Finding Me

My decision on which film to see at Reel Affirmations this weekend was made a lot easier Friday, when I received a call from Derrick L. Briggs telling me he would make a cameo appearance in DC for the screening of his film, Finding Me.

I met up with Mr. Briggs and several cast members and crew near the historic Lincoln Theatre where the film was being screened. The entire team was very personable and I am still trying to figure out how to get RayMartell's blazer... he better not slip up!

So the film, Finding Me, is about Faybien a 21yo Caribbean American, played by RayMartell, who is struggling with his sexuality, finding a purpose in life, and the expectations of his father. His interactions with his two best friends and love interest, Lonnie, played by Derrick, help him along his journey of finding himself.

So of course you are wondering... what I thought. I thought Derrick was very believable in his role. His character didn't seem forced and flowed pretty naturally. RayMartell's character was meant to be indecisive and passive. By the end of the movie I was so over him, we all know how I feel about passive people... so I think he also played his character successfully. The other characters were ok for the most, J'Nara Corbin who plays one of the bestfriends reminded me of one of my homegirls from undergrad and provided plenty comic relief throughout the movie.

What I didn't like about the film were the transitions from scene to scene and the sound quality at times felt like a roller coaster ride, which could have been an issue with the theater and not the film. The only other issue that I have noticed in black gay films is that the script often doesn't reflect real conversations. It often feels as if the actors are quoting lines instead of having a conversation.

With that said the very hot chemistry and nude sex scene between Derrick and RayMartell is enough of a reason to see the film. Overall it was descent and I enjoyed it. Derrick, Ray and J'Nara definitely made it for me. And all I will say as I end this post is that Derrick has a wonderful ass.


houstonmacbro said...

I wonder if the acting could have been because of a rushed rehearsal schedule or the relative inexperience of the actors? I will look for this movie on Netflix. Thanks.

That Dude Right There said...

"Derrick has a wonderful ass"

Why is it that I would have never expected you to make a comment like this!!!!

Andre J Allen II said...

the acting was ok and i agree wit charles the sound was horrible and possibly due to lincolm theatre. And yes derrick does have a nice so does ray! how would u rate it C?

Anonymous said...

ooooo how u doin derrick l briggs

Darius T. Williams said...

LOL - you're right about that last statement.

I just saw the clip - muscle boy is in the movie? Hmm - I don't know his name - but I like him. I saw him on some magazing cover - bleu maybe? Who knows.

Thanks for the review!

C. Baptiste-Williams said...

darius you are referring to Maurice Murrell and yes he is in the movie as well

Anonymous said...

is this movie going to be released in theaters or to dvd?

twinston1911 said...

i hope they show the movie during MLK weekend, i would love to check it out here in atlanta, hey derrick make it happen