Is It Time for the Gay Pride Travel Tour Already???

Police Looking For Band Of Thieves
ATLANTA -- Police are calling the four men seen in surveillance video stealing thousands of dollars worth of clothes, brazen, bold and extremely quick.

Atlanta Police say four men broke into the Signature For Men Boutique on Lenox Road early Monday morning by breaking in through the back door of the business. Within minutes, the men had stolen thousands of dollars worth of clothing, including blue jeans and mink coats. Police believe the men seen breaking into the store, are the same men that had come in trying on clothes the day before.

"You can see by their build and so forth that these are the same four males that were there earlier," said Rick Anderson of the Atlanta Police Department. "...It wasn't by coincidence that everything they tried on earlier was stolen in the burglary."

A salesperson that works at the boutique said the four men had been in the store for almost an hour the day before trying on clothes. Atlanta Police are asking anyone who knows anything about Monday's robbery to call them at 404-816-7067.

Well if the numerous calls this week of "Are you going back to Atlanta this weekend?" didn't clue me in, this article did. Happy New Year everyone and Happy MLK Weekend. For those who do not know this is the official kick off weekend to the Gay Pride National Tour. While Atlanta doesn't officially celebrate Gay Pride till Labor Day weekend in September, MLK weekend has become an official Kid's Weekend as well. While many people flock to Atlanta to visit Ebenezer Baptist Church and the King Center... just as many flock to celebrate the three day weekend at Lenox and the Lion's Den.

But anyway back to the news story... Signature 4 Men is a black owned boutique in the Buckhead area of Atlanta. On my last visit to Atlanta, I had the opportunity to stop in and check out their merchandise, running into Auburn alum and former classmate, Takeo Spikes of the Buffalo Bills. Other stars such as Usher and Jamal Lewis are mentioned to shop there. So for all you Atlanta bound people if you see a group of 4 men in Beau Goss pants with D&G shades and a Gaultier belt buckle... you may want to call the Fulton County police for possible suspects... LOL


Anonymous said...

wow didnt know this made national news.. but i heard about it here in atlanta

ChrisNYC said...

since i know u and want to be in your business what happened to dancer's thighs, kck, the boy in atlanta and all them others....


i stopped by your site after noticing that you'd seen mine. so i wanted to say thanks for the post. you kinda cute too!

ProfessorGQ said...

you should see my post about Atlanta MLK weekend.