Some people you just love in spite of

It amazes me after 6 years of separation and so many trials and tribulations, how I can allow one person to have such a hold on me. As much as I would like to think that I am over that relationship and time in my life.... Mr. D pops up again and brings back memories of the good times. Yet I never seem to remember the bad times until he disappears again or does something asinine.

His career always came first... which was appealing to me at first. To see someone with focus and drive to achieve their goals and all at the same time he knew how to maneuver the system to make things happen. But the lonely nights and missed dates... ended that honeymoon quickly.

Well I try to call Mr. D every holiday and a couple times a month just to say hello and see what or who he is up to now. Christmas Day... no return call. New Years Eve... no return call. New Years Day... no return call. Which led me to believe ooooh we are in our "I am so busy even though I am off work for 2 weeks, and no I don't have time to visit you this month but maybe next." mood.

So I was on the phone with my good friend in Miami last night, listening to him rant and rave about how he can't get his ex out of his system. (they have dated off and on for the past 8 years, and not one single year has it been a healthy relationship) Of course I gave him my sure fire way of releasing those emotions. I mean take it from me I have had 3 relationships and seriously dated 2 other people... and I am completely over all of them. A few I look back at them now and wonder what the hell was I thinking? or they are with that now... what the hell did we have in common?

... But of course just like clock work guess who calls. He just wanted to verify my mailing address before he sends my belated Christmas gift. "Nothing big just wanted to let my boy know I was thinking about him."


Virginia Slim said...

Wonder what he got you. At any rate, as I was telling a good friend of mine, love is something that never goes away. I mean, once you are truly in love with someone, it never goes away but might change form. I'm sure you would never enter another relationship with him again because of the things you know, but y'all will always care for one another. But what is your "sure fire way of releasing those emotions?" Just wondering...