already been a week since me and my travel partners returned from Casa Ventana and Puerta Vallarta.

Simply stated this was the best vacation I have ever taken with a group of friends.

The villa we rented was amazing, from the staff to the rooms to the view from the infinity pool... it was definitely first class the entire way. The house staff was quite impressive... I casually mentioned over the french toast breakfast that I wish we had a diet coke to one of my friends. Later that afternoon when I returned from the beach the fridge was stocked with a 12 pack of Coke Light (Mexico's version of Diet Coke).

The views and house were quite impressive... waking up in my suite to views of the Pacific and the city below made me just lay in bed for awhile each morning and just take it in.

The activities we took part in from chartering a private catamaran to zip lining through the Mexico forest, were all new adventures I was happy to share with my old and new friends.

There was no drama, no attitudes, just pure relaxing and fun for 6 days... we are all already anticipating our next trip.


colinnyc said...

that is a hot view!

i wish i could say the same about my trip to MIA.. i went with 4 friends and came back with 2 and 2 others id rather never see again.

That Dude Right There said...

I'm glad you enjoyed yourself. I'm chomping at the bit for my cruise with my friends in October!!

The CPA Doc said...

vacations are always nice when the drama, foolishness, and negativity stay at home. i'm ready for one myself.