Random Thoughts this Friday morning...

1. Do you remember rent parties? Well I don't but I definitely remember the stories my mother use to tell me about them and on occassion I had to think of the possibility of having one. But why have the rent parties of the 70s and 80s have turned into sex parties today. If I get one more invitation to some random sex party by some random fool... I will start passing this information on to Fulton County Police.

2. I have blogged about this before... but why are escorts recruiting unsuspecting customers. I mean I thought your trick hit you up not the other way around. And what is with all the stipulations they have???

3. Speaking of escorts... I have always said give me a honest ho over some lyin trick anyday. So why did I find out (with the help of my nosey friend Chris) that an acquaintence has a escort ad on Men4RentNow.com... after telling me he wouldn't do that. You should check the site out, I have come across people from my gym and old neighbors...

4. Oh how I am loving the Dreamgirls Soundtrack... it is like just being at the movie. But why does the leaked version I got over Thanksgiving have a number of songs on it that are not on the released version.

5. What does Mediatakeout have against Gabrielle Union? Here they have her linked with AJ formerly of 106&Park... Here with Big Tigger formerly of DC and Rap City... and there was another but I can't find it anymore.

6. I wonder would anyone like to sponsor a trip for me to go to the Whitney Houston auction in Jersey on Tuesday.

7. Speaking of sponsoring... my iPod died (I can supply my mailing address)!!

8. Hmmm one more week until Atlanta Pride Part 1... I may need to consult with Mayor Shirley Franklin about our visitor advisories. I mean you do remember what happened last year this time.

9. I miss the late 90s early 2000s nite life in Atlanta.

10. Why was New Years Eve morning service at Tabernacle church here in Atlanta, a complete hot mess. Everything from porno stars jumpin up and down, speaking in tongues... to a woman wearing a "How many Licks" tshirt... to the 10 minute sermonette where I learned more about how the pastor likes his cornbread then I did anything else... to having to sit across a grown ass man wearing a lime suit. Oh how I miss Metropolitan Baptist Church of Washington, DC....

11. And how about this Black College President getting a freakin slap on the wrist after embezzling $3.4 million... while I am appalled, I am amazed she got away with a "white man" sentence. Even though this fraud sealed the end of Morris Brown.


ATLien said...

OMG I am so feeling this post.
Tabernacle is a hot mess... Fusions and Traxx were the spots, this nonsense they are giving us now is garbage... and the Men4Rent, yeah I have seen 2 people on there that work out at Crunch Buckhead

Playboy Adonis said...

Redd, you are funny. How you gonna ask to go to the Whitney auction? Ay...pick me up some stuff too...LMMFAO Be on the lookout for that big ole diamond for me...OK?

Or if you get there early enough, try to get me her puppy...LOL

Thanks for stopping by earlier. I've been working on my poetry. Got to get my writing style right.

terpFAN said...

i’m trying to figure out how someone the caliber of whitney houston could end up in a situation where she has to have the equivalent of a yard sale to save her house

how many records has she sold again?? what has she been doin’ (smoking benjamins)?

i’ll help sponsor your trip if u promise to bring me back whatever she’s been puffin on

THE DOC said...

Very interesting thought pattern for a friday morning. I remember rent parties and not the one they had in Friday After Next but real rent parties. You should start taking up a colection for the iPod. As for your weekend suggestions....ROTFLMAO

twinston1911 said...

well i agree Tabernacle can be a bit much some sundays due to the wide varity of members but all in all its still a good church, hey we need somewhere to worship that will accept us. now about the lime green suit, u can see that at New Birth lol.

ReddMann said...

@theDoc... we can start the collection with your donation

@twinston1911... I chucked the lime green suit for being back in the south.. definitely a southern/detroit type thing

@to Everyone ... lets clear something up it is not Whitney Houston having the storage sale... it is the storage facility selling the stuff that Nippy has stored there which happens to be Whitney's stuff (i get a lil 'tude when you start talkin about my favorite weedy)

That Dude Right There said...

How about you pay for half of my plane ticket to Jersey and I pay for half of yours. You game!

And I won't be in town for Pride Part 1. But I don't know if that's a bad thing.

Escorts-Why the hell would I pay for "companionship" when it's free?

life said...

lmbo "I have always said give me a honest ho over some lyin trick anyday." Red, you are crazy.

I too was disappointed in church. I couldn't believe I traveled in the freakin' storm for that.

Looking at your christmas photo, I'm certain we stay in the same complex. Small world

ReddMann said...

@ dude... go sit in the corner and think about that

@ life... always a possibility, especially if u are on the north side


and here i am thinking i missed something because i did not come up to atlanta to go to tabernacle... the sleep i had was better apparently... but keep in mind he porn stars are always there...lol

Kensilo said...

LOL... What you u purchase from whitney's so called "prize possessions"?