Noah (and Blacks) Sails off Logo

Well with the recent dissapointing news posted on Patrick-Ian Polk's and Christian Vincent's MySpace and Rod and Keith's sites. I have come to the conclusion that we as African Americans are not apart of LOGO's target auidence. I mean how else can you explain taking their "hit flagship series" (their words not mine) off the air and turning it into a feature film (I will believe it when I see it). Noah's Arc was the only show on the all gay network that was geared and appealled to me and most African Americans.

The day before the 2 seasons started, I would call Comcast and upgrade my cable package to the level needed so that I could watch the season and the infrequent replays of my friend Maurice Jamal's Ski Trip. And as soon as the season was over... I went back to my money saving package. Well it is needless to say I won't be upgrading or supporting LOGO, since there is nothing geared to me on the network.

I say this not to knock the good news of the feature film and of course I will support this film if it ever makes it to the big screen but what about the every day programming on a network that runs 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

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Anonymous said...

awful and good news all rolled into one

Anonymous said...

okay, this is my first time posting to your site - although i read it - but once i saw the new on every site/blog on noah's arc, i had to comment. i wnat to say that i was excited to learn my provider carried the show and was quickly drawn to the characters on the series. it had all the things i wondered about within a gay/bi black community: are we seen...what is love... aids. i hope that logo comes to its senses and brings back their NUMBER ONE show for america to view. i will support the movie, whenever it premiers, but this is a sad, sad day for all who loved the series.

colinnyc said...

i was just getting into the show... damn

Playboy Adonis said...

Money and business are two items on the scale.

Sometimes things just don't work out.

Patrick Ian Polk, or however his name is appropriately spelled, is an innovative person and while I don't know him, I sense he has the ability to spring forward setting a trend in some new way.

I became fascinated with the characters but I was always looking for that more serious character (and no, Chance was not him).

I will miss Rafael with his nice booty and cute face...Ooops

Cocoa Rican said...

I'm disgusted! This is an outrage!!! I was so sure there was a season 3 that I feel an enormous sense of betrayal!

j_shanlin said...

what a BLOWER!

Marz said...

i need to do my research to see why it was cancelled. because i know it wasn't for numbers. (but who knows)

i've only seen two episodes, but i liked what i saw. (it was so hard to sneak it pass my warden-minister parents. then watching the tape before coming to church. MESS)

i heard that the dl; chronicles were supposed to replace noah's arc. though i feel both should be able to coexist and it isn't one or the other. sort of the bernie mac show, and my wife and kids all over again; in a sense.

Anonymous said...

This is another example of why we, as african-americans, need our own networks!!!! As long as we are at the mercy of mainstream media and networks owned by people who don't look like us and care about our stories, quality programming will continue to fall by the wayside.