Random Thoughts this Monday Afternoon

1. Do you really think Debra Lee watches BET at home?

2. Does ABC really need to give every show a 2 hour season finale?

3. And since we are on the topic of TV... did you catch the Season/Series? finale of The Game?? Well wether it is coming back or not may be in limbo but at least the last episode did bring about closure.

4. Am I the only one who could careless if Arizona Community College gave Obama an honorary degree... I mean he has a Harvard Law degree... really is it worth all the news coverage?
5. I would love to have the resources to start a news channel like CNN that reported the real news... not fake swine flu hysteria and the such but the reality of real news.
6. Does that fake Project Runway with Kelly Rowland still come on or has BRAVO lost interest like the rest of us?
7. So You Think You Can Dance premieres Thursday... finally!! I may be on vacation but I will be setting both DVRs.
8. While at a party this past weekend I overheard a comment by some people standing next to me about someone who had just walked into the party, stating the guy was rather ugly... now I hate to say that about people but he was quite unfortunate looking which made me wonder... is there a possibility for a universal unattractive? Is it possible that one person could be undesireable by all.
9. Although long... Angels and Demons was a great movie. Dan Brown should be proud of the work the screenwriter did to his novel.
10. Just in case you missed it.... I would really hate for you to miss it... check out this picture post by my good friend, The Districtrazzi


YBandDL has got Chris Brown's back said...

Without a doubt in my mind, I believe Debra Lee doesn't watch BET! Couldn't possibly watch it. All I have to say is, have you seen College Hill this year?

Yes ABC has to give it's shows a two hour season finale, it makes it special and sets it apart from the normal hour of the shows.

I did catch the last episode of The Game, I like it, and hope they come back in the fall. They already started the format of the hour long version without the programed laughs. I hope you voted and signed the online petetion for the CW to keep it.
I think they left it with closure in case it doesn't come back in the fall, the producers learned after that whole Girlfriends disaster.

No you are not the only one who could careless about the whole honary degree Obama's getting!

Yes that fake Project Runway is still on, it's only been two episodes. Kelly isn't as bad as I thought she would be, but Isiac should be replaced and Vern too, they are boring judges. Isiac was poor chose becaue there is a reason his tv shows keep getting cancelled. He has had like two talk shows and now this show, stop giving him shows!

I think there might be an universal scale for being ugly, just like there is one for being beautiful. There are some people, who no matter what undeniably beautiful to all as far a physical goes. However not all are attracted to them or find them attractive. Well I think there are people who are undisputedly ugly people, bu tI don't think that means they are undesirable to all. I think there is someone out there for them or finds them attractive. If not for personality, charm, charisma, or some talent, then for the sure fact they might have a big dick or amazing punany and can lay it down in bed. Ugly people are usually great in bed, by the way.

Haven't you seen an ugly ass nigga, I mean truly mkes your fac contort, becasue they ugly, but have a banging PYT on their side and think, now how did he get that?
They made soemthing work for them!

fuzzy said...

YB&DL has said enough lol

Anonymous said...

First off, I'm on the floor laughing at the name YB and DL has got Chris Brown's back and the responses to the questions. My opinion:

1. Debra Lee didn't fuck her way to the top of Bob Johnson's list for nothing. Translation-she does not and won't ever watch BET.

2. I wish they wouldn't. Seriously!

3. May sound bad, but I would rather The Game get cancelled than to see it on BET. Sorry.

4. COMMUNITY College are the words I can't get past.

5. I would support you. So needed.

6. Unfortunately yes. And they're right, Kelly is actually pretty good. She always looks good but that Isaac chick needs to go. He doesn't have the like factor for TV. And good observation YB and DL...his shows do continue to get canned. I'm also not too sold on Project Runway going to Lifetime. Even the previews are starting to look generic.

7. YES BITCHES!!!! This is by far my favorite show. As soon as I hear the them music, I start walking runway through the house. LOVES IT!!!

8. I agree with much of the first comment on this. However, I think a lot of things can make a person appealing, even if the face isn't all that hot. Swagger, sex appeal and a whole bunch of other shit has pulled folks before and it will continue.

9. I need to check it out. Damn! you stay at the movies...

10. Thanks for the luv. Enjoy Mexico. Takes LOTS of pictures.

Celeste said...

1. LOL @ the thought of Debra Lee watching 106 and Park with her feet up and bon bons I can see it....

3. Sooooo love the Game and that last episode was such a conclusion I have began to think CW is going colorless next season.

7. So you think you can dance dance dance... i wonder who will be your danny tidwell this year.