Wanting to be a Princess... is a big deal.

I personally think a course in cultural sensitivity and diversity should be mandatory for everyone to graduate high school. I think we all could benefit from learning how to appreciate other's differences.

So recently I was sitting around with coworkers at lunch when a news story about the controversy over Disney's new African American princess came on. One coworker of another race couldn't understand why some people were upset that the first African American princess didn't have an African American prince. She stated I thought we have gotten pass the stigma of race mixing.

I simply turned to her and asked her when she was a little girl didn't she play with dolls and dream of being a princess and finding her prince? For 70 years Disney has been in the business of aspiring play and dreams... and it is important for all little girls to see that they could be princess just like all little boys need to see they could one day be princes. And little girls need to see that boys that look just like them could be princes as well.

Since living in Orlando at an early age, I have always been a Disney fan. And since first hearing Anika Noni Rose's voice I have been a fan. So it is needless to say this holiday season I will be sneaking away from work for a matinee or borrowing someone's child to go see this movie.


Anonymous said...

Black men are still undesirable. Why am I not shocked Disney did this?