I am amazed that I can still remember the first time my mother gave me this little jewel. It was a Saturday and like every Saturday, my mother, her sister, and her cousin and my four cousins would spend the Saturday at the mall and running errands. At some point during the day we were separated from my mother and aunt... and my mother's cousin bought her 2 kids icecream or something but not me and my other cousin. As we sat there and watched them enjoying it... I remember being pissed cause hell I wanted some too.

Later on that evening when me and my mother were on our way home I asked why I couldn't have any icecream or whatever it was. She started explaining why her cousin would do what she did but the only thing that stook out was... Everybody wasn't raised the way you were raised.

I have said before that I am far from perfect but definitely working on it. And before judging someone, I often go back to this thought my mother gave me when I wonder why people react or do things differently than how I would.

So recently a friend of mine got offended by something I relayed about him to a mutual friend. Instead of bringing it to my attention he went around to several of our mutual friends "putting me on blast". The thing that surprised me was that 1) it is nothing I haven't told him before already and 2) if he had an issue with it why has he never told me his alleged friend. While I was surprised by his actions... I just looked at it as maybe he wasn't raised the way I was to go to the root of your problem and decided to accept his way of dealing with it and approach him myself. Now that all has been cleared up... I thank my mother for helping me look at other peoples actions through their point of view.

Yes some people have asinine reactions or actions but you can't control that... you can only control what you say or do and once you let go of expectations of others life is alot easier.


colinnyc said...

lol you are too funny... often right but funny

Anonymous said...

i am afraid you were wrong on this one. just because you discussed this issue with your friend DOES NOT mean that he should be ok with you discussing that issue with others. YOU are his friend and the one he shared the information with. as his friend, you don't necessarily "owe" him the courtesy of keeping that issue to yourself, but it would have been nice. and clearly, would have helped you avoid this tiny bit of drama. still, i love your blog...so, don't get mad, i'm just telling you how i understand that he reacted this way. in other news, you are on occasion very sexy.

C. Baptiste-Williams said...

thanks for your comment and by no means am offended... however I dont think I ever stated he should be ok with me discussing with others, on that matter I dont care.

what i was saying is i didnt and wouldnt say anything behind his back that i havent told to him. there was nothing shared with me that i told others.. it was just an observation about him that i brought to the attention of others and him.