Merciless Bullying Leads to Gay Child's Suicide


K.C. said...

When I heard this story last week, it really touched me. I never endured bullying to such an extent and my sexual orientation was never an issue during high school, however, during my freshman year of high school, one guy really got to me so much that I stopped sitting at his lunch table and abandoned the cafeteria altogether. I still avoid cafeterias in college as a result of the psychological trauma.

Restrospectively, I'm strong enough now to have dealt with the problem head on but when you're young, it can really wreak havoc in your life. How I survived my elementary and high school bullies, God only knows.

My heart goes out to that family and I hope that the anti-bullying message continues to spread amongst schools across America. Let's stop the hate.

That Dude Right There said...

This is one of the most tragic stories i've ever read and I really am tearing up because I can relate.

I was bullied until I was in the 6th grade and there were several times I wanted to end my life. But one day, instead of crying when I got called a "fag" or "sissy" I beat down a dude until I couldn't fight anymore. I'm not saying that's the right route to go, but we didn't have bullying policies back then and no one gave a damn that you got picked on.

That day, I felt like I did what I had to do and the bullying and name calling stopped from that day forth.