5 Things I will Miss About ATL: #5 My Friends

I totally believe that your friends are the family you get to choose. I also believe that my friends either compliment something I like about myself or would like for myself. Whether it is their sense of style, infectious sense of humor, ability to take nothing too seriously or their ivy league education... each of my friends has something unique they bring to our friendship.

I spend alot of time on the weekends with my friends. Whether it is bouncing from house party to house party... having lunch... or just hanging around the house or pool, we can usually be found together on the weekends at some point. Occassionaly through the week we get together for dinner or if something good is coming on TV, we are together laughing it up with a drink in hand.

There is Tracee, Farod, DJ, Rocky, Damian, Larry,and a few others. These are my boys and my girl, and I will miss spending the weekends and several days through the week with them. After a very difficult 2006, these guys made my 2007 so far so much better.

But an occasional trip back to the A, will get me through.


Anonymous said...

do u have any uncute friends

Andre J. Allen II said...

i am lovin the pics and yes indeed the group is an attractive group of black gay young men

Ty said...

Nice pics.

I know how it is to leave good friends behind when you move but they are always with me even over distance. I have also added new friends into my life in my new home. Best wishes.