My DC: Acadiana

Nine times out of ten on a Friday afternoon/ early evening... I am starting off my happy hour and weekend at Acadiana.

Acadiana located at 9th and New York Avenue across from the DC Museum... that overpriced parking lot... and the convention center... bills itself as capturing the true spirit of Louisiana. As someone who has spent quite a lot of his life in New Orleans... I will say they do a good job of capturing it but it is far from the authentic cuisine I grew up on.

Now the restaurant features an outdoor patio for dining which I love... even though most of the times I am at the bar eating, drinking, and enjoying the company of my two favorite bartenders Erin and Garrick. The recently ended crawfish boil is to my knowledge the only one in the Washington area... but the happy hour features $5 drinks and half priced bar food.

Street parking nearby opens up at 6:30pm... but of course there are lots around.

Favorite Signature Drink: Category 5
Favorite Entree: New Orleans Style BBQ Shrimp
Favorite Dessert: Decadent Chocolate Doberge Cake


Anonymous said...

i so love this spot... they had frog legs on their menu that i loved.