And the weekend begins...

So the 4th of July weekend has officially started... and while I am looking forward to a weekend full of events... I keep reminding myself to keep my summer financial budget in the forefront of my thoughts.

I have totally been slacking the past two weeks when it comes to adhering to this budget but I have vowed to do better. I am still aiming to be out of credit card debt this fall, while paying cash for all the trips I have planned for the rest of the summer... this will be a true test of wills seeing I am addicted to shopping, especially online shopping.

I got a new set of mattresses this past Monday... which meant I had to get a new set of sheets and a new comforter. Which were a different color than my candles in my room which means I had to go back to the store to get new candles for the room. And I justified all by buying new mattresses. Maybe I should talk about this in therapy next week.

So anyway its the nation's birthday and my friend is in town from Atlanta to hang out and party... we will start the weekend out with my friends The Kings at:

Red Hot Friday

Helix Lounge
1430 Rhode Island Ave NW


If you see me there be sure to say hello!