Random Thoughts this Tuesday Morning...

1. This week marks the 18th annual Reel Affirmations, the nation's capitol LGBT film festival. Usually there are a few (very few) films geared toward African-Americans... unfortunately this year Finding Me starring Maurice Murrell and blogger, Derrick L. Briggs has been scheduled around the same time as Dreams Deffered: The Sakia Gunn Film Project. What to do... what to do...

2. So the gays are mostly all excited about Beyonce's two new projects that have come out this past week... I have only heard the one about the Ring on the Finger... didn't move me at all. I felt it was unoriginal and sounded like a couple of other songs on her B'day album. Thanks to Valentino I saw the video last night... loved it. Especially the part where she (her choreographer) incorporated J-setting into the routine. As much as I hate J-setting it was good that she was finally original about something... I can't see any other artist doing that.

3. Clay Cane has blogged about the lack of talent of some of today's artist compared to those of the past. Listening to the lyrics of Ring on the Finger and lot of other songs just made me randomly think of this.

4. So Bank of America has this feature called My Portfolio... not going to go into all the features but it allows you to be able to look at all your current credit card balances in one spot... lets just say I am more in debt that I first imagined. My April 1 deadline has just been pushed back to June 1.

5. Can someone tell the gas stations in DC that gas prices are falling????

6. Saw Eagle Eye this weekend... pretty good movie definitely enjoyed that. Looking forward to seeing the Secret Lives of Bees and W. this weekend. Anybody got a movie gift card to give me?!?!

7. As much as I disdain Elisabeth Hassleback on the View and her black and white point of view. I don't think I would watch anymore if she left to go to FOX news. I look forward to Joy and Whoopi giving her a wake up call each day and the occasional brilliant moments of Sherrie Shepard.

8. Is it November 4th yet?

9. There will be no ATL for me this upcoming MLK holiday... seeing that it falls on Inaugural weekend, seeing Obama sworn is a lot more important than a few overpriced parties in Atlanta.

10. To those who have emailed me... Thanks for the emails, I do read them all, respond to some that require it... and yes I will do an update on me, dating, and past dates you have read about here.


one soulful negro. said...

i swear i live for this blog. i just love your mind.

1. tough choice man, i hope whatever you pick come back with an excellent review from you.

2. LMAO. my friend said it had to be a gay holiday or something with her releasing both videos. i liked the "if i was a boy" video, but i swear i really wish she would stop attempting to act...it really is painful to watch. but I agree with you the sound of "single ladies" is very "b-day-esque". i am still skeptical on this lp.

3. we love clay.

4. man i'm sorry. i just hope that you stay on your path and by June 1st we will be celebrating your liberation from debt.

5. *smh* good ol' DC.

6. everyone keeps talking about "eagle eye" i just was moved to go see it. "the secret life of bee's" and "w." however definitely have my attention.

7. true this man. true this. even though i think i have gained so much more respect for whoopi than i already had for her since she has been on the view. the view has just really highlighted why i love her. i don't see elizabeth going to fox though...i don't see that working for her, she's not "smart"
enough for that.

8. shhheeeiiit who are you asking. i've never been so ready for a date in my life.

9. parties in ATL that weekend? i am just so out of the loop, but i guess i choose to be. lol

10. have i e-mailed you. i think i did, i don't remember...if i didn't or even if i did...i can't wait to hear more about you and your life...again...i just really enjoy it here.

colinnyc said...

1. i say see the Sakia Gunn movie the other movie may be somewhat good but at least the Sakia movie is making a difference.

2. Ring on the Finger is a cute song and the video is cool but i feel like my mother just warmed up some leftovers.

6. already saw Secret Lives of Bees... very good!!

7. I love it when Whoopi and Joy give her a good smack down.

9. I may have to come down for Inaugeral Weekend much better choice than some circuit party in Atlanta.

10. I want detailed details of whats going on with everyone from KCK to the guy you met by your job.

thegayte-keeper said...

clay was so right....

Darius T. Williams said...

WAIT - Is Elisabeth going to FOX News?

Andre J Allen II said...

finding me is a good movie saw it at dc pride back in may. sakia gunn is a story that needs to be watched go see that. Every body should make their way to dc to see history as Barack Obama is sworn in as president. Clay telling it like it is(2thumbs up). Beyonce is overated she need to sit down and breathe. W and secret lives of bees should both be excellent.

That Dude Right There said...

As many times as I have seen that MY PORTFOLIO link I have never thought to click on it. Thanks for the heads up.

houstonmacbro said...

LMAO at the gas station comment. I mean, when the price goes up, the gas stations are literally raising prices as you pump gas. Now that it is falling, they are stingy with the cost cuts.

What's that all about?