Music is back... Thanks Maxwell

It has been 8 years but this past Tuesday, Maxwell finally released "BLACKsummers' Night," the first part of a trilogy he plans to deliver over the next few years. I first mentioned his return in February 2007... and it took a full 2 and a half years for it to come to fruition.

Worth the wait... I am unsure but I will say I have thoroughly enjoyed the CD this past week. Maxwell's approach to this album is the same as his prior albums and what makes him stand out as an artist. Unlike the current selections of R&B music on the scene, whose music is meant to be catchy, quickly absorbed and feature lyrics that would be better suited for a nursery rhyme or sidewalk jump rope.

For me his stand alone hits on the album are Prettywings, which has been tempted and teased since 2007 and Bad Habits, the CD opener, and Fistfull of Tears. Like his other albums I can listen all the way through and will definitely use the CD as background music at the next dinner party. Unlike other music out there Maxwell not only uses but features live instrumentation.. which for me is one component of great music.

Seeing that I saw Maxwell in concert back in November... and the album is coming out 8 months later... I hope he doesn't fall victim to lack of marketing from Sony.

I think the genius of this album will become more apparent as the subsequent parts of the trilogy are released... but definitely think it was worth the purchase and constant rotation for awhile.


life said...

I wanted more from the album. It took awhile for it to grow on me. I'm still not over a 37 min cd, but the live instruments made up for it.

Corey Keith said...

I was disappointed at the length, but the CD is amazing. Pretty Wings will be nominated for song of the year!

Anonymous said...

loving the cd but wanted more tracks

deonte' k said...

LOVE THIS CD!!!!!!!!!!!