My Week

What a week...

The week began with a wonderful worship experience. As I walked into Metropolitan, my church home, the choir was singing, "I don't believe he brought me this far to leave me...". Instant tears just the song I needed to fill my spirit. The service continued along that line and I left knowing why I missed this church so much. Service ended with choir singing "I'm still here".
After church me and a friend that came down from the NY to help me move in ventured out to do some necessary shopping, when I got a disturbing call telling me my mother had a seizure and had been rushed to the hospital. Immediate guilt set in from me moving so far away, but thankfully she was later released and is currently doing just fine.

Knowing she was fine... I began my new job just as I was expected and thankfully I was thrown right into work. I've always hated the first week or so of work when they expect you to "read about the organization" and "get adjusted". The best way for me to get adjusted is to get right to work. This week was busy filled with planning for an upcoming conference in Rhode Island, our upcoming Annual, and mid year staff reviews. And after reading all of my staff's personnel files, all I can say is that I have an interesting bunch.

Other than work I haven't done much since I have been back. Dinner with a friend and former date. A movie with a friend. But that was my week... I am going to bed now I am tired.


WhozHe said...

I'm glad your mom is alright. That sounded scary. Much success with your new job.


Congrats on you new position man.
Glad to hear that momz is alryte as well. Much success to you sir.

peace and blesings

Ty said...

Glad that everything is ok with your mom and that the job situation is working on your behalf.