Another Church Experience...

Well yet another interesting church experience in Atlanta.

First several, several years ago when the rapper Ma$e decided to leave Diddy, Bad Boy and New York relocate to Atlanta and pursue his calling to become a pastor... I was like ummm ok.

Then, one day God spoke to him saying, “You’re walking millions of My people to hell and every time you enter into another city and open your mouth, more people join-in, unaware. But today, you’re going to let their hands go. What I want you to do is, go to Atlanta, learn about Me and I’m going to send you back to stop them before they reach the wrong destination. Then, you’re going to lead the flock back to Me!” At that moment, Mason Betha heard from God and obeyed.

Not long after Ma$e aka Mason Betha started Mason Betha Ministries and S.A.N.E Church International, my homegirl started attending and eventually joined his church. She would always tell me about how real his service was and would always say I would come and check it out. Well today I did.

Well S.A.N.E Church is definitely in its beginning stages. There are three services 8, 10, and 12 noon held in an auditorium that could fit about 300 people, however at this 8am service today there were approximately 80 people in attendance. Mason told my girl that because of who he is he has to cater to a very diverse group and that was definitely shown today. I sat next to men in suits, guys in urban wear, a white family and a black family. But one thing they all had in common was that they were definitely into the service. The service was very minimalistic which I liked. There was an offering, singing, a message, communion and a dismissal. There was none of that extraness that I experienced at Tabernacle last week.

I will say to see Mason in action was quite a surprise. I had gotten over the whole this is a gimmick after his ministry had been going for more than a couple years but I never imagined him to be such a captivating speaker. He was well versed and related his message so that everyone in his diverse audience could understand. I was completely impressed.

Well of course it wouldn't be me if I didn't have an issue with anything. As I sat there and enjoyed the service as it came to a close, I thought wow I can't wait to blog about this experience maybe I have found the right church. Until Mason expressed his biblical views on homosexuality... while it wasn't a bashing experience, he definitely let it be known that him and his ministry felt that homosexuality was a choice and not in accordance to the Bible. While I respect him for stating his beliefs, in which we are all entitled, his beliefs don't coincide with my reality and for that reason S.A.N.E Church is not the church for me. And my search for a church home continues.... oh how I miss Metropolitan!!


That Dude Right There said...

Keep looking and give it some time. I think that I will stick to Bedside Baptist. Minister Mattress and Pastor Pillow give good sermons. Brotha Bedspread and Sister Sheets make me feel quite comfortable. And the Couch Choir keeps the Sofa Sanctuary jumping. (I hope this doesn't offend anyone).

Kensilo said...

Yeah I feel you. For me, just as long as I know the Lord and have a relationship with him he will always be there looking over me, supporting me, and taking care of me with his mighty angels. Everyone has their view on homosexuality but only God knows the true hearts of men. And as long as you a obey his commandments and walk in his ways, he will always be there for you and with you wherever you go.

Clay said...

LOL @ Mase... wow, i guess running down South he can avoid some of those pesky "rumors." im glad you decided to not suppport after hearing that. Many of us just stay and sit by assuming that is the standard for God.

The Captain said...

Well, you will never find a true church if you think YOUR reality is more important than God's reality.

What makes you think that YOUR thoughts, wishes and desires out weigh the plans and purposes of God?

That is pride...which is one thing God truly hates.

ReddMann said...

@captain... thanks once again for your meaningless opinion... but i already found what i was looking for just looking for the same here.

and until you know someone you should keep your opinions of what they are to yourself.

Cocoa Rican said...

Yeah pa, Metropolitan in DC is hard to replace.. I'm in NYC (and we have plenty up here, but nevah Met) so I'm on hold as well.
It takes a minute to find the right balance where you feel supported and nourished each time you leave your place of worship. That said, when you're sitting in the right one, you'll just know. Funny that Mase found it fitting to mention that tidbit... what was the context of that little message? Hmmm... guess he's forgetting the widely reported rumor that him and Diddy were "layin' hands" way before Mase decided to join the church. LOL Oh well... and as for fool #1...After packin' shyt for so many years, he can't help but to stay in our presence hangin' on our every word. Cap, you'll always be one of us... the chosen... the gay :)

Anonymous said...

why cant captain respect other's religious freedoms... we get your antigay stance but yet you are always on gay blogs... i just don't get it.

ReddMann said...

et al... while i do not agree with Captain's often annoying comments, i respect his right to freedom of speech.

the freedom of speech and religion are just two of the things that makes this often ass backwards country a great place to be.

and to the anonymous... while i do speak on gay issues and give my opinion as a gay man... i and my blog are so much more that is only one aspect... thanks and keep on reading

Darian said...

I see captain has tainted your blog too with his anti-gay bs. You'll learn to ignore him and only respond when his comments are so far out in left field you have no choice but to shut him down.

I attend The Vision Church of Atlanta and I've found the whole experience to be wonderful. Not sure if you've been to a service there or have any desire to attend but I urge you to give it a try.

Check out their website: The Vision Church

ReddMann said...

thanks Darian I will definitely add it to the list of church's to check out.

per the comments and emails I have gotten, there has been some misconception about my search for a church that I will have to address in a later post.

twinston1911 said...

Yeah Charles just pray about it, God will lead u to the right church for you. every church is not for everybody, fortunately God is for everybody so just keep searching, I was fortunate to find a church that was right for me 9 years ago (Tabernacle) im very happy and the word has blessed me a great deal but like any church organization it has its imperfections but all in all im getting my spiritual needs met. And Im accepted for who I am.

ShawnQt said...

I find it commendable that, no matter what the bible says, we as homosexuals STILL look to be closer to GOD, and set our lives with GOD"s Legacy.

We are always in brotherhood with GOD, ALWAYS, because GOD's love is unconditional, at least that is what I believe. Loving someone, only not to love one thing is conditional.

I don't wish to beleive in a lesser GOD that doesn't look at the hearts of man.

In reference to reality... what is reality, and what is GOD's reality? If anything, our reality is GOD's reality, because GOD created... ummm... reality! Did not GOD create all forms of reality?

Maybe GOD has an ULTIMATE REALITY for humankind?

I see GOD wanting us to have all the greatest attributes of GOD: Love, Compassion, the ability to Heal, & Create...the power to create paradise.

For these things to exist, there has to be something that says, this isn't love, or this isn't compassion. Because in the great mystery of GOD, not knowing something, is the way to knowing something!

So the cycle will always be this way, but GOD wishes us to be more like GOD, then lesser then our previous nature. If we choose to be "less" then by all means do so, but who's missing out? We are. GOD always wants the best for us, the question is do we choose it.

Now if we don't choose it, should there be punishment? abandonment? seclusion? destruction?

Would not just denial of being with GOD be enough? Could not GOD just cease for us to exist if we are less then what we are?

I think that most of us are on the RIGHT way to GOD, no matter what other people say. Most people are so afraid of not getting it right, that they try and see the wrong in others to make them feel like they are on the right path. Why focus on judgement, when you can focus on healing and compassion?

We are who we are, how we are in GOD.

(long winded I know, but I had to counteract the captain's words and thoughts with an antidote!)

11 said...

Does H. Beecher Hicks vocally support homosexuality? I didn't know that.

pastordavis22 said...

I believe God loves everybody right where they are. However I also believe in the bible which is the Word of God therefore if the Bible condemns it that settles it regardless of my feelings

C. Baptiste-Williams said...

The bible is not the word of God... it is a historical book "inspired by God" written by man. The chapters were compiled by man. And translated over and over by man.

C. Baptiste-Williams said...

11... i dont need Hicks or anyone else to vocally support nor condem me based on their beliefs.

Theodore said...

In the same way that the writer of this blog felt comfortable with the church right until the end, i was the same with this blog post until the final part which shows his acceptance of sin.

We bible makes itself very clear in regards to homosexuality - and we should not accept sin in our lives in any form whether it be homosexuality, or other forms such as fornication, adultery, drunkeness and the list goes on.

Thank God that he is a forgiving God, and that he has grace for all of us. As we ALL have sinned and are need of a Saviour.

Personally i have not struggled with homosexuality, but i have struggled in the past with fornication and lust. It was indeed a struggle, but i am so grateful for His grace.

God does not love the homosexual any less than a hetro but he does want us all to press forward once we put our faith in Jesus and move away from any sin in our lives.

God bless everyone who is reading this!!


Theodore said...

We Bible............. meaning THE bible.

Wii Bible......good idea eh??