Random Thoughts this Friday Morning

1. Wasn't it a beautiful thing to see all the people wearing black yesterday in support of the Jena 6...

2. So we wore black on Thursday... now what?

3. I know I am going to get a couple hate emails for this one but who in ghetto hell names their child, Spontaneious?!?!?! After seeing some uncute chick on Top Model with that name, I changed my mind and decided that I am for steralization. Some people just shouldn't have kids.

4. Why is it that YOU decided to have kids... YOU decided to go part time and take the demotion... but I have to deal with your jealous attitude. Like I told the rude lil homeless girl by the metro... "Don't be mad at me for your life decisions."

5. Maybe instead of fighting for seat in Congress, DC should just ask for Federal Tax exemption... doesn't the Constitution say something like "No Taxation without Representation".

6. Am I the only one that is happy fall TV season is beginning?

7. So now that Kanye outsold 50... can I only hope he really does go away forever?!?!

8. Do people know how offensive it is to ask... "Oh you didn't like Atlanta?" I am not some contrive young fag that picks up and moves from city to city on a whim or a moments notice.

9. For the few people that have emailed or IMed me asking me what I think of OJ Simpson... I don't.

10. As I was walking down New Hampshire Avenue today... why did I feel like a stranger in a familiar city... its been less than 2 years.


Andre J. Allen II said...

usadly 50 i think isnt goin anywhere. And as for the unfamiliarity of being back in DC just give it time its been 2 weeks you'll get back in the swing of things. We march and wore black and nothin will come out of the Jena 6 case the same with the Genarlow case. We scream and we yell and nothin happens. Why do we do this over and over again?? whats the point. I am excited about the fall season. (House,prison break,CW line-up and more).

Tim said...

You're not the only one that wants 50 to go away forever...I wanted his non-attractive ass to go away the third time he opened his mouth.

And I'm 100% in agreement with you about Atlanta. That person that made that statement was probably some young queen that couldn't cut it anywhere (or fucks everybody from city to city and moves on)

End transmission.

Chet said...

Wearing Black on Thursday indicates that those of us that were unable to make the trip to Jena indicates that we are supportive of our people (Jena 6). Okay it is a safe bet that you are not the only one excited about the new premires for the Fall television season. The person that made the inquiry about Atlanta was probably just making conversation with you; Anyone that has been to Atlanta knows better than to ask such a question. Returning to DC after two years and it seems like a new place (it is)besides you left your heart in Atlanta; DC will once again become a familiar and you will no longer feel like a stranger.

ProfessorB said...

No federal taxes for DC residents is a good idea. Maybe it's time to make DC a state since Senator Senator *itch McConnell wants to keep the district unrepresented by a voting congressperson.

Clay said...

I so agree...now what? Especially after seeing all this footage on CNN saying this is equal to a Civil Rights march...I hope it is because back then they didn't have a short attention span.